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ESH Podcast Episode #304: I’m 89.9997% Sure I’m Not Going to Kill You.

So someone isn’t TOO sure about their success rate in this week’s episode. The Sistahs are back again. Is it just me or does it seem like they have this routine going on? Ninja starts the show with her disappointment over ESH -LACK- of pressence at PAX Prime again. That is going to be a […]

The World Is Square – An Intimate Performance & Chat

Pandalicious and King Baby Duck sit down for an interview with local folk band The World Is Square, as the group share their thoughts on their upcoming debut album, CD release show, and their immediate plans afterwards. Plus the band gives the Land of ESH a couple of live performances, including one exclusive song adaptation […]

One-On-One: The World Is Square

Before their upcoming gig at PAX East King Baby Duck and ESH’s Pandalicious had a chance to sit down with local Square-Enix cover band The World Is Square.

Recorded around a roaring fire at the Walnut Street Cafe in Lynn, MA, The World Is Square get their musical and gaming geek on with the Land of ESH as they discuss their origins, what made them want to interpret the soundtracks to Square-Enix’s most popular and critically-acclaimed titles in a whole new way, and the trials and tribulations that comes with adapting a piece of music with limited amount of instruments. As always, no episode of One-On-One would be complete without a trip to Three Album Island.

Kupo kupo! It’s One-On-One: The World Is Square!

Check out The World Is Square on their official Bandcamp page!

Episode 281: We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 2023!

Exciting News Ahead!

Monday has come again, and with that another episode of the ESH Podcast. The Sistahs talk about some news about PAX EAST and it’s future in the hometown back yard Boston. Panda talks about what the news means for the area and also for the Penny Arcade Expo itself.

Panda breaks the most awesome news relating to the music lineup for this year’s event, but why put it in print here when you could just listen to the episode.

– Those were her thoughts exactly-

Ninjasistah brings some anime into the mix with her recollection of the fan service infused series called Rosario + Vampire.

Here are the loser titles that didn’t make the cut this week:

The Only Movement Gamers Are Interested In Is Occupy Mom’s Basement

You Are Cordially Invited To Check Out Panda’s Bazongas

Not Only Is His IQ Rising

So…submitted for your approval, by the midnight ESH society. I present to you..ESH Podcast episode # 281: We’re Gonna Party like it’s 2023