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Episode CLII: Is That A Parcel In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

The Bastards come racing down the busy freeway to bring you another new episode!

This week King Baby Duck is intrigued with the idea of late-night cookie deliveries, and is excited when two of his favorite Japanese bands are set to come back to Boston in October. The movie Premium Rush is reviewed, as are the demos for Sleeping Dogs and EA Sports NHL 13. Finally Blueonic goes head-to-head with his initial thoughts on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It all speeds past in a travel-sized program. It’s Episode 152: Is That A Parcel In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

ESH Podcast Episode #304: I’m 89.9997% Sure I’m Not Going to Kill You.

So someone isn’t TOO sure about their success rate in this week’s episode. The Sistahs are back again. Is it just me or does it seem like they have this routine going on? Ninja starts the show with her disappointment over ESH -LACK- of pressence at PAX Prime again. That is going to be a […]

The World Is Square – An Intimate Performance & Chat

Pandalicious and King Baby Duck sit down for an interview with local folk band The World Is Square, as the group share their thoughts on their upcoming debut album, CD release show, and their immediate plans afterwards. Plus the band gives the Land of ESH a couple of live performances, including one exclusive song adaptation […]

ESH Podcast # 303: Massage Parlors Do Wonders For Your Health

Plus 20 to your health bar but you’ll have no stamina for 20 minutes after you listen to this… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Greetings and Salutations ESH lovers. Monday doesn’t truly start until you’ve had a healthy dose of Vitamin ESH. Ninja wastes no time getting into…a tangent? You guys should be used to it […]

Live Action Sleeping Dogs Fight Produced By Square Enix

One question when I watched this trailer: Could they have broken a little more glass? Sleeping Dogs from United Front Games and Square Enix hired Machinima to make a live action Sleeping Dogs film which is clearly inspired by Hong Kong crime moves. SqEnix let the director sit down with a copy of the Sleeping […]

Challenging Puzzles Lead To An On-Par "Conundrum"

It must be tough for Kim Swift. She could not have even predicted the monster she helped design over at Valve would go on to be a gaming classic. After leaving Valve she went to join Airtight Games, whose last game Dark Void was met with mediocre reviews and some disappointment. With her puzzle-loving schemes she lead her new comrades onward to create a game that treaded familiar ground, while at the same time opened up new doors into the realm of imaginative mechanics. This game would be Square Enix’s Quantum Conundrum, a game that does all it can to step away from its Aperture Science brother’s shadow.

Quantum Conundrum has you take control of a young lad, whose uncle Professor Fitz Quadwrangle (voiced by John de Lancie, AKA Frank Simmons) has gotten himself trapped inside a pocket dimension due to a failed experiment. The Professor’s mansion has now been caught in a massive flux between multiple dimensions, and it is up to you to reverse the damage done by your uncle. To do that, you are given a glove that can switch through these multiple dimensions, as well has help solve puzzles and restart the power generators.

Click here for the full review!

ESH Podcast Episode # 299: I’ve got Rhythm. I’ve Got Music. I Just Want To Know Why I Need It.

George Gershwin most likely didn’t have this in mind when he composed this song. Ninjasistah’s voice has returned–well mostly anyway. So The Sistahs celebrated with doing what they do best: this podcast. This show took a turn on serious street this week while still staying true to their style. Ninja talked a bit about her […]

Theatrhythm Got a Preemptive Strike but Missed its Limit Break

Go read my Theatrhythm review over at right Here

ESH Podcast Episode # 298: Prequels Are Fine As Long As There Is No Jar-Jar Binks

We shouldn’t have to repeat ourselves… From the title of this weeks episode you’d never guess it is Pandalicious’s birthday week. Listening to the show however everyone will be able to tell that it is on her mind. Subliminal messaging does work– just not when Pandalicious does it. The Sistahs talk about movie prequels. No […]

Square Enix Announces Composer for Quantum Conundrum!

Check out my piece on Quantum Conundrum over at Don’t have the link? It is right here silly!