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PAX East News: Max Payne Mobile

20120406-135833.jpgIt should be no surprise that Rockstar Games is focused on introducing (and re-introducing) the Max Payne franchise to gamers new and old. What is surprising – at least to me – is that part of the Payne universe is extending to mobile.

Rockstar announced earlier today that the original title Max Payne will be released on for both iOS and Android based devices on April 12th and 26th respectively. The Rockstar team promises, “the full classic Max Payne PC experience… optimized for both iOS and Android devices,” so players should expect some amped up graphics – especially on HD capable devices – “user-customizable controls” and Rockstars’ Social Club connectivity.

The iOS version of Max Payne Mobile works on the 3GS, 4, and 4S iPhones, the iPod Touch 4, and all versions of the iPad, including the new iPad. At the time of writing this article, a list of supported Android devices had not yet been released.

Episode 286: We Use Highly Technical Terms, Like "Swirly Thing"

We warn you, this week things get nerdy…very nerdy ;)

It is the monday before PAX EAST 2012 starts up, and the sistahs are starting to feel the gravitational nerd pull. This whole show is about PAX EAST! It is calling them to Beantown once again. Around every corner of this week’s ESH Podcast is a tangent more nerdy than the last.

You know it’s too funny when the sistahs can’t even start the sentence, let alone deliver it properly. The girls talk about what they are really looking forward to at this event. They even talk about what Panda has coined “The Great Boston Nerd Schism of 2012”

But here are the titles still hoping to get a 3-day PAX EAST badge (Fat chance fellahs!)

You Are My Faucet to Knowledge

Debating On Which Convention Has the Biggest Breasts

Bye Bye Fan Service! Bye Pedos!

There’s No Positive Way to Say “I’m Sorry You Suck”

The Things You’ve Seen Cannot Be Unseen

Awesomecon? Somebody Else Already Owns That

Wil Wheaton Cost Me a Free Scarf

I Want to Find Love At a Con

Krop Let Me Touch His

It’s a geeky job- and the sistahs are happy to do it! So get your nerd gear ready for ESH Podcast Episode 286: We Use Highly Technical Terms, Like “Swirly Thing”

Episode 275: You Get An Award and You Get An Award

Greetings fans of the awesome!
It’s Tuesday and with it comes the new episode of the ESH podcast. It should have been here yesterday but the new master of ceremonies,Pandalicious, forgot.

What a great start to 2012 am I right? :)

Regardless, this latest episode takes us back to 2011. Yep we are already going back in time, because for the sisters, time traveling to the past is a regular occurrence). They had talked about this before- but hadn’t really thought about it.

So they went about their business and devised a plan.
Both made a list, then they hit the web

That’s right, We’ve put together our own award show for the Video games of 2011.

Here it is for your listening pleasure! ESH Podcast Episode 275: You Get An Award and You Get An Award.

Also bonus points for the person who catches on to my lil easter egg!

Episode 273: Pandalicious Suddenly Turned Into Cookie Monster

There’s no need to fear, your new ESH Podcast episode is here. This week the ladies talk gadgets and gizmo’s a-plenty with some cool new Portal 2 merch from the fine folks at Think Geek and great gifts from Blue Microphones

There is also talk of Baconnaise, zombies, vodka, oblivion, and the current gamer drug of choice, Skyrim.

If you want to know how this all comes about, you’ll just have to kick back and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 273: Pandalicious Suddenly Became Cookie Monster