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Netflix Updates its Interface: Anime Language Options to Come?

Netflix has done a very welcome update to their Instant Streaming interface. It’s reminiscent of the interface for Adobe PDF files. In the menu items, the option for subtitles/audio is included, and I wonder if future anime titles offered on Netflix will include multiple audio options. The audio options offered for people who prefer to […]

Episode CIII: Annihilation By ‘Splosion!

Everybody loves donuts, especially those who love blowing shit up!

This week the Anvil rants on the week of sports — including the MLB All-Star game and the Roger Clemens mistrial — and King Baby Duck & Blueonic looks at the heavily-underrated Jim Carrey flick I Love You Phillip Morris and the recent price hikes at Netflix.┬áPlus the Bastards are split in regards to the new Limp Bizkit album Gold Cobra, the demos for Catherine and Ms. ‘Splosion Man are put under the microscope and Blueonic reviews the new Annihilation pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The fun begins now on Episode 103: Annihilation By ‘Splosion!

Episode 224: Panda Drank the Apple Kool-Aid

Ah, Monday… a cyber one at that, so it’s only fitting that we hit you with a “gift-guide” version of the ESH Podcast.

Get your wallet ready!

The ladies spend the hour (and change) giving you the low-down on which gifts wouldn’t, you know, suck as a gift this holiday season. From gaming goodies like Xbox Kinect to anime box sets like Trigun they cover a bit of everything an self-respecting or emerging geek could use.

A companion PDF with images, and links will be available on Tuesday for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure, so put your feet up and get ready for ESH Podcast Episode 224: Panda Drank the Apple Kool-Aid