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Demo Roundup: July 1-7, 2012

For Xbox Live Arcade trials last week there were Bellator: MMA Onslaught and Spelunky. Could be worse, but I’ve been wrong before…

Bellator‘s short teaser trailer shows how much it sucks, and I have to say that I tried my best to give this game a real chance. I really did people. I kept going with being on the verge of rage quitting (which I did, as my head hangs low). Although this is the demo, the actual gameplay may be different. That said the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is really bad.

I’m always up for a challenge, but if you have had your ass handed to you every time — even switching the fighters they provided to you and lose to both guys — that tells you they made it impossible for the actual player to beat the other guy. The one thing I can maybe give to them is they designed a “rope a dope” setup in the game, yet they really did turn this into MMA Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter game that deals with a health bar. Yes I said it, they have a freakin’ health bar for the fighters. To add on to that they have a fatigue bar, where the amount of hits you put on the opposition will tire out your character. Not only that, when your fighter gets tired he turns red. When he is red, one punch, one kick, basically if the opponent sneezes on your fighter, it’s an automatic knockout.

The controls are somewhat simple, yet they are complicated when it comes to the aspect of grappling. In some parts of the movement of the fighter I was able to get out of grapples and ground & pound situations no problem. With the other fighter shooting in for a takedown I found it very hard to counter, and it would end up going from the ground back to a stand up match.

The two fighters they give you for the trial are Michael Chandler and Pat Curran. When they introduce the fighters, it seems that they didn’t even want to bother with the announcer to say the full entrance for the person. The voice of the announcer goes from “Fighting out of the red corner… Michael Chandler,” with a rare change in tone of voice. The music overlay is nothing too impressive, as they did a fair job on that. The graphics as you can see from the photos are also pretty nice.

After cooling down from the rage quitting, I went to the game again and changed the difficulty to easy. This is hard for me to say because I like playing the hell out of my games on Normal and Advanced settings, but this game is so damn fast. The other fighter you’re going against don’t have to remember the damn setups just to throw a punch, kick, block, grapple, etc. It’s just one of those things where this game if you don’t want to tear your freakin’ hair out, you’ll have to play on easy for a long amount of time. Otherwise prepare to have your ass handed to you on a silver platter.

Another thing that pisses me off is at the end of the match they give you a grading system. I’m sorry, but I got out of high school and college to stop being graded on everything I do. Hell, the match I finally won on this game due to turning the option to easy gave me a B+. It’s like what the hell! I gave most strikes, most damage delt in a one round that had three minutes in it, and I get a freakin’ B+. That is unacceptable in my terms of MMA! This brings me to a point: if you have OCD, and you like MMA games this one is probably not for you. However if you like getting your ass handed to you on a daily basis this game is right up your alley.


The trial for Bellator: MMA Onslaught is just a rude awakening for you to ask, “Am I up to the challenge of taking on a superior A.I. at a normal level that can drop you worse than taking a firey number two in the bathroom?” I look at this sucker and see that above the trial button it says it’s going for 1200 Arcade Points. I’m sorry, but that’s a bit too high. Hell even if it was 800 Xbox Live Points I still would find it to be too high. I want to say the 400-600 range would be more than adequate for this game. However I put you up to the challenge to make this decision on your own. Download the trial, and see what you feel about it. With the rating on this game it will have to be a low one. I hereby rate Bellator: MMA Onslaught a 1.2 out of 5 (or in the game’s rating style a D- or F at best).

GAME: Bellator: MMA Onslaught
DEVELOPER: Spike Games

Between downloading this and Bellator: MMA Onslaught, I will give Spelunky Download of the Week. The definition of spelunking is “the hobby/practice of exploring caves,” what Spelunky is all about. Apparently I didn’t hear about this game from back when it came out in 2008 and won some awards on the PC. Now they are working on widening their field of players for their game with an update on the graphics and adding a multiplayer aspect to the game. The thing about me is I haven’t been into many games dealing with 2D side-scrolling since I stopped playing Sega Genesis, but my fellow writer and member of B3 introduced me to Terraria, which also reminded me a bit of Spelunky.

The game starts off with you picking your character. (Of course I picked the hunter wearing the blue hat.) You get to this treasure chest, and change into this other character Yang that tells you how to play the game. I do have to say Spelunky has a long setup to teach you how to move about the game, from jumping, run jumping, using your whip, how to cling on to the edges of walls, etc. The main thing with me is with a game like this I kind of want to get to the point. I do like the concept that I have to go and do the certain activity to learn how to use weapons and do movements, but they could of incorporated this into the game with the character you’ve selected (like in ‘Splosion Man where you kind of learn as you go along). Suggestion: don’t kick the ass of the store owner in the final tutorial, as you’ll get your ass whooped.

