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Episode CLXII: U & Me Make Wii (Part One)

It’s the launch of a new system, and what better way to jump on it than have some bad-ass guests on the show!

King Baby Duck and Blueonic are joined by Issues Guy, J.C. Riley, The DCD, and HipHopGamer as they show their thoughts on the new Wii U system from Nintendo. The surprising lack of lines, Miiverse, the unneeded slack the Big N got for their updates, and where Nintendo stands against the sure-to-be-announced soon next consoles from Microsoft and Sony!

It’s the first half of a super show, minus Captain Lou Albano! Here’s Episode 162: U & Me Make Wii (Part One)!

Playstation 3 Kicks Off "Day 1 Digital" For Retail Games

  Sony is definitely no stranger to selling full retail games on the Playstation Store. Their Playstation Plus service even offers bonuses on a lot of the games. The problem is that most of the games have been older releases. Yesterday, Sony fired off their “Day 1 Digital” program that looks to remedy this. Through […]

Episode CLIV: Wii U! Wii U! Here Come The Boom-Boom-Boom!

It’s a full-on Wii U coverage episode of B3, and the King invites a few friends in on the festivities!

This week King Baby Duck talks about the major screw-up he made about a program he did with Blueonic, but all turns to smiles when Issues Guy and JC Sergeant get pumped about the latest news about Nintendo’s newest system. Hear their thoughts on the launch titles, the hardware, and what they’d like to see happening on the Wii U.

The fun and insanity is right here and now on Episode 154: Wii U! Wii U! Here Come The Boom-Boom-Boom!

Episode CXLIII: The E3 Texas Hold ‘Em

The King returns from LA…

This week the B3 crew gather around for another edition of “Guess Who Died This Week?” and Chapter 63 of the MBTA “Oh, For Fuck’s Sake!” KBD shares his thoughts and favorites about this year’s E3, Anvil gives his weekly sports report, and another discussion about the movie Goon is raised.

It’s all plugged in here in Episode 143: The E3 Texas Hold ‘Em!

God of War Ascension E3 2012 Gameplay

Kratos is back and he’s still cracking skulls…literally. It’s too bad that we have to wait so long to personally control it. Sony treated this years E3 goers to an extended demonstration of God of War Ascension along with announcing a March 12, 2013 release date. The gameplay was similar to it’s predecessors with a […]

Quantic Dream Announces "Beyond: Two Souls"

The team that brought together the breathtaking Heavy Rain is out to do it again with its latest title…

At the Sony E3 Press Conference this evening Quantic Dream’s David Cage unveiled Beyond: Two Souls, a PS3-exclusive game starring Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) as Jodie Holmes, a woman with a connection to what happens after we die. Told over the course of fifteen years, Beyond: Two Souls is looking to add onto the cinematic atmosphere that made Heavy Rain such a hit amongst fans and critics, as your actions and decisions will determine the fate of Ms. Holmes while the game progresses.

While no release date was announced, you can bet that it will probably be sometime in 2013 before you’ll be able to go hands-on with it.

YouTube Comes To Vita

Sony has finally decided to release YouTube on their mobile gaming system, Playstation Vita.YouTube will come to the Vita as a downloadable application at the end of this month. The video streaming app will be in good company, along with current apps such as Netflix and Twitter. The app will boast some already familiar features […]

Starhawk Official Live Streams Today, May 7th

Wanna watch people build and destroy hundreds of structures on Ustream?   Just go HERE and enjoy what only beta testers have up until now. The stream starts at 6pm PST today and 5PM on Sunday.   It wont be just the multiplayer, but the single player as well. I can’t imagine that you’ll pass […]

"PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale" Coming in 2012

Taking a page out of Nintendo’s book, Sony has announced that many of its popular characters will square off in a fight to the finish.

