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Episode CXLI: Operation: Chicken Burrito

Can you sink the Bastards’ battleship? Statistics say…no.

This week the B3 crew mourn the impending death of Boston’s last alternative rock radio station, and how it will be a grim day for music lovers everywhere. King Baby Duck and Blueonic review the new film Battleship, the games Max Payne 3 and Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II are examined, and Anvil gives his weekly sports report.

Fished right out of the water, it’s Episode 141: Operation: Chicken Burrito!

Episode CXXXI: Pictures Of That Chick From "Lost"

Teg returns. Hijinks ensue.

This week the B3 crew are pissed at a new law in Russia that was solely passed to punish their favorite metal band, but are then happy to hear the sounds of Busdriver’s new album Beaus$Eros. The demos for FIFA Street, MLB 2K11, and Nexuiz are looked at, and Teg gives his initial thoughts on Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning and Vessel. Last year’s hit film Real Steel is reviewed, and Anvil watches Adam Sandler as both Jack and Jill, followed by a quick sports report. Plus the Bastards premiere a brand-new track from Molice’s upcoming album Neugravity.

Wild tangents are all over the place! It’s Episode 131: Pictures of That Chick From Lost.

Fighter’s Criminal Record Taints Saturday’s "Strikeforce"

An ugly criminal record at this past Saturday’s Strikeforce, not to mention offensive tattoos, has cast a shadow over the proceedings.

During the Bowling vs. Saling fight we couldn’t help but notice some of the tattoos that Brandon Saling had. The most obvious was one going across his stomach that said “WHITE STEEL” and many others. If you looked closely you could see that they were Neo-Nazi tattoos.

Brandon Saling may have lost to Roger Bowling in the second round, but that wasn’t what people were talking about after the fight. They were talking about his tattoos and his extensive criminal background. For starters, he was indicted back on Oct. 8, 2004, for engaging in unlawful sexual conduct, which is a first degree felony. Not only that, he was also indicted “in connection with an alleged rape of a person under 13.” To cap it all off, he also served a small stint in the big house for a domestic violence charge.

If it seems strange that a criminal of this magnitude would get licensed to compete, that’s because it is. When the issue of the criminal past and the obviously offensive tattoos was brought to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker’s attention at the post-fight press conference, he had this to say:

“That was something that was brought up this evening. We had no knowledge of that until this evening. It came to our attention during the course of the fights. The fighter was licensed not only in this state but several other states. What I can say is Bernie from the State Athletic Commission, which we talked to before we came into this room, is going to launch a full investigation on Monday. So that’s where that’s at.”

Coker would go on to say that the policy of both Strikeforce and UFC is that offensive body art is not allowed. He said he had a talk with Saling, but the conversation was private and they’ll let us know more after the investigation.

If this is the policy of Strikeforce and UFC, then how did this happen in the first place? It isnt like he just got them done and nobody knew about it. Also who at the Athletic Commission dropped the ball while looking into this fighter before giving a license fo him to fight? And who at the promotion didn’t look into his background? I hope the people over at the Athletic Commission and at Strikeforce actually look into this, and not just sweep it under the rug.

Episode LXXXV: We Gotta Go Back In Time, Marty!!!

The Bastards are all about “The Power of Love.”

This week the B3 crew share their thoughts on this year’s Grammy winners, King Baby Duck talks about Fistful of Mercy and Mr. Cuse gives a hip hop recommendation in the form of Madcon. Blueonic brings his opinion on the new demo for Moto GP 10/11, and King Baby Duck looks at the demos for LIT, Chronos Twins DX, Chick Chick Boom, Killzone 3, Back To The Future: Episode One and Hard Corps: Uprising. Finally Anvil and Mr. Cuse share sports duties.

The videocast:

Episode LXXXIV: And Who The Hell Is He?!

A new Bastard joins the crew…

This week the B3 crew welcome Mr. Cuse to the team, as they chat about the massive week in sports, share their thoughts on the Super Bowl and the crazy week on the Bruins’ rink. Plus King Baby Duck & Anvil share their thoughts on the recent album by Far East Movement, and Anvil tells you why you should run to see Widow Sunday, Tight Rope and Absence, but avoid Treachery, Smite the Fight and Martyrs & Madmen like the plague. Mr. Cuse give his opinion on the game Kinect sports, and King Baby Duck and Blueonic say bye-bye to three gaming franchises and one beloved company.

The videocast:

Episode LXXV: That Tumor Is Such A Killjoy!

With Blueonic out for the week, Nenya steps in and fills his big shoes.

This week the B3 crew share their thoughts on the new My Chemical Romance album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, and Anvil & Nenya give their take in the week of sports. Demos of Fluidity and Super Scribblenauts are looked at, and King Baby Duck puts the free Xbox 360 games Dorito’s Crash Course and Harms Way under the microscope. Finally the trio reviews the new Jolie/Depp film The Tourist.

Episode LXXIV: You Don’t Have To Reload A Sword

The Bastards are quite joyful this week, and it has nothing to do with the holidays. (That episode’s in two weeks.)

This week the B3 crew excitedly chat about the live return of two of their favorite bands, and one of King Baby Duck’s favorite anime series is hitting the big screen. Anvil shares his thoughts on sports, and the trio talk about the movie The Warrior’s Way. The video game nail’d is discussed more, and K.B.D. gives his two cents on the demos The Undergarden and Funky Lab Rat, Blueonic reviews the game Reload, previews the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam and he and K.B.D. look at the demo for Unbound Saga.

Episode LXXIII: Two Bullets In The Head & A Metal Plate

After taking the week off the Bastards return refreshed and anew. Plus a lost member returns…

This week the B3 crew review the demos for Saw II: Flesh & Bone, And Yet It Moves, ThruSpace, Bit.Trip Fate and Jett Rocket. The guys take a look at the new movie Faster, and Shades Blackflame gives his opinion on the film Entangled. Finally Anvil delivers a big hunk of sports for all our jocks out there.

The videocast:

Episode LXIX: Bringing The Pain!

The Bastards know how to take the pain, too.

This week the B3 crew discuss their thoughts on this year’s Lovesac Speedrun Classic, as well as the new album from Serj Tankian. Anvil gives his weekly sports report, and the guys review the film Circle of Pain and the anime Desert Punk.

The video version:

Episode LXVII: Rabbis On Roller Skates

The Bastards bring you another cure for the daily blues.

This week the B3 crew give a couple Oh For Fuck’s Sakes about ticket scalpers, officers under attack and the rise in suicides in teens. The guys review the new film It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, and Anvil gives his take on the new Karate Kid remake. The week in sports is covered, and Blueonic & King Baby Duck look at the demos for Comic Jumper, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, Alien Breed: Impact, Hydrophobia and Topatoi.