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ESH Podcast Episode 310: Confessions of A Resident Evil Apologist.

These are my nerdfessions The sistahs ran the full gambit this week–talking about ALL the things ESH. Ninja starts off talking about her run in with the Nyko Zoom. A device capable of making a kinect workable in smaller surroundings…or…is supposed to do that. Panda interjects with her fun little day cation story about her […]

ESH Podcast Episode # 309: In Case Of Flaming Panda–Click Here.

You’ve been warned. Just in case you have encountered a flaming panda–click here Now that that is over and done with, the sistahs have now entered what they call “Broke Bitch October” That is right, pre holiday is slowly setting in and everyones wallets are in danger of being void of $$$. Ninja talks about […]

RE6- Now With An Enhanced Leaderboard System…I Guess

Some Resident Evil 6 News fell on my lap today-so of course I figured I’d share it with you all. Go check out my piece over at!

Is Resident Evil 6 doomed to repeat Resident Evil 5?

Survival horror might have something to fear… The Microsoft Media Briefing has left questions lingering in the air; the most poignant being “Whaaaat?” One of the things we saw at this pre E3 event was some gameplay of Capcom’s eagerly anticipated Resident Evil 6. Many are aware Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 had very mixed reviews […]

Resident Evil 6 Trailer: Are You Ready to Fight a WORLD Full of Zombies?