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What (I Think) You Should Watch This Anime Season- Pt. 3 (of 3)

OK, OK! I have to admit that there were a few more animus on Crunchyroll that were streaming, but I really didn’t want to bother with them. Still, for anyone who’s reading this, I figured that you shouldn’t be deprived of such wonderful animations The Must Watch List My Little Monster   This show is […]

What (I Think) You Should Watch This Anime Season- Pt. 2

  APOLOGIES! Besides this article being sidelined due to Hurricane Sandy, I’m just a horrible procrastinator. I hope you enjoy this!     The Must Watch List Magi   It’s Magic! I think that Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is a very fun show that I want to watch just so I can say “Wow!” […]

What (I Think) You Should Watch This Anime Season- Pt. 1

    In 2012, the list of anime that’s legally available you is staggering. What you can’t find on Crunchyroll, you can find on Hulu, Viz, or Funimation. In the fall lineup, there may be at least a 1/2 dozen anime you really want to watch, but do you have the time to see what’s […]

It’s Time to Learn How the Other Half Lives: ‘Of Orcs and Men’ Trailer + Release Notes

  Try to list the number of games that puts you in the shoes of orcs, considered a standard villain in fantasy worlds. You’d probably come up with just a handful, at best. In Of Orcs and Men, the humans in power are the wicked opressors, and the Orcs are your protagonists. Goblins are also […]

A Very Different Class of War Game- ‘East Vs. West’ Trailer

Hearts of Iron is a strategy game putting you in the shoes of world leaders. The latest in the series, East Vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game, stretches from the the mid-60s to the early 90s, allowing you to control many facets of running a country that could go to war. For more, check […]

‘The Rose of Versailles’ Anime Gets Distribution- Trailer

    Roses, thorns, cross-dressing and swords? What is this, Revolutionary Girl Utena? No, it’ The Rose of Versailles, and it came out decades before the brilliant Be-Papas work.   For more, please visit Electric Sista Hood’s EGMNow page!

Jormungand 2nd Season Trailer: She’s Koko. She’s Loco. She’s Back.

<a href=””><img src=”×228.jpg” alt=”” title=”Jormungand_Koko_Jonah” width=”300″ height=”228″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-114541″ /></a> <em>Jormungand</em>, if you still have not seen it, is about an arms dealer who gets herself into quite a lot of trouble. What better way to know how guns work than to have them fired at you? Koko’s eccentric personality and unique occupation are […]

‘Ironfell’ doesn’t look like the RTS games you’re used to – Trailer

When you see the trailer for MMORTS, you might be prejudiced against it. Where are the hardware-taxing graphics? Where’s the grim and gritty character designs? If you think that Age of Empires is a little too cute, then think about an indie MMO that looks something like the overworld from Super Mario Bros. 3 You […]

New ‘Marvel Heroes’ Trailer Shows You a Blind Man’s Perspective

If you have been craving the experience games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance gave you, you might be interested in the Marvel Heroes MMORPG. Developers Gazillion Entertainment (also doing the Marvel Super Hero Squad game) have been revealing what characters will be playable in Heroes. Maybe you’re familiar with the Man Without Fear. For more, please […]

AquaPazza: A Fighting Game with a Weird Crossover Cast- Trailer

AquaPazza has debuted in Japan, and it’s somewhat strange. It’s strange because the fighters all hail from different anime. OK, that’s not a problem. There’s lots of action-oriented anime out there, so a dream matchup is a no-brainer! The weirdness comes in what “fighters” are included in this cross universe fight. For more, please visit […]