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Deep Silver Gets Chamillionaire For "Riptide" Rap

In preparation for Dead Island Riptide, the sequel to the popular 2010 zombie action-RPG game the folks at Deep Silver have enlisted the help of award-winning rapper Chamillionaire for a treat for all to feed into their ear cavities.

“No Room In Hell” is a collaboration between Chamillionaire and Sam B., the “Who Do You Voodoo” rapper you play as in the original Dead Island game. Directed by Don Tyler “No Room In Hell” takes the tropic worlds of Banoi and brings them to life, pre-brain-eater period, of course.

Dead Island Riptide is due for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on April 23, 2013.

Deep Silver Announces "Dead Island" Ryder White Campaign

Just when you thought Dead Island couldn’t get any bigger, its publisher has announced a new storyline for your zombie goodness.

On January 31st on the PS3 (February 1st on Xbox 360) a new mission-based DLC pack will be released for Dead Island. The Ryder White DLC campaign will have players see the game through the main antagonist’s eyes, experiencing the biggest events on the island of Banoi.  This single player campaign will feature several hours of gameplay, as well as a few brand new weapon blueprints.

“I always like to think of antagonist characters not as evil, but simply….misunderstood,” Deep Silver’s evil Marketing & PR Tarantula Aubrey Norris argued while sharpening her talons and drinking the blood of the innocent from a jewel encrusted chalice.  “Ryder White was obviously suffering from a massive case of beast mood in Dead Island, and I think it’s only fair we got to learn his side of the story.”

Dead Island’s Ryder White DLC will be available on January 31, for $9.99 on PS3 and on February 1, 2012, for 800 MSP/$9.99 on Xbox LIVE and Steam.

Episode CXIV: Where Are All The Sharp Things?

The Vagabonds stop by the Bastard realm for an all-new episode.

This week the Vagabonds share their experiences at the first annual Great New England Steampunk Exhibition, where they took part in many panels and witnessed some unique artifacts and designs being displayed by the con-goers. Anvil shares the sour week in sports, including the failed run of the Red Sox season and the farewell of Terry Francona. Next the nominees for the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are looked at, as the discussion of a couple nominees are put into question. Finally the demo for Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster is reviewed for our parental fanbase, and a longer discussion on Dead Island is held for Anvil and Locke.

Stabby-stabby kill-kill things sold separately. It’s Episode 114: Where Are All The Sharp Things?

"Dead Island" A Near-Perfect Getaway

Saying the hype for Dead Island was big is a great understatement. Gamers and developers rushed like moths to the lantern to see the most-talked about video game trailer in recent memory, greatly anticipating the sort of zombie title we’ve been craving for years. After months of waiting we have finally arrived at our Dead Island destination. Is this the Left 4 Dead meets Dead Rising title we’ve been craving, or is it something a lot more?

Players take control of one of the four playable characters (Purna, Logan, Sam and Xian) as they take on the task to save the rest of the survivors on Banoi, an island filled to the brim with members of the undead. Your character is apparently the only one immune to zombie bites, so you (and up to three co-op buddies) can run around the island to gather supplies, save others and battle many different shapes and sizes of the walking dead. With a ton of weapons at your disposal and a breath of hope players will have to give it their all in order to save the people from becoming those that seek human flesh.

The trailer that shook the world…

In Dead Island gamers take up missions in order to raise their levels and gather the necessary equipment to get off the island, ranging from simple search & rescue to warding off zombies while turning off fire hydrants to save the island’s water supply. Throughout the island you’ll have to search for any weapons to use in order to kill what is already dead, but use a weapon too much and it becomes blunt or exhausted. Fortunately within some of the confines you will find work benches where you’ll be able to fix your weapons up, and on occasion upgrade them if you have the proper funds. To find said funds you scavenger around areas with packages, bags or corpses that may be carrying some extra cash (and, at times, a new weapon for your personal gain).