So after playing the three tutorials you can see the name of the game is grabbing the people and the golden skulls, and getting them to the end without taking too much damage from whatever enemies and traps that may be around. This game keeps you on your toes. When you have rocks around the area, make sure to pick them up and toss them in certain areas that may be booby-trapped. It may save your character’s life and your aggravation. With the completion of the tutorial you finally get to start the mines section and start to see what the game is really about. It’s interesting, as I wanted to see what happened when you die. So I got killed doing something stupid, then ended up going back into the map and it changed everything. This is pretty interesting because they actually regenerate new maps every time. Now that’s a true challenge!

On a side note the music sounds something from 8-bit to 32-bit games. Not only that Spelunky made me paranoid for a second. I put I on pause, and there is a faint voice in the background that says, “Help!” which is the girl in distress. That scared the hell out of me! I thought there was a little kid or a cat outside my air conditioner, but this is what happens when you have a great surround system. It puts you into the game.


As a trial Spelunky gives you a fair amount of gameplay, but also asks you along the way if you want to purchase the sucker. I feel this game may be worth further going into, and this is also coming from a person who doesn’t usually find these games too attractive. This one is also priced at 1200 Xbox Live Points, which I believe may be a bit too high. (I could say 800 to 1000 points may be more adequate.) I do give it to them on the concept of changing the maps each time, as it keeps you way more alert. You really have to pay attention to your surroundings. I have to suggest when you die keep pressing the X button. It will bring you back into the map instead of dropping you all the way to the entrance of the cave. (I found myself doing that a lot.) To give this sucker a grade, I’ll give it a respectful 3.8 out 5. It’s a game that certain people will like because of its maze aspect. It also makes you feel like Indiana Jones, especially when saving the girl and getting the golden skull. Beware: that big boulder will be around to get you when you grab the skull, so all I can say is RUN BITCH RUN!!!

GAME: Spelunky

Episode CXLIII: The E3 Texas Hold ‘Em

The King returns from LA…

This week the B3 crew gather around for another edition of “Guess Who Died This Week?” and Chapter 63 of the MBTA “Oh, For Fuck’s Sake!” KBD shares his thoughts and favorites about this year’s E3, Anvil gives his weekly sports report, and another discussion about the movie Goon is raised.

It’s all plugged in here in Episode 143: The E3 Texas Hold ‘Em!

Episode CXLII: Now Serving Dumbass Pie!

If you just take a look at this Neuralyzer here, you’ll find the answers to the questions best left unknown.

After countless weeks of untimely deaths the B3 crew try to figure out who’s gonna kick the bucket next. The trio then look at Men In Black 3 (may contain spoilers!!!), followed by Anvil’s weekly sports report. Finally Blueonic shares his thoughts on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and the demos for Ridge Racer: Unbounded and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor are put to the test.

It’s all fun and games until Boris The Animal stabs you! It’s Episode 142: Now Serving Dumbass Pie!

Episode CXLI: Operation: Chicken Burrito

Can you sink the Bastards’ battleship? Statistics say…no.

This week the B3 crew mourn the impending death of Boston’s last alternative rock radio station, and how it will be a grim day for music lovers everywhere. King Baby Duck and Blueonic review the new film Battleship, the games Max Payne 3 and Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II are examined, and Anvil gives his weekly sports report.

Fished right out of the water, it’s Episode 141: Operation: Chicken Burrito!

Episode CXL: Damn, That Alice Cooper’s An Ugly Woman!

It is with most regret that the Bastards have to indulge themselves with some, as they say, fresh blood.

This week the B3 crew gripe about how their childhood heroes are all dropping like flies, then jump into their thoughts on the Merrimack Repertory Theatre’s production of Ghost-Writer. The week in sports is discussed, the demos for Spec Ops: The Line, Kinect Star Wars, and Minecraft are played, and Tim Burton’s remake of Dark Shadows is reviewed.

A spot of tea goes well with this week’s show. It’s Episode 140: Damn, That Alice Cooper’s An Ugly Woman!


Avengers time. C’mon, grab your friends. We’ll go to very distant lands!

This week the gang tear a new asshole in parents who bring their children to a film that is neither appropriate or would hold their short attention spans, before going into the movie of the moment: The Avengers. Anvil gives his weekly sports report, tributes to the late Patriots player Junior Seau and Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch are held, and the demo for Dirt Showdown is examined.

