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Light Guns, Zombies and Chronicles Coming Soon to PSN

Light-gun gaming has been a staple for the video game industry for quite some time. It all started for me with an orange gun, some ducks and a very annoying dog. Frequently in these games, the targets you’re gunning for happen to be the living dead. Pair those with one of my favorite game series […]

Bundle and Release Date For Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

Last year, one of the games that defined multi-player first-person shooters on consoles got remade for the Wii.  Today, Activision has not only announced a release date for the HD version of the game, coming to Xbox 360 and PS3, but also a special bundle specifically featuring the Playstation Move.  I am, of course, referring to Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, the remake of the classic N64 hit which still sits inside the console hooked up in my bedroom.

Goldeneye 007: Reloaded is an HD remastering of the Wii title released last year.  If you are a fan of the original game, or an FPS fan who happens to enjoy Mi6’s most famous agent, I would recommend this game to you.  It not only has retooled versions of the single-player missions, but features 16-player multiplayer.  Reloaded also has some brand new features, aside from running at 60 frames-per-second, it has a new mode called Mi6 Ops Missions.  These missions, similar to the Special Ops mode of Modern Warfare 2 fame, puts the players back into environments from the story missions with specific objectives like Assault and Stealth.


Specifically for the Playstation 3, Activision will be releasing a bundle that includes all the bells and whistles necessary to play the game using a Playstation Move controller.  Included in the Goldeneye 007: Reloaded Double ‘O’ Edition will be a Playstation Move motion controller, navigation controller, Playstation Eye camera and the Sharp Shooter.  Also exclusive for PS3 will be a free DLC character of Hugo Drax from Moonraker, who will be equipped with his Laser Pistol.


As a huge fan of the original game, the Wii game was a ton of fun.  The point and shoot controls were awesome as well, and should translate quite well to the Move.  Add to that, the online multiplayer experience that the HD consoles can offer for the game and I may not emerge from my apartment for quite a while after this game comes out.  Both Goldeneye 007: Reloaded and the PS3 exclusive bundle are both launching November 1st.  If you want to see me then, I’ll be the one throwing a hat at you as Oddjob.  For the full press release hit the link.


Press Release

Multi-Colored Seal-Nosed Mote Report: Heavy Rain

Earlier this year, Quantic Dream graced us with the presence of a game I would call one of my favorites of the year so far.  Heavy Rain is one of those games I keep wishing I could go back in time and experience for the first time again.  The story is top notch and the controls bordered on revolutionary.  Recently, they released a free update to include support for Sony’s Seal-Nosed Mote.  I’ve gotten a chance to give it a go and I can definitely say I’ve rendered an opinion on the subject.  Do the new controls add something to the gameplay, or was it just an unnecessary add-on to promote our favorite multi-colored accessory?

I absolutely loved the original control scheme for Heavy Rain.  It added a sense of depth and immersion not seen in a lot of other games to be able to mimic the actions on-screen with either a sixaxis movement or an analog stick twist.  With the new motion controls added in with the latest update, while some give an even better sense of immersion, it’s really hit or miss.  At one point you’re knocking on a door by making a knocking motion with the seal-nose and the next you’re cursing at the TV because it said you failed to swing the mote diagonal enough for the game to not recognize it as sideways.

On the plus side of things, there is a lot of fun to be had with the motions that it has you do.  In the beginning of the game, it has you brush you teeth and shave.  With the new controls you get to make the exact motions you are seeing onscreen in order to complete the tasks.  Drawing up the plans for the house in the opening scenes was a blast too, as it had you swipe the controller as though you were drawing the lines on the paper or wiggle it back and forth as though you were erasing.  I don’t want to give too many more specific examples so as to not give away anything, but there are also some other very specific scenes that are made much more visceral by the new controls.

All that being said, some of the movements are not quite as intuitive or easily performed as they are on the controller.  There are different orientations they want you to have the controller in, standing upright or pointing at the screen for example, and switching between them during the high-action scenes can be disorienting.  I had several failed events because I have to go from pointing stance to standing upright stance and I only had about one second to process that.  This can make the game much less forgiving and a little more frustrating.