The zombies’ difficulties can range from the simple to the most extremely difficult. On most occasions you will find yourself battling with at least three undead creatures at a time, and sometimes it will take more than one swipe to off them. Though you can aim for the head and decapitate a zombie for a one-slice kill it very difficult to achieve that when you’re neck-deep in undead chaos. To add a sort of realism to it players can experience fatigue if they swipe too many times or run fast for too long, and while it might hinder your experience it gives players the opportunity to think of more creative ways to tackle on the undead. (HINT: kicking helps.) While on Dead Island players will be able to sharpen their skills with an RPG-styled leveling system. The more successful kills you make the closer you get to leveling up your character. A tree system is also in play, where you can upgrade your abilities to help achieve your greatest advantage points.

One of the most unique things about Dead Island is its usage of sound in order to seek out zombies to kill. When entering an area you’ll hear a scream or roar from a zombie, and it’s your task to figure out which direction they’ll be coming from. By listening carefully you can determine if they’ll be charging towards you up front or partaking in a sneak attack from behind. Sometimes, however, you won’t know when or where they’ll be coming, especially indoors or in dark places. Your flashlight will come in handy for the latter, but by the time you see a zombie it will have already seen you. Believe me: your heart will jump at times when those things come attacking.

If you die in Dead Island you will have money taken away from you as penalty and then revive back at a certain checkpoint. Where the checkpoint is, however, is a bit of a gamble. Sometimes you will come back around in the same area, whereas other times you’ll find yourself further away from your questing spot. I once died in the gas station trying to defeat one of the more tougher zombies, only to find myself revived on the other side of the island. After running back as fast as I could to the gas station I wound up dying via the same zombie, and again found myself at the other side of the island. In short: some of these revival spots can hinder you more than do good, especially if you literally come back within a massive zombie attack.

I was impressed with the heavy details put into the world and creatures around you. Techland is known for creating some of the most gorgeous worlds, as evident in their last title nail’d, and it shows greatly in the most tropical of areas on the island. From the swaying trees and the beautiful oceans to the buildings and cathedrals the world of Dead Island is a perfect contrast to the horrors you see in the game. The undead walkers are scary as hell, especially when they’re charging towards you at top speeds. Granted there will be some clipping in a couple areas, but for the most part the game looks great. Regular human characters, however, kind of look subpar and emotionless.

While the aiming system is a bit tough — especially when surrounded by zombies — the rest of the control scheme is very easy to figure out. Using the quick inventory comes in handy for whenever you’re in the middle of an undead melee, with simple kicking playing in to just knocking down a few zombies like dominos. You can even throw your weapons at either zombies or nearby explosives, and with its lock-on aiming system it makes playing undead darts a breeze. Driving around handles pretty well, but there will be some vehicles that will make it a bit difficult to see through the front window. Having said that driving head-on through a ton of zombies is a gory blast, with some of them splattering amongst your truck like jelly.

When co-op mode comes into play the true fun begins. You can tag along with other players to accomplish missions, or wait around for others to join yours. When you have at least one other person with you it makes zombie killing much easier. However be aware that if you are to join in on another person’s game that your progress from that point will not be counted in your mission log. If you aren’t the type that likes to repeat a level then it’d be best to wait for someone to join your quest rather then join theirs.

The storyline in Dead Island is pretty straightforward, and while there isn’t much of originality within the tale there’s enough going on within the game that will keep players intrigued. Completing the main part of the game might take roughly twenty hours, but that does not include the side quests that will help build up your levels and skills. With tons to accomplish and much land to cover you can probably expect a good forty hours to complete every single task, and with excitement around every corner there will be many reasons to book another vacation in Banoi.


  • Zombies are scary as hell!
  • Many quests to partake in
  • Co-op mode is a blast to play
  • Gorgeous visuals


  • Some clipping areas during levels, cutscenes
  • Human characters look more lifeless than zombies
  • Can’t save progress if you join another player’s game online
  • Storyline could’ve used a twist or two


Dead Island takes what we’ve loved in past zombie-killing titles and cranks it up a few notches. While there are a couple hinderances that make this game not flawless there is so much to accomplish and love that these hinderances are a minor itch in the gaming system, one that can easily be fixed with a patch. Dead Island is the horror title we’ve been dreaming about for years, giving as many frights as there are quests and obstacles to enhance the experience. For once you can believe the hype: Dead Island is the real deal!

