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Frickin’ Fridayz With Pandalicious Vlog # 4

Episode 272: I Want a Fluffy Muff For Christmas

Holiday shopping season is here, and this week the ladies of ESH share their purchase recommendations for the geeks/nerds/gamers nearest and dearest to you.


NinJa leads off with the AppleTV. At $99 dollars it’s a fantastic gift for the geek/nerd that wants their entire iTunes collection available on the living room (or man cave) big screen TV.

Panda chimes adding a gadget specifically aimed at gamers with the Astro Gaming Headset, and goes big by adding in the Astro Mixamp and PS3 conversion cable to make this gift the one headset to rule them all. A40+Mixamp bundle $279, additional PS3 chat cable $9.99. (Roughly $290 total.)


NinJa recommends Trigun: Complete Box Series from (Now listed at $38.99) and Eden of the East Complete Series in a BluRay/DVD combo pack on Amazon for $19.49.

Panda recommends BluRay/DVD combo pack found on Amazon for $34.99.


For the games list, you are just going to have to grab a beverage and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 272: I Want a Fluffy Muff for Christmas

Panda Has Done it Three Times Now!

Looks like Pandalicious has been inspired again.

A third video has arrived from your ever-faithful Pandalicious. This time, Panda has slipped into something a little more familiar. Pandalicious is irked about it and has some thoughts to share.

It is time for Panda’s Thoughts: Episode 2

Episode 269: The Thing That Happened That Time In That One Place

20111108-222757.jpgAnother new week, another new episode of the ESH podcast, and this week the show is all about LL Cool Nate…because the Ladies Love Cool Nathan Drake!

That’s right, this week’s episode is all about Nathan Drake and Naughty Dog’s latest Uncharted franchise installment, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Working hard to give you the 411 WITHOUT SPOILING ANYTHING both Pandalicious and NinJaSistah share their experiences and reaction to the game, it’s gameplay mechanics and overall story.

Grab your favorite frosty beverage and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 269: That Thing That Happened That Time In That One Place

Episode 268: It’s New To You

Fresh Monday, a fresh episode of the ESH Podcast. This week’s show is all games just like last week’s… the only difference is that this week’s show…

Is Full of Clips!

From NinJa’s multiplayer partner woes to the emotional roller coaster that was ESH’s E3 registration we share some clips that hit the cutting room floor.

Grab a cup of awesome and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 268: It’s New To You.

Out of Her Mind and Straight to You Tube Here comes….Just Saying

Panda has some things to say- and finally will put them in video form.

So the fan base has wanted ESH to be live for quite some time. That won’t be happening any time soon, but until then, I’ve decided to become one with you the YouTubeverse. That is right…I’ve taken up my video editing skills (all four of them) once again.

Ladies and Gentlenerds!
I bring you…”Just Saying” Episode Zero. I’ll let it speak for itself.

Episode 267: This is NOT an After School Special

It is the day after Sunday and you know what that means! It is new ESH episode day. This week we are all games– not gadgets, and it is all good in the hood.

Ninja starts it the best way she knows how by talking games, and this week the game on her mind is Batman Arkham City. From gameplay mechanics to atmosphere and frankly just being able to play as the GD Batman again, Ninjasistah breaks down what you really need to know early on about this title from WB Games. Then Pandalicious closes out the hour with exciting Blizzcon news…even if the news is only exciting to her. And what could that news be? It’s expansion time. Don’t know what that means? You’ll have to listen to this episode to find out.

Grab that morning cup o’ joe and enjoy ESH PODCAST EPISODE 267: This is NOT an After School Special

Get Your Moves Ready for Dance Central 2

Shaking your tail feather to multiple beats at a time!

The much awaited sequel to Harmonix‘s dance thriller, Dance Central 2 will be making its debut on October 25th.

— Four Days and Counting —

So what can we expect from this newest installment in the motion-rhythm-based-franchise besides a good time? First up, and most obviously, we are getting new routines. Booty giggling, difficulty-increased, new routines. Then there are new settings in the way of new gameplay modes. Dance battles and actual multiplayer modes will be available in the new title as well. And what is a new motion-rhythm-based dance game without new songs? (The previous title, right?) Dance Central 2 boasts a bunch of new songs and new playable characters. There is no need to get rid of the preexisting bunch, so why not mix ’em up.

The Dance Central universe is finally getting expanding, and there something to look forward to for every fan of the title or genre in general. If you enjoyed the work out mode; your may rejoice! The mode is still available in the new game, and you can expect some modifications that are sure to make you sweat till you bleed. (Well, not REALLY bleed, because that would be bad, but you know what I mean.) Want to really nail down a specific move? Then “Break it Down” option will give you all the time you need to get it right and tight.

One of the disappointments from the first game was their use of multiplayer. In the original Dance Central outting, there was no “real” co-op. Yes, there were “dance battles”, but that element was only couch local. It was more of a “score battle” mode where each player would perform the routine solo-dolo and the person with the highest score “won” the battle. That aspect hasn’t completely changed but now there are both competitive and cooperative aspects to it. Co-op is simple and drop-in/drop-out. mechanic, and who wouldn’t like that?

Harmonix set the bar for motion based dance games, and I think this new addition to the franchise will only encourage more mixing of music and gaming.

Get your water bottles cooled, and your leg warmers and headbands out of storage. The dance floor is ready and waiting for you. So you know what to do…hey bust a move.

Episode 264: My PS3 Has That Grey Skin On It, Like Father Time

A day late, but not a dollar short… it’s a new episode of the ESH Podcast. In this episode we have stuff on games, gadgets AND anime.

Once again, we live up to our own tagline. It’s awesomesauce!

We kick the show off talking about major upcoming game releases like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception to name a few before moving on to gadgets and anime. The gadget NinJa focuses on is her newest purchase, the Razer Onza controller for the Xbox 360 gaming system, and the anime is one based off of a light novel of the same name, “Good Luck Ninomiya-Kun.”

It’s a fully packed show, so grab a frosty beverage and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 264: My PS3 Has That Grey Skin On It…Like Father Time

Onza Photos:


Episode 263: If Ice-T Says It Ain’t Over, It. Ain’t. Over.

It's just so EPIC!!

Monday is not getting away without a new episode of the ESH podcast, and this week as threatened promised, the ladies break down – and spoil the hell – out of Epic Games recently released third installment of the Gears franchise…Gears of War 3

We could bore you with all the details, but the fact is that over an hour’s worth of Gears ranting and raving is waiting. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 263: If Ice-T Says It Ain’t Over, It. Ain’t. Over.