While I do prefer Heavy Rain’s original controls, I don’t think they should ignored either.  If you are looking for something equivalent to a very hard mode for the game, I would suggest trying it with the seal-nose on hard difficulty.  If you are playing it for the first time, I would suggest playing it through with the original control scheme so you can have the best experience possible while experiencing this awesome game.  If you haven’t gotten to play it yet, then go find it.  Seriously, do that right now.  If you’re reading this then you have not gotten up to get Heavy Rain.  Stop reading and go!

Multi-Colored Seal-Nosed Mote Report: Sports Champion

When the Playstation Move was originally announced, I showed a picture of it to my girlfriend.  She looked at the picture of the device and immediately dubbed it the “Multi-Colored Seal-Nosed Mote”.  Since then, I have referred to Sony’s motion controller as such.  On friday, I picked up the Seal-Nosed Mote with the Sports Champions bundle and played a heck of a lot of that game.

On the surface, it would be very easy to say that this game is the Wii Sports Resort for the PS3.  While in some instances, this game definitely lives up to that label, there are ways in which it differentiates itself enough that it becomes a great standalone title.

First off, I would like to go on the record of saying that the Move controller works quite well.  It is every bit as accurate, if not a bit more, than Nintendo’s Wii Motion Plus.  There is also something kind of enchanting about how the Seal-Nose changes colors while you’re playing.  It seems kind of silly, but it really does add something to the experience.  I’m definitely looking forward to the kinds of effects they can produce with the color changing effect.  I hope it’s not just me, but I also wasn’t expecting the ball to be soft.  It is certainly a welcomed surprise, but I really had no idea.

Getting back to Sports Champions in particular, I greatly enjoyed my time with the game.  It comes with six different sporting events: Disc golf, gladiator, beach volleyball, archery, bocce ball and table tennis.  While some are definitely better than others, they give you plenty of incentive to keep coming back to each sport.  I got a chance to try out all of them and my personal favorites were archery and gladiator.  The only one I wasn’t all that into was bocce ball, mainly because of the slow pace of the game.  For most of the sports you have an option to play with either one or two motes.  Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to try out anything with two of them, but they feel very good with one.

As opposed to Wii Sports Resort, using the Mii characters, they have some pre-made characters for you to select.  They are all a little hilariously hokey which makes it a bit more fun.  There is also a chance to unlock some new peeps throughout the game.  Each sport is set up with three different modes: free play, challenge mode and champions cup.  In the free play mode, you get to choose the parameters in which you play.  In challenge mode, you do different mini-game challenges towards getting a high score.  Champions cup is like the story mode for the game where you go through and play against all of the different selectable characters until you win a medal.  There is a bronze, silver and gold medal for each sport.  You also earn a one to three star rating on each champions cup level, for added obsessive collectiveness.

I think that the different modes and the overall tone in the game make it different enough from an aforementioned Wii title that it’s definitely worth owning them both if you’re into motion games.  While they’re not completely the same, they do have their similarities.  The feel of the sword fighting and table tennis do feel very similar to their sister modes in Wii Sports Resort.  If you’re not a very big fan of that, then I might recommend waiting a bit for a Move title that appeals to your taste.

All in all, I had, and will continue to have, a great time playing Sports Champions.  If you love playing sports with motion controls, then it’s a no-brainer.  As for the Multi-Colored Seal-Nosed Mote itself, I think it has a lot of potential to be a great way for Sony to extend the life of its system.  I look forward to seeing what it will have to offer in the future, including the Heavy Rain update that should be dropping any time now.  In the meantime, PS3-waggle safely everyone!

Episode 215: Slapping – An Under Used Game Mechanic

Kick your work week off right with a new episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast. The ladies are videogame-centric in this week’s tangent-filled episode and for good reason.

NinJaSistah kicks off the podcast talking about new RockBand DLC which leads to a conversation about how the music/rhythm based game genre may finally be at critical mass and what that means for gamers, and then jumps on the PS Move/Kinect debate topic. Pandalicious on the other side of the game conversation picks up with her hands-on experience with the newly released Halo: Reach title and how it compares to some recent FPS games and gameplay mechanics. Tangents were mentioned earlier and there were plenty. Check out the list below to see some of the titles we came up with, but ended up not using for the episode:

  • Here’s Our Shout-Out To Oprah
  • Next On Rock Band: Gregorian Chant
  • How To Outfit Your Sixth-Floor Apartment
  • This Is How A Crab Walks
  • By Real, I Mean Possibly Not Real
  • It’s Like Stand By Me Without The Dead Body
  • All Games Should End With Bowling, Except Heavy Rain
  • and finally
  • I Like To Shoot Pickles

Random does not begin to describe this episode, so kick back and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 215: An Under Used Game Mechanic

Episode LX: Fuck The Movies! Let’s Get Some Lasagna!

Oh, how the Itis fails to keep a Bastard from speaking one’s mind.

This week the B3 crew discuss the new XBOX Live game Monday Night Combat, the demos for Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 and NHL ’11, the week in sports and movie reviews for Vampires Suck and Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia.

Episode 202: Sometimes It Feels Like My Game Is Watching Me

It’s the first Monday after E3 and the ESH crew has survived the AWESOME grueling week we spent in LA trying out new games so you wouldn’t have to. That’s our line and we’re sticking to it during this new episode of the ESH podcast.

We start the show off right with Pandalicious’ reactions to all the E3 announcements and news-like items including #Spaceponcho, all of the new games coming out of camp Nintendo and that she vows to ride the bull at the Bethesda party next year. NinJa jumps into the convo to talk about 3D, motion in gaming, her addiction to Dance Central and RockBand 3 by Harmonix. E3 was so full of win it was hard to fit it all into a single podcast episode… so we won’t. Instead, we will be sharing all of our E3 reactions, interviews and thoughts over the next few weeks throughout the land of ESH — B3, GeekAggro and ESH &mash; so make sure you check in with all of us regularly and be prepared… this holiday season you are going to go broke, one way or another because of video games.

If you need more reasons to listen to this episode of our podcast check out the titles we came up with but didn’t use for this episode:

  • Bobby Blackwolf Put What On the Table? Oh, Sorry, I Misunderstood
  • For Those of Us Attracted By Big, Glowing Balls
  • Harmonix Will Let You Strap It On
  • Smellovision Is Perfect Only for Burgertime
  • and finally
  • I Went to a Basketball Game and Grand Theft Auto Broke Out

The riot after the Lakers game may have kept me from the Scott Pilgrim party, but it didn’t stop us from making Electric Sista Hood Podcast Episode 202: Sometimes It feels Like My Game Is Watching Me

Don’t forget to check out some of the shit we dig: and Harmonix

So… Who Wins?

With all of this E3 news buzzing around it’s hard to talk about anything else. Obviously a lot of companies put a lot of work into getting demos and trailers ready for this huge convention. Motion controls were the big topic, and they’re definitely improving. But with the gaming community being so competitive, I’m sure the one thing gamers everywhere are wondering is who won?

Microsoft went first this year and, no surprise, gave more info on Project Natal. With a crappy new name and full-fledged stage demos, Xbox seemed off to a great start. But to be honest, the new Kinect looks more gimmicky than the Wii did to most people in its early days. Okay, so the camera is pretty advanced and follows my skeleton (btw that sounds like it could have adverse radiation effects, but I’m sure we’ll be fine, I mean Xbox products have always been so reliable, right?). The voice function seems pretty cool, but it seemed pretty cool on my phone too, and those programs have never, ever called the right person. Plus I thought these motion control options are supposed to be advocating a more active experience, but now when I’m watching a movie and need to pause my thumb doesn’t even have to move.