FINAL GRADE: 9.5 (out of ten)

Review copy provided by Aubrey Norris and the folks at Deep Silver.

Final "Dead Island" Trailer Hits The Web

Can you wait one more week for the zombie insanity to begin? The folks at Deep Silver hopes one more Dead Island trailer will suffice your cravings…

The undead rise again in on September 6 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Co-Op Trailer Revealed For "Dead Island"

From the trailer that shook the world to going hands-on with it at E3 everything about Dead Island has excited me to the core. Now the folks at Techland and Deep Silver have revealed what happens when you and a couple friends get into the zombie-killing melee.

As one can see from the trailer there will be plenty of gore, meleeing, decapitations and blood-splattering action for horror game enthusiasts to salivate over. Only one month until Dead Island finally hits the store shelves, and the question of whether or not it will be the zombie game to end all zombies games will be answered.

"Dead Island" Demo Leaves Stronger Zombie Cravings

We’ve all seen the trailer, and snippets of the game have been shown here and there. At E3’s Square-Enix mega-booth I had the chance to go hands-on with one of this year’s most hotly-anticipated titles: Dead Island. One problem: you could only play five minutes of the game.

With a very small time limit I was given the tasks of saving one of my fellow survivors outside the safe haven, then proceed to the first-aid area to gather supplies. Before saving the other survivor your character grabs an oar for weaponry, and then proceed to head outside to bear witness to all the carnage. The undead ranged from the sluggishly slow to the split-second fast, sometimes making it hard to properly prepare yourself for attacks. Quickly I had my character swing their oar around to battle it out with the zombies.

At first play I already noticed a slight aiming issue, where if you didn’t swing on the exact center of the screen where the zombie was you might wind up missing it entirely. Fortunately when it came time to bolt from the creatures and evade their hunger attacks the controls flowed easier than expected. Punching the undead also gave off more damage to them than one may think, so it seems possible to kill the zombies just with your character’s bare fists.

Both Techland and Deep Silver did an amazing job with the realistic elements in nail’d, so it comes as no surprise that the graphics in Dead Island look nothing short of stellar. The gore factors of Dead Island come by the bucket loads, with each smack you lay down on the zombies leaving pools of blood on the ground and sometimes all over the screen. Props must also be given to the audio quality of the game, with each thwack and splatter fitting into the proper action happening on-screen.

As the demo was only five minutes long my time with the game was very short. Judging by the A.I. I witnessed in this game I can honestly say that most of the tasks that will be given to you will be easier said than done. Dead Island aims to add a sort of realism unseen in the majority of zombie survival games, leaving players to think on their quickest instincts with only the tiniest moment to spare a thought process. While this will add a whole new level of challenging aspects to the genre I can already foresee some folks complaining about its difficulty level.

I was roughly 300 yards away from the first-aid site, so I couldn’t even finish the mission. While five minutes doesn’t sound like the most ideal amount of time to spend on a much-talked about title what I was able to get out of Dead Island was a good taste of its fast-paced gameplay and heart-stopping horror that will hopefully make this game stand out from all the others. The September release date is getting closer as we speak, so it will only be a matter of time before we see if Dead Island really can become king of the zombie gaming titles.

E3 2011: Expect The Unexpected!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a whole different ballgame compared to PAX East. This is where the Big Three (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) showcase their next lead hitters, along with developers showing off what they have under their sleeves for the next year. What can be anticipated at this year’s E3 event?

