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Join The B3 Crew For A Night Of Hip-Hop

For the first time ever, get a chance to see the Boston Bastard Brigade MC-ing a concert!

On Friday December 14 join King Baby Duck and Blueonic for a night of nerdcore hip-hop at the Walnut Street Coffee Cafe in Lynn, MA. Get into the holiday festive spirit with such talented artists like Force of Will, Shane Hall, Danny Fantom, Animatronic the Abolisher, and special guest L. Bass. The show starts at 8:30 p.m.

To RSVP, visit the official Facebook event page. Space is limited…

Deep Silver Gets Chamillionaire For "Riptide" Rap

In preparation for Dead Island Riptide, the sequel to the popular 2010 zombie action-RPG game the folks at Deep Silver have enlisted the help of award-winning rapper Chamillionaire for a treat for all to feed into their ear cavities.

“No Room In Hell” is a collaboration between Chamillionaire and Sam B., the “Who Do You Voodoo” rapper you play as in the original Dead Island game. Directed by Don Tyler “No Room In Hell” takes the tropic worlds of Banoi and brings them to life, pre-brain-eater period, of course.

Dead Island Riptide is due for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on April 23, 2013.

"Kung Fu Strike" Doesn’t Hit The Mark

I like a good beat ’em up game like anyone else, whether it’s a classic side-scroller like Streets of Rage or it’s more third-person-styled such as God of War or MadWorld. When a game comes along that not only makes a chore out of the genre, but mocks the intelligence of the fan base, it can truly leave a vulgar taste in my mouth. Such is the case of Qooc Soft’s first foray into video games: Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior Rises.

Taking place in ancient China, warrior General Loh is set up into a trap of betrayal by his own brother. Exiled from his kingdom Loh must search for Master Mo and set up an attack against the rebel forces, who have transformed his kingdom into a place of greed and violence. From his training and his battles Loh discovers all he needs to take down his brother, avenge his father, and bring peace once again to the empire.

Click here to read the full article!

SEGA Announces Release Date for “NiGHTS” & “Sonic Adventure 2″ Remakes

Next month SEGA fans everywhere will be able to go hands-on with two HD remakes of their beloved titles.

SEGA of America and SEGA of Europe have announced that both NiGHTS into dreams… and Sonic Adventure 2 will both be available on October 2 on PSN for $9.99, and on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MSP. Fans will also be able to enhance their Sonic Adventure 2 experience with Battle Mode DLC for an additional $3.00/240 MSP, which includes more maps and characters from the Gamecube version of the title (including the popular Chao Karate). An added bonus for NiGHTS into dreams… includes free access to the 1996 holiday-themed expansion, Christmas NiGHTS, previously only available through a Saturn holiday bundle or special game & magazine promotions.

For more information on the upcoming NiGHTS into dreams… and Sonic Adventure 2 HD remakes, visit SEGA’s official website.

Br1ght Pr1mate Album Giveaway!

Want to win a downloadable copy of Br1ght Pr1mate’s latest album Night Animals?

From Monday thru Saturday this week the Boston Bastard Brigade and ElectricSistaHood are giving away six Bandcamp download codes of the chiptune duo’s first LP! How can you win? Simply follow King Baby Duck on his Twitter! Somewhere at sometime he will post the special one-time-use code for one lucky follower, and they will have to hurry to Br1ght Pr1mate’s official Bandcamp download page to get their hands on it!

If you don’t win, you can always buy a copy for the low price of $5!

Boston Festival of Indie Games Reveals Line-Up

The Boston Festival of Indie Games has revealed all thirty-six games that attendees will be able to go hands-on with at the event.

Happening on Saturday September 22 the Boston Festival of Indie Games will play host to three dozen titles. Click here for the full list and details of each game!

Wii U Preview Event | The Final Countdown

Much anticipation was riding on Nintendo during today’s preview event. What was revealed wound up being the knockout punch we were looking for at E3.

It was revealed today at the Nintendo Press Event that the Wii U will be heading to stores in America on Sunday November 18th. There will be two sets: Basic and Deluxe.

Click here for the full story!

Beautiful Storytelling Makes "Dust" One Of The Year’s Best

It has taken Humble Hearts (AKA Dean Dodrill) over three years to make Dust: An Elysian Tail. How amazing it is that the video game work of roughly one man (and a couple others to help with voice acting, soundtrack, and scriptwriting) is more enjoyable than most games that take an army of developers and writers to create.

Dust follows a noble but amnesiac warrior as he takes upon the task to bring peace to the world of Falana. With his new trusty (and talking) sword — known as the Blade of Ahrah — and its winged cat-bat guardian Fidget, Dust is set out to rid the war-tortured plains of General Gaius and his non-remorseful army. As the game progresses Dust begins to remember who he is, and how the combined rights and wrongs of his past has made him what he is today. What he soon discovers fills him with guilt, but at the same time he discovers that the wrongdoings of his past will lead him to victory in the quest for tranquility.

Click here to read the full review!

Boston Festival of Indie Games Announces Game Jam

Boston FIG is getting ready to get its game-on, with an announcement of marathon proportions!

The Boston Festival of Indie Games has announced that a 12-hour Game Jam session will be taking place during the event. Hosted by Boston Game Jams founder Darren Torpey, participants bringing their own development tools and other hardware will have the chance to either play games during the long run, or even go so far as to create their own in the twelve-hour period.

Click here to read more!

"Kids" Brings All That Jazz

The mere utterance of Shinichiro Watanabe in the anime world will send hundreds of thousands of otaku to their nearest TV set or computer to watch his next work. The Quentin Tarantino of animation Watanabe is a man with a trademark style and a patented branding of badassery. When word got out that Watanabe was to reunite with his Cowboy Bebop cohort Yoko Kanno in a new series the sound of buzzing transformed itself into a roar of anticipation. This past spring the show made its premiere in Japan and on Crunchyroll: Kids on the Slope.


Taking place in the mid-1960s Kids on the Slope follows three friends as their bond grows through their love of jazz, along with the hardships of their pasts finding similar groundings. New student Kaoru comes across two classmates named Sentaro and Ritsuko, whom have been friends since childhood. After being saved by Sentaro Kaoru is invited by Ritsuko to check out her father’s record shop, where he discovers the magic of jazz.

Click here to read the full review!