Dubbed PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale the game will have up to four players battling one another in worlds based off of classic Sony titles. Characters announced so far include Kratos (God of War), Parappa the Rapper, Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Colonel Radec (Killzone), Sly Cooper, and Fat Princess, with more characters to be revealed later in the year. The game is being developed by SuperBot Entertainment, a new independent company under Sony that sports people who helped out make such games as the recent Mortal Kombat reboot and UFC Undisputed. Santa Monica Studio will also be lending a helping hand in development.

While we only know little about it, we can probably expect more in-depth detail regarding PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale later at E3 in June, with hopefully the chance to go hands-on with it on the convention floor.

Certified Geek’s Yay or Nay: PS3 Vita

Yay or Nay? Certified Geek tells us what he thinks about his new toy

First some background about the reviewer. I’m not big on console games, I consider myself a PC gamer. I custom built my computer specifically for gaming, sinking over $3000 into it. I didn’t even own a console system since the N64 until my girlfriend bought a X-box 360 for me 2 years ago. My last portable gaming system was a Gameboy color. The times they are a changin’.

To be honest, I only got the PSVita because I didn’t want to be bored waiting in lines at PAX East this year. The screen is AMAZING. The colors are bright and the blacks are deep. The hardware is responsive and I have only seen the slightest lag when 6-7 enemies spawn at the same time in Dungeon Hunter: Alliance.

First off, I’m not a fan of the button placement. I don’t consider myself to have huge hands, yet I feel cramped, especially when using the left and right shoulder buttons.  I like the joysticks on both sides of the screen, but I wish they had ether been flush with the device or were touchpads similar to the back. Having the joysticks stick out like they do makes the PSVita even less pocketable than the 7 inch by 3 inch dimensions of the body.  The system responds quickly to control inputs but there are a lot of control inputs. Between the 4 way D-pad, the usual 4 Playstation buttons the two shoulder buttons, 2 joysticks, 2 touch screens, the 6 axis accelerometer, start, select, PS button, and at one point in Uncharted: Golden Abyss even the cameras. I am a firm believer of “choice is good” but this can get confusing quickly. Still with all of the input options,this little system preforms smoothly. I have not had a single hiccup with any of the inputs.

As is typical for anything Sony, it has a proprietary memory card and charging cable. They are a tad overpriced for my taste. Where as a standard 32 GB SD card costs somewhere in the ballpark of $32 or a dollar a gig. The PSVita 32GB memory card costs $99.

Games aside this is a serious mobile device. It has a host of online entertainment options available even without a game in it. The web browser is fully functioning and rather quick. There are a ton of online TV shows and movies to ether rent or buy, and some good apps available right off the bat such as Netflix, and Facebook. Skype is advertised, but I have yet to see it on my system.

The menu screen looks like iOS for young children with large round icons for everything. That’s not exactly my cup of tea considering I use Android phones. It gets the job done and is intuitive to use, but system customization can leave a bit to be desired. The menu is also all touch and will not accept any button presses to access anything. Odd for a video game system but it works.

My favorite thing about the PSVita is the PS Store. From there you can download demo or full games as well as rent or buy movies wirelessly, which is great for when boredom sets in while you’re out and about. The drawback to having a mobile store is the need to put that data somewhere so a memory card (not included) is basically required.

The PSVita may have a lot of cool features outside of games, but it is still first and foremost a video game system. And that is where it shines the most. Sony seems to have learned from Nintendo’s mistake and had plenty of games avalable at launch with plenty more coming in the near future.  All of the games I have played on the PSVita so far have been well crafted and don’t seem thrown together or too stripped down for the sake of being mobile.

Battery Life
The battery life in the Vita isn’t the best in he world, only 3-5 hours of game play. Not a lot of time if your taking it on a flight, but I haven’t had any issues with battery life on my commute to work and back each day. With a hour or so of gaming during my lunch break.

Overall, I am happy with my Vita. It has its flaws, true, but they are more than outweighed by its good parts. The games I have played on it have kept me entertained. When my ADD sets in, there are plenty of other options to take advantage of, conveniently all wrapped into one single device. I think that it can become a huge money sink very quickly but it will provide many hours of entertainment.

Certified Geek