The action-packed madness can be found here in Episode 139: Ave–PUT THOSE NIPPLES AWAY, HULK!!!

Cage Titans: Conquer Results

Last night the three of us made the trek to the Plymouth Memorial Hall to catch Cage Titans’ latest fight card. With ten amateur fights and five pro matches the night was filled with many great hits, submissions, and even a little controversy…

Preliminary Bouts:

Marc Giordano (Dojo1) Vs. Brian Sparrow (Pro-Elite)

The fight stayed on the ground for the most part, but Sparrow submitted Giordano via arm bar 1:42 into the first round. This would later be awarded the Submission of the Night.


Moises Rodriguez (Tri-Force) Vs. George Nassar (MAXX Training)

Round One: Nassar tried to get an arm bar in, but Rodriguez lifted him up, only to find himself on the ground again. Nassar was soon taking punches from Rodriguez, as the rest of the match dragged to the end of the first round.

Round Two: Both fighters came out swinging, with Rodriguez getting a nice tap to Nassar’s chin. Nassar soon had Rodriguez up at the cage, but was then taken to the ground. Rodriguez tried to get a few more swings in, but Nassar was able to hold him back to the end of the round.

Round Three: Nassar pinned Rodriguez up onto the cage, but once again found himself on the ground. Rodriguez tried his hand on a couple side punches, with Nassar clenching Rodriguez’s head. Rodriguez momentarily got out of Nassar’s grasp, and threw a couple punches before going back to the ground grappling. The rounded ended, leaving the decision up to the judges.

WINNER VIA UNANIMOUS DECISION: Moises Rodriguez (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

David Mejia (Carlson Gracie) Vs. Jordan Smith (Clinch MMA)

Round One: Smith pinned Mejia to the cage, only to find himself on the ground in a few seconds. Both fighters rose to their feet, throwing punches and kicks at one another.  Smith clenched onto Mejia on the ground, but wound up taking a couple punches. Smith returned the gesture with a couple kicks, but was pinned to the ground once more before the end of the first round.

Round Two: Both fighters hopped around the cage, throwing as many punches and kicks as they could. Mejia soon was locked onto Smith’s back trying for a rear-naked choke before settling for a couple punches. Soon Mejia was on top of Smith, as Smith held him down as much as he could to prevent being hit before the end of the round.

Round Three: Mejia came charging towards Smith, knocking him to the ground. Mejia once again tried for a rear-naked choke, but found himself unable to lock it in. Both fighters jumped to their feet, with Mejia connecting a few punches before moving to the other side of the cage. Mejia and Smith continued the battle on the ground, with Mejia dominating with many different hits to the head. It wasn’t enough, however, and the fight’s decision rested on the judges.


Stephen Langlais (Team BKJA) Vs. John Healey (The Shop)

Round One: Both fighters began with a few punches and kicks, before Langlais grabbed Healey and brought him to the side of the cage. Healey was then able to reverse the position, slamming Langlais to the ground. Both fighters seemed to keep one another from landing any critical, though Healey did get a couple knees to Langlais’s side. The roles were once again reversed, with Langlais on top swinging at Healey until the end of the first round.

Round Two: Langlais and Healey traded bars on the cage, before Healey found an opening and swung at Langlais to escape from the side. Healey then pinned Langlais to the cage door, dropping him to the ground and then connecting with multiple punches. Healey had control of the majority of this round.

Round Three: Both fighters traded kicks before being pushed to the side of the cage. Back at the center Langlais taunted Healey as he couldn’t connect with a single punch, with Healey returning the gesture by slamming him to the ground. Healey grabbed Langlais in a headlock, kneeing him in the stomach before each fighter rose nose-to-nose of one another. Healey got Langlais on the ground once more before the round’s end, leaving the decision once more in the hands of the judges.

WINNER VIA UNANIMOUS DECISION: John Healey (27-30, 28-29, 27-30)

Connor Matthews (Lakeville MMA) Vs. Anthony Hargrove (MAXX Training)

Matthews knocked Hargrove down to the ground, quickly turning the match into a feast of grappling. Matthews soon attempted an arm bar, but Hargrove managed to get out of it. Hargrove soon found himself in a rear-naked choke via Matthews, forcing to tap out 1:37 in the first round. Matthews was a rabid animal in this bout, with Hargrove unable to get his hands around him.


Vovka Clay (Triumph MMA) Vs. Shannon Soares (Gillett’s MMA)

Round One: Soares charged towards Clay, knocking him to the ground in a piledriver-looking maneuver. Both fighters traded grappling positions, before rising to their feet and slamming each other back to the ground. Soares stayed on top for the majority of the first round.

