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Angry Birds: The Forced Gets Ticked on November 8

Is there anywhere these birds won’t go? I mean, space, Rio, now a galaxy far, far away.  Rovio has teamed up with George Lucas to put a Star Wars spin on their Angry Birds franchise. Very little info has been released yet, other than this brief trailer showing a Jedi bird holding a…lightslingshot…and a release […]

Star Wars: The old Republic Announces Free to Play Option This Fall

I’ve always said that the sure fire way to spot the decline of an mmo’s popularity is when it transitions from subscription to free to play. That is almost always followed by the shutdown of the game…not ALWAYS, but ALMOST always. Seeing as Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the best mmo games I’ve played, […]

What Happened to the Star Wars That I Used To Know

Goyte’s music video “Somebody That I Used to Know has been all over the radio for the past few months. I’ll admit it…I like the song. There’s been number of remixes to the song, but what happens when jaded Star Wars fans decide to remix it? This should warm the hearts of dissatisfied Star Wars […]

Episode CXL: Damn, That Alice Cooper’s An Ugly Woman!

It is with most regret that the Bastards have to indulge themselves with some, as they say, fresh blood.

This week the B3 crew gripe about how their childhood heroes are all dropping like flies, then jump into their thoughts on the Merrimack Repertory Theatre’s production of Ghost-Writer. The week in sports is discussed, the demos for Spec Ops: The Line, Kinect Star Wars, and Minecraft are played, and Tim Burton’s remake of Dark Shadows is reviewed.

A spot of tea goes well with this week’s show. It’s Episode 140: Damn, That Alice Cooper’s An Ugly Woman!

Episode CXXVIII: I Need More Porn At Work!

When PC gaming reviewer (and Blueonic’s cousin) Teg is in the house, no one is safe…

This week the Bastards share their thoughts on the new Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds film Safe House, Anvil gets pissed at some Jedi and Sith people, and discover a little gem from 2008 known as Beer For My Horses. The week in sports is also analyzed, including — yes — the disaster known as the Super Bowl. King Baby Duck tries his best to describe the awkwardness of the Kinect Disneyland Adventures demo, Teg & Blueonic share their thoughts on current gaming trends and their predictions for the future in gaming, and the sequel Shank 2 gets played with guns blazing.

It’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth, and no that’s not a double entendre (though it could be). It’s Episode 128: I Need More Porn At Work!

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Eternity Vault Walkthrough

With preorders open (but still no release date…go figure), Star Wars: The Old Republic videos are pouring out now from Bioware.  Dallas Dickinson is back with another developer walkthrough for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This time he’s guiding us through the high-level Eternity Vault. “A prison discovered buried in the ice on Belsavis is thought to […]

Episode CV: The Elite Gamers Of The Benevolent Press

What’s better than have the Issues Program dudes show up to talk about the first half-year in gaming? How about having pro gamer, reviewer and model Raychul Moore joining the roundtable?

In a special episode the Bastards welcome Issues Guy, JC Sergeant and Raychul Moore to the program, as they dissect the current goings-on in the gaming world. Find out which games have already made it to their best-of 2011 list, and which upcoming titles they’re looking forward to most. Plus the gang chimes in on the true nature and style of Duke Nukem Forever, and figure out if L.A. Noire is a title that deserves to be on the pedestal that other gaming sites seem to put them on.

It’s all right here on this super-sized episode of the Boston Bastard Brigade. It’s Episode 105: The Elite Gamers Of The Benevolent Press!

Episode LXXXVI: Bring Back The MVP!!!

Rants and raves galore fill today’s episode of the Boston Bastard Brigade, including a call-to-arms for the return of a beloved sports game series.

This week King Baby Duck talks about his recent concert experience at the Asobi Seksu/Brahams show, and Anvil & Mr. Cuse give their weekly sports reports. The B3 crew tell you why to avoid the MLB: The Show 11 demo like the plague, and plead with EA Sports to bring back their MVP Baseball series. King Baby Duck looks at the demos for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars and Yakuza 4, and end the show with a much deeper look at the new game Bulletstorm.

So what are you waiting for? Click away here for Episode 86: Bring Back The MVP!!!

Pre-Game of the Year: Part 3

Science Fiction is a genre that has been explored quite a bit in film and television.  Traveling to new worlds, exploring alien civilizations and fighting against other-worldly foes is something fairly well-known to the video game crowd as well, but few games compare to the immersive and exciting Mass Effect series.  So, join me tonight as I spend a few minutes reminiscing about the predecessor to my next candidate for game of the year, Mass Effect 2.

While Bioware has built up their reputation throughout the years as being a software development team that knows how to build a great narrative, it was not until Mass Effect that, I believe, they mastered their technique.  Customization is the name of the game and through their innovation, Bioware has made it so that each player gets their own personalized experience.

At the very start, when you load up Mass Effect, you not only have the ability to customize how your character looks and what gender they are, you decide on the backstory of your new Commander Shepard.  From there, you have the freedom to make several choices that will effect the entire universe.  Without giving anything away, there are several choices to be made that can greatly alter the end of the game, which makes for not only a fun game, but a highly re-playable one.

A feature that was quite welcome, though not entirely unseen by that point, was their morality system.  What makes this system unique is the fact that your decisions are necessarily good and evil.  You can make decisions under the paragon line which are your more polite and professional responses, or you can take the badass take-no-prisoner side with renegade.  As you make dialogue choices, points get dumped into either side which will end up affecting how people react to you in the galaxy.

A great narrative is all well and good, but if a game isn’t fun then it still isn’t worth playing.  Thankfully, Mass Effect falls under this category as well.  With a magical blend of third-person shooting and RPG elements, there is a lot of fun to be had.  There are several playable character types that all have their own abilities, there is a fun and diverse character progression system and lots of gear to customize your Shepard.

Even after all of this, Bioware came back with the sequel Mass Effect 2 and made it all better.  They took out the fluff to make the game more fun, they let you import every decision you made in the original game to maximize your immersion in the universe and they start the game off in such an awesome way that there is no way it is going to be put down until you’re done saving the universe once again.  If you haven’t played Mass Effect, then now is a great time, but save up some cash, because you’re going to want to follow it up with Mass Effect 2.

Episode LXVIII: White Dress & Combat Boots

The Bastards believe thoroughly that it’s better to be R.E.D. than dead.

This week the B3 crew discuss the rescue of the Chilean miners (seriously, they do!), and an Oh For Fuck’s Sake! about alcohol. Next the trio review the new movie Red, and Blueonic & Anvil look at the recent films Couple’s Retreat and The Stranger. Video games are on the table with reviews of the demos Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Dead Space Ignition and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, along with a full-on look at the game CSI: Deadly Intent. Finally Anvil gives his weekly take on sports.

The video version: