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ESH Podcast # 313: I Was Wrong–There, I Said It Twice.

Ninja admits it…but what is she wrong about? The Sistahs are getting ready for another ESH-O-Ween. Not really, they are too worried about preparing for another broke bitch month. Ninja takes position one talking about one of her loves Assassin’s Creed. The third game will be released tomorrow, so to get herself hyped up she […]

ESH Podcast Episode # 299: I’ve got Rhythm. I’ve Got Music. I Just Want To Know Why I Need It.

George Gershwin most likely didn’t have this in mind when he composed this song. Ninjasistah’s voice has returned–well mostly anyway. So The Sistahs celebrated with doing what they do best: this podcast. This show took a turn on serious street this week while still staying true to their style. Ninja talked a bit about her […]

Theatrhythm Got a Preemptive Strike but Missed its Limit Break

Go read my Theatrhythm review over at right Here