All eyes are on Nintendo this year. After the 3DS had a somewhat lackluster debut it’s up to the Big N to show its fanbase what they have in store for them in regards to the new handheld. We know of the new Ocarina of Time and Kid Icarus, but little is still known about Mario’s debut on the 3DS. Will he have his trusty tanooki tail, or will new power-ups be given to him that will enhance the 3D experience? I expect more to be revealed during the Nintendo Press Conference concerning Mario’s next venture, as well as the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater remake and the just-announced Shinobi title. Hopefully there will be more in regards to the interesting puzzle game Crush 3D, as well as a playable demo for it.

Possible setup for the Project Cafe Controller

Of course we can’t mention Nintendo without having to talk about Project Cafe, the upcoming system due to be released in 2012. While that is not the actual name of the console itself it leads many to wonder the meaning behind its code word. Does it mean that it’ll have a special type of interactivity that has yet to be seen in the current-gen consoles? Perhaps the rumored touch screen on the controller can act as a sort of video chat section that players can partake in while online gaming, or the system itself could be used to create special connections with other players from all parts of the world. Maybe it can help you meet other players who play similar types of games, thereby making it easier for people to find other players to game out with them online. One thing’s for certain, though: Project Cafe will be featuring a more powerful system than either PS3 or Xbox 360, quite possibly meaning that it could very well run the new Unreal Engine at the highest degree.

Sony will be having to explain a lot on the subject of the whole PSN fiasco. The usual apologies will be on-hand, but little is known as to when the actual PSN Store will be up and running again. We know the freebies we’ll be getting once the Store is back up, but it’s getting to the point where it feels like Sony is teasing us with these goodies that we still cannot access. Still you can bet that Sony will be coming in with all gun blazing regarding such new titles as Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal. More will probably be revealed about the handheld PS NGP (which is already being rumored to be renamed the PS Vita), though one can only imagine how much battery power that system will suck up considering it will have PS3-styled graphics.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Hot off the heels of the success with the Kinect, Microsoft has much to plan regarding their Xbox 360. From the next Gears of War game to the rumored Halo HD the company founded by Bill Gates has little to worry about at E3. The main focus will be on the Kinect, where gamers will be able to get hands-on with such titles as The Gunstringer, Once Upon a Monster and the new Star Wars title built specifically for the Kinect. There are some speculations going around that there will be a Gears of War game made to play for the Kinect, but just take it as a rumor with little to back it.

Besides the Big Three the other developers are planning to come out swinging at this year’s big gaming convention. Activision has already announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, though whether or not a playable demo will be there on-site remains to be seen. The folks at iD Software blew everyone away with its preview of Rage, and with the game set to be released later this year there’s no telling what sort of surprises they will have in store for the people at E3. EA is sure to have many eyes on their title Shadows of the Damned, a Grindhouse-styled action game from the crazed minds of Suda 51 (No More Heroes, Killer 7) and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) that is sure to be filled with gore and hilarity. Then we have SEGA, who are celebrating their beloved mascot Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th birthday with a new title called Sonic Generations. Here players will be able to play as both the present-day Sonic and the Sonic that we grew up with in his 16-bit days.

Batman: Arkham City

No pressure on Warner Bros. Games for their title Batman: Arkham City, a game that keeps looking better the more that’s revealed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this title get an M-rating, as it could finally bring the Dark Knight to the darkest depths we’ve always wanted to see him go. Irrational Games is ready to show off Bioshock: Infinite, a prequel to the popular series set in a gorgeous steampunk world. Square-Enix might be able to put itself out of the hole they dug themselves into thanks to the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a prequel to the original title that will show the times before nanotechnology and focus more on biomechanical augmentations. Finally we have Techland’s Dead Island, a game whose trailer took the world by storm and placed it high above the pedestal. With a playable demo on the floor this year will the folks that brought us the great racing title nail’d be able to one-up Capcom and Valve in the zombie genre?

Whatever happens at E3, you can always bet that there will be at least one thing that will blow everyone’s expectations out of the water. This year, however, we can expect many waves of surprises from these and other developers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Tune in next week as we and the ElectricSistaHood will be covering the event in its entirety, as well as a few other hidden gems.

