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Episode 273: Pandalicious Suddenly Turned Into Cookie Monster

There’s no need to fear, your new ESH Podcast episode is here. This week the ladies talk gadgets and gizmo’s a-plenty with some cool new Portal 2 merch from the fine folks at Think Geek and great gifts from Blue Microphones

There is also talk of Baconnaise, zombies, vodka, oblivion, and the current gamer drug of choice, Skyrim.

If you want to know how this all comes about, you’ll just have to kick back and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 273: Pandalicious Suddenly Became Cookie Monster

Episode 257: It Took 210 Episodes, But Panda Finally Watches Air Gear

ESH Podcast time once again, and this week’s episode is the perfect balance of anime and video games.

NinJa starts it off with a question about retro versus current gaming, and the answers the ladies come up with just might surprise you…

Air Gear: You'll believe a big dude can skate

Then it’s on to gaming news with the Rockband DLC that’s got Panda looking for spandex pants already and NinJa’s foray into the action-RPG title Magna Carta 2 from Bandai-Namco. (This game is NOT based on this Magna Carta. Panda then balances the heavy game energy with a little anime chi, sharing her thoughts on the 2006 series Air Gear. (Think rollerblades, but more awesome)

Speaking of more awesome, it’s time to grab a frosty beverage, kick back and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 257: It Took 210 Episodes, But Panda Finally Watches Air Gear

Episode 212: New For 2011 – It’s the Chevrolet D’eon

Newness, it’s the new black. We’ve got a new episode of the ESH podcast with a special guest-host appearance by Xenocore of Ultimate Quest

Pandalicious kicks off the show talking about her PS3 Netflix experience, then segues into an anime OVA (Le Petite Cossette)she watched with ESHmom that left them both saying WTF? before finally ending on the brilliance that is the hilarious Brit-Com, The IT Crowd. Extended ESH family member Xenocore joins the sistah’s on this episode of the podcast to talk freebie goodness Alien Swarm and make the case for watching the anime series Heroman. NinJaSistah finishes out the show with a rundown of the official RockBand 3 set-list as well as the DJ Hero 2 song list. It’s an exciting time for rhythm game enthusiasts for sure. Sounds good, right? Need more reasons to listen to this episode? Check out some of the titles we came up with, but didn’t use.

  • Your Pr0n Should Not Be On Your Desktop
  • Here’s Where Things Get Really F’d Up
  • It’s the Worst Anime Ever!
  • Panda’s Next Discovery: American Idol
  • How Do You Say “It’s Clobberin’ Time” In Japanese?
  • and finally
  • Videogames Killed the Radio Star

Grab that first cup of whatever gets you going and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 212: New For 2011 – It’s the Chevrolet D’eon

E3: First Thoughts

It’s Monday morning and I’m in LA to cover what may be the most new-product-announcing Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event in years.

Microsoft showed off Natal I mean Kinect last night at their pre-press conference event last night with help from Cirque du Soleil and all I can say is “spaceponcho FTW!” Most of the games they showed off for the new hardware/software bundle are title types that we have already seen on the Wii – many of which were not very successful on that platform by the way – and a few that are unique to the Kinect experience. It will be interesting to actually see in person (if that happens for me this year – as I got the bums rush at the Microsoft booth last year) how Kinect really works and if spaceponcho is required or just value added!

The next big thing that has been blowing up my inbox this morning has been RockBand 3. If you listen to the podcast on a regular basis or visit this site more than once a week you know I am a RB FREAK! I had already decided to purchase RB 3 regardless of what new features they announced (gotta support you local homeboys) but the latest out of camp Harmonix should have everyone excited. Sure there is new music and more of it – artists like Queen, The Doors, The Cure and Them Crooked Vultures make the list – but it is the peripherals and new gameplay modes that I think will draw the biggest attention.

The Strings the Thing

The new RockBand guitar is a Squire Stratocaster. It has six (6) strings (yes, you read that right STRINGS) and features full button control on the fretboard. MadCatz has also partnered with Harmonix to create additional licensed peripherals and have announced their “Mustang” string-ed guitar which I have yet to see any pictures of.

Also announced were pro modes of gameplay which would allow the player to play songs more along the lines of how they are played for real on real instruments. Chords, REAL chords people! At least for the guitar and bass, on the drum side the pro mode of gameplay will support 3 cymbal setups with proper distinction between hi-hat, toms, etc. So all the folks currently mopping the floor with us mere mortals on expert will get to show just how truly expert they are with the new pro modes. Personally, I think these new modes will allow more actual musicians to play the game with their non-musician friends on a level playing field and maybe even inspire a few of the non-musician types to pick up an instrument.

One thing is for sure, the Harmonix group isn’t looking back. In a move made to more than likely bridge the gap between gameplay and learning-to-play the new peripherals and gameplay modes make it clear that Harmonix – succeed or fail – is looking to move rhythm-based gameplay from toy to truth.

Personally, I’m crazy excited to see what is going to happen next. Stay Tuned! And don’t forget to check out for all of the event coverage we can offer live straight to you!