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Episode CLXI: Oh No, He’s Going To Tell Another Story!

O Bastard, My Bastard, our fearful show is here!

In this week’s episode Blueonic gripes about the bad side of celebrating Thanksgiving, while King Baby Duck thinks of ways of making the feast even better with the help of a deep-fryer. Spielberg’s latest film Lincoln is reviewed, as the duo thinks back at how much the political party system has changed since the passing of the 13th Amendment. The demo of Need For Speed: Most Wanted  is looked at, with both guys perplexed by how much of a step back the game looks compared to Hot Pursuit. Blueonic praises the new DLC content of Sniper Elite V2, and the Bastards say farewell to Twinkies.

Whether you voted “Aye” or “Nay,” here comes Episode 161: Oh No, He’s Going To Tell Another Story!

Putting Pedals To Metals In "Need For Speed: The Run"

The Electronic Arts booth at E3 this year was bombarded with gamers and press. It was a miracle of sorts that no one passed out from the sheer insanity engulfing their space, as every big-named title they were pushing was on the floor for all to try out. I almost found myself unable to play a single title EA was promoting, until I quickly found an opening at the Need For Speed booth. This year will mark the eighteenth release in the popular racing series, and from what I demoed in Need For Speed: The Run the folks at EA are raring to keep your heart pounding with excitement.

Need For Speed: The Run has you taking control of Jack, a man on the run from the law and those who want him dead. In order to escape from life behind bars Jack must partake in a three-thousand mile cross-country race, starting off in San Francisco and ending in New York City. In order to partake in the race Jack must get his wheels by any means necessary, as evident in the level I played.

The opening to the level had Jack dropkicking a Chicago cop before stealing his police cruiser. From there you had to race through the streets, avoiding police vehicles who are trying to push you off the road, helicopters that try to cease your vehicle’s operations via shooting it to pieces, road blocks and other hazards that do all that they can to stop you from reaching your objective. You can evade these dangers by swerving into ongoing traffic, driving through tunnels and running any driver off the road in order to reach your goal. Once the main level finished Jack found himself crashing off-road, waking up in a daze on the train tracks. Quickly I had to unbuckle my seatbelt, smash the front window and make my escape before my journey was cut short.

The amount of detail put into Need For Speed: The Run was outstanding, as I noticed even the tiniest scratches and dents were finely-tuned in the game. When a nearby car exploded its pieces flew everywhere, and it even gave your vehicle a good shaking up to throw your steering off a bit. Quick thinking seems to be the key to survival, as you weren’t given much time to decide on turns and navigating through tight spaces. One issue I had with the game, however, was a tad bit of lag in the controls department. There were a couple moments where I told my controller to veer off to avoid oncoming vehicles, only to see that I crashed headfirst into them.

I am curious to see how Need For Speed: The Run will use on-foot tactics. In some of the videos I noticed Jack evading police fire on a rooftop, followed by controller commands during jump sequences and fights. Whether or not the on-foot segments will be free-roaming or be interactive FMVs remains to be seen, though I hope it’ll be the former so as to make the gameplay a bit more interesting. Also interesting to see is how weather conditions will affect the overall gameplay, with natural occurrences such as avalanches and desert storms playing a role in where the level takes you.

It won’t be long before we hear more about Need For Speed: The Run, as it is due for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS and PC on November 15. Those looking for the true successor to Hot Pursuit might have their title right here, as the game is looking to be packed with enough adrenaline and jaw-dropping moments that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Episode LXX: The Traps Come To (THUD!) Zzzzzzzzz….

The Bastards want you to play a game. It’s called POGs!

This week the B3 crew give a more thorough view on the Lovesac furniture, and review the recent demos for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Dream Chronicles, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, Costume Quest, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and Super Meat Boy. The trio share their thoughts on the recent Blood Red Shoes concert, the week in sports and reveal why Saw 3D might be one of the worst movies of the year.

In "Pursuit" Of "Speed"

Hell yeah, EA has brought back one of the most awesome Need For Speed games, and it’s just awesome to be playing the series again. The demo version of Hot Pursuit is just to hard to put down, considering I’ve been playing it for the past 12 hours!

The demo gives you the option of playing as a police officer or as a racer. For the cop section they give you the old-style Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser (BLEH!), and the second one is a Nissan 370z (a sexy car right there). For the racing portion they give you the Porsche Boxster Spyder (sweet car) and the BMW Z4 S-Drive 3.5 (not one of my favorites, but another fast car) and the civilian version of the Nissan 370Z Roadster. (In the game it says the top speed is classified, so either it’s so fast that they don’t want the public to know it or it’s just that new of a car.) Along with that I admire the effort that was put in for the information to tell how fast the car is, what year it’s from, whether it’s front or rear-wheel drive and it’s capability of going from 0 to 60 in so many seconds. You can also pick the car, and it actual gives you a full written/narrated speech about the car itself. I love vehicles, so I always want to know more about what’s under the hood and how much torque and BHP (Brake Horse Power) it has.

Look how sexy these cars are!

When you’re the police officer you’ve got an awesome selection of weapons to use against the racers, including spike strips (get in front of the car, deploy them and watch the magic happen), road blocks (calls to set up a police road block about a half mile up from it, slowing down the racers) and the helicopter. I can only imagine what that helps with, although I believe that it can assist you with spike strips and other things to take the racers out.  When you knock out the racers watching them car flip or crash out of control is an awesome feeling, and it’s one of those games that gives you the adrenaline and the thrill of taking out the “bad guys.” On the other side of it if you like the thrill of running you can fulfill that desire as well. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they have NITRO BOOSTING!!!

It’s always a beautiful thing to see a Dodge Viper chase after a Porsche.

With the racing you are put up in a six-car race in the demo, where they have you race the windy roads. The graphics are a step up from what I have seen in the past couple games. The crashes do its own little cinematic setup where it show’s you the minor devastation of a crash, but still this game gives you the pulse-lifting adrenaline that is needed for racing games. In the demo, though, when you’re racing I didn’t come across the cops to see what they do in a high-speed chase situation, so I can’t comment further on the A.I. of the police. I can bet that the guys from Criterion Games put the best effort to make the cops really hard to escape.

Lambo VERSES Lambo!

I want to get my hands on this game, and give it the full review when I get the chance. Thanks Criterion Games for bringing back one of my favorite games from when I was younger, and revamping it to this sexy beast of a demo you have right here. I know racing isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea, but I think from playing this demo right now it’s made me want to pursue this game to play the amazing exotic cars it has to offer. Click Here for Car List (it’s DAMN GOOD!!!).

The newest McLaren’s pretty sick!

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit takes place on a place they created called Seacrest. You can either race on it or patrol it with the Seacrest Police Department. They also have an awesome line up for things to do in the game: Co-op, 1-8 online, multi-player Versus, and much more.

So if you like what you see here, go and download the demo for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or PC (off the website), and tell us what you think about it; and if you like it that much, go and slap your money down on the pre-order because I think it’s definitely worth it.

Need for Speed Website: Click Here

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is on the shelves November 16th, so put your money down soon!!!