Deep Silver & Techland Announce "Dead Island"

The folks who brought us the hot ATV racer nail’d have something undead up their sleeve, and they’re ready to take your breath away!

In a recent press release the folks at Deep Silver announced that it will be publishing Techland’s upcoming zombie sandbox game Dead Island. The game will combine first-person action with a heavy focus on melee combat, character development and weapons customization. These features will be presented in a classic zombie movie-inspired story, filled to the brim with grittiness in its engrossing campaign. Like another popular zombie title Dead Island will also support a four-player co-op mode. What’s better is that anytime during the game your friends can join in on the experience, battling zombies with amazing combat and a stellar story to boot.

Dead Island will be set in an open world tropical island, where hordes of various flesh-eating zombies await you around every corner while embarking on exciting missions through the holiday resort. With a scarce amount of firearms and ammunition you must rely on utilizing random items as weapons to fight off undead hordes in fierce combat. A vast amount of items can be collected, which will help transform the player’s ordinary makeshift weapons into serious instruments of badassery. The game will also feature role-playing elements, allowing players to develop one of the game’s unique character classes, all while learning new skills and fresh tactics during their adventure into the heart of darkness.

Dead Island will be dropping on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime in 2011. Until then watch the trailer below, and be sure your jaw’s in a good position for dropping.

The Land of ESH Wants To Get You "nail’d"

Attention Sistas and Brothas! How would you like to win yourself the most epic of nail’d packages? Read on and find out how you can win the ultimate nail’d kit!

To celebrate the release of the new Techland/Deep Silver ATV racer title nail’d (check the Boston Bastard Brigade’s review of the game here) the folks at B3 and ESH are giving their readers and listeners the chance to win themselves one awesome nail’d gift pack! What will it include if you win? Well take a look below and find out for yourself:

  • a nail’d “high altitude sickness kit” messenger bag
  • one tin of White Knuckle Cream
  • one copy of the nail’d original video game soundtrack
  • a bottle of nail’d high altitude sickness pills
  • an “I GOT nail’d” shotglass
  • and a copy of the game (your choice of either PS3, Xbox 360 or PC)

Of course we won’t make it easy for you. No, sir/ma’am! In order to win this ultimate nail’d swag bag ‘n’ more you’ve got to compete in a fun-assed quiz, one so random that it doesn’t even have a specific topic to it. Here are the questions you have to answer:

  1. What song and its performer is King Baby Duck’s namesake based off of?
  2. What is the name of Blueonic’s truck? (hint: it’s part of a Resident Evil title)
  3. Name both solo albums by System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian.
  4. What is the full name of the main villain from the original ABC Saturday morning cartoon Sonic The Hedgehog (the one that isn’t Sonic X)?
  5. Which celebrity’s mansion did the cast of Zombieland crash when they arrived in Hollywood?
  6. What is the name of Nagi’s pet Siberian tiger in the manga/anime Hayate the Combat Butler?
  7. Who is currently the top winningest pitcher in Major League Baseball history?
  8. Who originated the role of the Emcee in the first Broadway production of Cabaret?
  9. Name all of Ramona’s seven evil exes in the Scott Pilgrim series.
  10. The United States might’ve gotten nail’d already, but our European friends still have to wait awhile before they can get some action. What is the official release date of nail’d for our friends across the Atlantic?

Not so easy of a quiz, is it? Well if you are quite the smarty pants and know all the answers send us an email over to with the Subject line reading: “I Wanna Get Nail’d!” with your answers to the questions. You will be notified if you are the winner, and will be asked for your mailing address. Your info will be sent over to the folks at Deep Silver and Techland, who will then send you your big prize package! (NOTE: We at the Land of ESH promise to not send your info to any asshole spammers and other bollocky stuff, nor will we put you on some mailing list that will have things sent to you that you probably will automatically send to the Trash Bin. That’s not how we roll in these parts.)

Enter today, and have a chance at pure nail’d glory! Kids: ask your parents’ permission before participating!