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Get Your Moves Ready for Dance Central 2

Shaking your tail feather to multiple beats at a time!

The much awaited sequel to Harmonix‘s dance thriller, Dance Central 2 will be making its debut on October 25th.

— Four Days and Counting —

So what can we expect from this newest installment in the motion-rhythm-based-franchise besides a good time? First up, and most obviously, we are getting new routines. Booty giggling, difficulty-increased, new routines. Then there are new settings in the way of new gameplay modes. Dance battles and actual multiplayer modes will be available in the new title as well. And what is a new motion-rhythm-based dance game without new songs? (The previous title, right?) Dance Central 2 boasts a bunch of new songs and new playable characters. There is no need to get rid of the preexisting bunch, so why not mix ’em up.

The Dance Central universe is finally getting expanding, and there something to look forward to for every fan of the title or genre in general. If you enjoyed the work out mode; your may rejoice! The mode is still available in the new game, and you can expect some modifications that are sure to make you sweat till you bleed. (Well, not REALLY bleed, because that would be bad, but you know what I mean.) Want to really nail down a specific move? Then “Break it Down” option will give you all the time you need to get it right and tight.

One of the disappointments from the first game was their use of multiplayer. In the original Dance Central outting, there was no “real” co-op. Yes, there were “dance battles”, but that element was only couch local. It was more of a “score battle” mode where each player would perform the routine solo-dolo and the person with the highest score “won” the battle. That aspect hasn’t completely changed but now there are both competitive and cooperative aspects to it. Co-op is simple and drop-in/drop-out. mechanic, and who wouldn’t like that?

Harmonix set the bar for motion based dance games, and I think this new addition to the franchise will only encourage more mixing of music and gaming.

Get your water bottles cooled, and your leg warmers and headbands out of storage. The dance floor is ready and waiting for you. So you know what to do…hey bust a move.

E3 2011 News – Microsoft Media Briefing

Catch the archive of my live-tweeting of the 2011 Microsoft E3 Media Briefing. (more photos and final thoughts to follow, so be on the look out for an update.)

Ubisoft’s Pretty Shiny – Child of Eden

Child of EdenThe first exposure I had to Child of Eden was at developer Ubisoft’s press conference last year at E3. The trippy electro-synth-pop music that wafted over me as I sat in the theater instantly reminded me of the PS3 game Flow – one of my all-time favorite games by the way. I found myself thinking, Flow 2 only to be surprised and treated to the introduction of Eden. Fast forward 8 months and I’m at Pax East, where the game is playable.

The line was long to play the game, but if you are at the event this year I urge you to try it out. On the floor, Ubisoft is demoing the Xbox 360 Kinect enabled version of Child of Eden and honestly controlling the game is very natural.

In the game you fight varied types of enemies (in every hand’s on I’ve tried of the game, I’ve only ever fought flower type monsters but there may be other flora that you take on in later levels) using your hands to control your weapons, area of attack and speed. It sounds complicated, but it actually is not. Think wax-off wax-on from the Karate Kid movies. While the gameplay itself can be broken down into a simplistic waving hands all over the place that changes the soundscape as you go along, what is not simplistic about the game is its graphics.

Simply put, Child of Eden is stunning.

I have no idea what the frame rate is, nor do I care. The screen behind me was huge and there was absolutely no lag whatsoever while playing the game – an important thing as areas you need to attack and projectiles flying at you that you need to destroy fly fast and furious at times. The visual aspect combined with the saccharine-yet-subtle-at-times soundtrack makes playing the game addictive. It doesn’t hurt that I like music and rhythm-based games, but I wouldn’t recommend giving Eden a try just because it has a great musical element to it.

Child of Eden really needs to be seen, touched and played to understand. You’ll have to wait until June 14th to get your hands on it in the US (unless Ubisoft drops a demo into the XBLive Marketplace) but I was able to snag some video for you in the meantime.

Child of Eden Gameplay @ PAX East 2011 from NinJa Sistah on Vimeo.

Episode 224: Panda Drank the Apple Kool-Aid

Ah, Monday… a cyber one at that, so it’s only fitting that we hit you with a “gift-guide” version of the ESH Podcast.

Get your wallet ready!

The ladies spend the hour (and change) giving you the low-down on which gifts wouldn’t, you know, suck as a gift this holiday season. From gaming goodies like Xbox Kinect to anime box sets like Trigun they cover a bit of everything an self-respecting or emerging geek could use.

A companion PDF with images, and links will be available on Tuesday for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure, so put your feet up and get ready for ESH Podcast Episode 224: Panda Drank the Apple Kool-Aid

Episode 222: Don’t Play Dance Central Naked

Ok, it’s technically still Monday and we have a new episode of the ESH podcast for you, so SUPER YAY!
This episode is chock-full of video game stuff… but it also has ANIME

This week the ladies RAVE about Harmonix recent Xbox Kinect-enabled game, Dance Central and after running down the title for nearly 45 minutes they share their Holiday Gift buying recommendations on the title before moving on to a new anime series they have been watching called, The World God Only Knows. The series never takes itself too seriously and after seeing the first 6 episodes both NinJa and Panda have specific and strong feelings about it.

Go and grab a cold beverage and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 222: Don’t Play Dance Central Naked

Episode 215: Slapping – An Under Used Game Mechanic

Kick your work week off right with a new episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast. The ladies are videogame-centric in this week’s tangent-filled episode and for good reason.

NinJaSistah kicks off the podcast talking about new RockBand DLC which leads to a conversation about how the music/rhythm based game genre may finally be at critical mass and what that means for gamers, and then jumps on the PS Move/Kinect debate topic. Pandalicious on the other side of the game conversation picks up with her hands-on experience with the newly released Halo: Reach title and how it compares to some recent FPS games and gameplay mechanics. Tangents were mentioned earlier and there were plenty. Check out the list below to see some of the titles we came up with, but ended up not using for the episode:

  • Here’s Our Shout-Out To Oprah
  • Next On Rock Band: Gregorian Chant
  • How To Outfit Your Sixth-Floor Apartment
  • This Is How A Crab Walks
  • By Real, I Mean Possibly Not Real
  • It’s Like Stand By Me Without The Dead Body
  • All Games Should End With Bowling, Except Heavy Rain
  • and finally
  • I Like To Shoot Pickles

Random does not begin to describe this episode, so kick back and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 215: An Under Used Game Mechanic