Granted, you aren’t very active when watching a movie anyway, so I’ll let that slide. Getting past Kinect, Xbox did have some impressive titles lined up, Gears 3 easily being the one that stood out the most. And let’s not forget that sexy new Xbox Slim. Finally joining the age of the wireless, and with a huge hard drive, it’s a step in the right direction for Microsoft. However I can’t help but feel that their press conference spent way too much time on Kinect, and I wasn’t that impressed by it. In my opinion, I think Microsoft underestimated what their opponents were bringing to the table, and they lost points because of it.

Nintendo was next, starting off with the one thing everyone wanted to see from them, the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. With lighter graphics than Twilight Princess, but the same adult Link design, and boasting swordplay via Wii Motion Plus, Skyward Sword looks to be a great addition to the franchise. What followed this demo was a non-stop barrage of new titles that would make any Nintendo fan salivate. Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Kid Icarus: Uprising, new Metroid: Other M footage, new Golden Sun: Dark Dawn footage, Epic Mickey exclusivity, it seemed like Nintendo had just gone around to every forum on the internet, jotted down what everyone wanted, held a board meeting and said, “Okay, let’s do it.”

In addition to the huge lineup of games, the 3DS was finally given some details. I denied wanting a 3DS for a long time. I figured it was some gimmick to get us to keep upgrading from one DS to the next. But when I saw that little handheld and what it was capable of I was sold, wholesale onto the bandwagon. Unfortunately I was not at E3 so I do not know exactly how the 3D works, but I’ve heard literally nothing but praise for it. The new widescreen for the top screen has almost three times the amount of pixels that the DS Lite had. And Nintendo promises that the 3DS will have much more power under the hood. If that Kid Icarus trailer was rendered with the 3DS, then I’m inclined to believe them. All in all, Nintendo delivered big this year.

Sony went last, but they certainly weren’t the least impressive. Playstation Move was another piece of hardware that I simply was not impressed with. I just didn’t see it going very far, until I saw the demo of Sorcery. Sorcery is a game that would offer me zero appeal normally. However, after seeing just what the Move could do in that game, I have to say my outlook has changed. Playing as a sorcerer’s apprentice just seems cool when you get to move the controller just like a wand and blast baddies with various spells that can even be combined. At first though, I thought Sony was going to take the same path Microsoft did and focus almost entirely on the move. I was wrong.

So many titles were announced for Playstation that it almost rivals the Nintendo presser. Killzone 3 with 3D and Move compatibility, a new Twisted Metal that should prove to be an insanely (literally) entertaining experience, Little Big Planet 2, which is looking to revolutionize the platform yet again, and those are just the big ones. Sony had a few surprises for the audience as well in the form of a Portal 2 announcement, as well as a small appearance by Kevin Butler, though now I realize he is much, much funnier in commercials. I found it saddening that there was little to no news on the PSP, other than a few games that I already knew about. *looks in the corner at his PSP gathering dust* Someday old friend, some day.

I noticed some similarities between the Sony and Microsoft conferences, namely the fact that they always refer to themselves as “The only console that does *blank*” or “The only place to find *blank*”. I understand that you have to stand out from the competition, but when the Playstation Move does the exact same thing as the Wii Motion Plus, it’s a hard pill to swallow. I especially liked when the Sony rep was asked how the Move compares to Wii Motion Plus in a G4 interview after the press conference, and he appeared to trip over himself in trying to distinguish the two.

So we had Microsoft pulling an Oprah, Sony still denying that they take ideas from other companies and (sometimes) expand upon them, and Nintendo making a sequel to every franchise they’ve established so far. For me, it was a tossup between Sony and Nintendo (and not just because I don’t own an Xbox, that slim is so very tempting). In the end, Nintendo announced too many power house titles, and the 3DS was too impressive looking for me not to give it to them. We’re all entitled to our opinions, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of all of these companies, but for the coming year, my eye is fixed on Nintendo.