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Episode CLII: Is That A Parcel In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

The Bastards come racing down the busy freeway to bring you another new episode!

This week King Baby Duck is intrigued with the idea of late-night cookie deliveries, and is excited when two of his favorite Japanese bands are set to come back to Boston in October. The movie Premium Rush is reviewed, as are the demos for Sleeping Dogs and EA Sports NHL 13. Finally Blueonic goes head-to-head with his initial thoughts on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It all speeds past in a travel-sized program. It’s Episode 152: Is That A Parcel In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

ESH Podcast Episode #304: I’m 89.9997% Sure I’m Not Going to Kill You.

So someone isn’t TOO sure about their success rate in this week’s episode. The Sistahs are back again. Is it just me or does it seem like they have this routine going on? Ninja starts the show with her disappointment over ESH -LACK- of pressence at PAX Prime again. That is going to be a […]

ESH Podcast # 303: Massage Parlors Do Wonders For Your Health

Plus 20 to your health bar but you’ll have no stamina for 20 minutes after you listen to this… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Greetings and Salutations ESH lovers. Monday doesn’t truly start until you’ve had a healthy dose of Vitamin ESH. Ninja wastes no time getting into…a tangent? You guys should be used to it […]

Live Action Sleeping Dogs Fight Produced By Square Enix

One question when I watched this trailer: Could they have broken a little more glass? Sleeping Dogs from United Front Games and Square Enix hired Machinima to make a live action Sleeping Dogs film which is clearly inspired by Hong Kong crime moves. SqEnix let the director sit down with a copy of the Sleeping […]

No Lying Around For These “Sleeping Dogs”

The tale and turmoil of Sleeping Dogs has been told many a time. It was originally supposed to be Activision’s True Crime, before the publisher pulled the plug on it close to completion. Fortunately Square Enix has picked up this title, gave it a new name, and made damn sure that people got to play it. After seeing what I played at E3 there will be reason for gamers to celebrate.

In the demo your character Detective Wei Shen is on the search for Ming, who screwed a comrade out of a drug deal. Once you find him Ming tries to get away, resulting in a chase that will have you avoiding objects, jumping over tables and fences, and bumping into other people on the street. Once you reach him Ming lets his goons try to take you out, and it’s up to your fighting skills and environments around you to knock them out.

Sleeping Dogs‘s fighting style is very similar to Batman: Arkham City, as it has a punch, counter attack, and big combos to pull off. One thing that stands out in this area is the ability to use your environments to your advantage. For example, in the demo I was grappling with one of Ming’s gang members. Near my area was a vent fan, which I was able to put the gang member’s face in to kill him. It’s a similar form that was once seen in True Crime: New York City, and while this specific game was met with mixed reviews many people still praised that fighting element in the gameplay.

The voice acting, which was a blend of both English and Chinese dialect, felt authentic, matching with the area that this game takes place. Sleeping Dogs‘s graphics were also very well-detailed, with its environments breathing in a finely-designed Hong Kong market. Finally the controls appear to be solid, with each punch and kick connecting with a click of the button.

It’s been a long road for Sleeping Dogs‘s release date, but the end is almost here. While it is tough to judge a game simply by one level Sleeping Dogs is turning out to be the one title Square Enix needs on its 2012 roster to make it the publisher not to be reckoned with this fiscal year. My only hope is that the game will have as good a flavor as this small morsel I got to taste today.

"Sleeping Dogs" (Formerly Known as "True Crime: HK") Does Live Action, Badass Trailer

True Crime is a name that not many gamers know or remember too well. So it wasn’t that much of a shock when True Crime: Hong Kong was nearly canceled. After it’s near-death experience, Square Enix decided to give it new life. Sleeping Dogs is the result.

Now we have a live action trailer, complete with the new logo for Sleeping Dogs, a Facebook page, and an official Youtube channel. If the game is even remotely as cool as the trailer, then this has potential for a new series.