Round Two: Vovka kept Soares in a headlock, finding themselves battling for control both on foot and on the mat. Vovka soon put a rear-naked choke on Soares, forcing him to tap out 1:52 of the second round. Vovka was ready for more right after the win.


George Bounoutas (Carlson Gracie) Vs. Mark Cardarelli (USMMA)

Round One: Both fighters started by charging at one another, with Cardarelli cautiously watching Bounoutas’s moves. Bounountas was able to get a takedown on Cardarelli, but not without being busted open in the head via a quick swipe from his opponent. Both fighters managed to get a few punches in on one another on the ground, with Bounoutas staying on top for the most part of the first round.

Round Two: Cardarelli was able to get a few punches in the first couple seconds, before Bounoutas got him to the ground and attempted to steal a few swipes. Bounoutas’s wound opened once again, though it did little to slow him down. The round ended with little change to the position of the battle.

Round Three: The fighters were brought to the ground, with Bounoutas able to get the upper hand in the power struggle with his opponent. Bounoutas’s wound opened again, but he still wouldn’t slow down and give up his domination of the fight. The match went into the judges’ hands.

WINNER VIA UNANIMOUS DECISION: George Bounoutas (30-27 all)

Dan Lopez (Sport Specific Fitness) Vs. Peter Barrett (MAXX Training)

Round One: Barrett came at Lopez in the beginning swinging and kicking, with Lopez able to move away half the time. The match soon went cage-side, with Barrett pushing Lopez onto the steel ridges and almost breaking the door down during the process. Both fighters caught their composure, with Lopez connecting a couple punches before round’s end.

Round Two: The fighters traded punches, neither one of them seeming to lose any sort of steam. Suddenly Lopez started knocking Barrett down, with the referee calling the match before quickly changing his mind. Barrett soon took over, almost earning a TKO, but Lopez was able to stay in the fight through the round’s end. The crowd was not pleased that the match was to go on.

Round Three: Barrett took charge, with the intensity of the crowd behind him. Barrett knocked Lopez to the ground, getting in as many punches as he could before the referee stopped the match 0:45 into the third round. The crowd had mixed feelings about the result, with a blend of cheers and boos mending in the air. A rematch seems imminent, as the crowd gave Lopez a standing ovation. No animosity was to be found between the fighters, as they hugged before they left the cage. Fight of the Night would be awarded to this battle.

WINNER VIA TKO: Peter Barrett

Jeff Watts (Team Pradal Serey) Vs. Rico Disciullo (Sityodtong)

Round One: Watts got into a wrestling stance as Disciullo tried to get a punch or kick in. Watts grabbed hold of Disciullo’s leg, getting an ankle lock in. Disciullo was able to escape, but was then temporarily locked in an arm bar. Both fighters stood toe-to-toe as the round came to a close.

Round Two: Disciullo knocked Watts to the ground, throwing numerous punches, but was unable to get the big hit in. The referee forced Watts up, with Disciullo getting a knockout punch 1:12 into the second round. Watts had trouble getting up after the match was called. This would be voted as Knockout of the Night.


Main Card:

James Smith (MAXX Training) Vs. Nick Fontecchio (Connors MMA) – Heavyweight Amateur Title Bout

Round One: Fontecchio pushed Smith to the cage, but Smith was able to get a headlock in on the ground. Both fighters stood up before Fontecchio was able to slam Smith to the ground and throw a few punches. Smith then attempted to lock a submission in, but was unable to connect. Fontecchio also attempted an armbar, but was unsuccessful as the round reached its end.

Round Two: Fontecchio took Smith down, as both fighters struggled to get a hit in. Fontecchio stayed on top for the most part, holding Smith down as he attempted to create a submission maneuver whilst throwing random punches. The scene remained the same as it went to the next round.

Round Three: Both fighters quickly turned it into another ground game. Fontecchio stayed on top again as he tried to bend Smith’s arm out to attempt another submission. The referee called a stop to the match 2:31 into the third round after Fontecchio landed multiple hits on Smith.

WINNER VIA TKO: Nick Fontecchio

Shaun Marmas (Integrated Martial Arts) Vs. Chris Rowley (Sityodtong)

Rowley started the match off with a simple takedown, landing a couple punches on Marmas’s side. Rowley stood up, but was quickly grabbed back down by Marmas before both fighters rose to their feet. Marmas slammed Rowley back down, but was soon caught in a headlock before transforming Rowley’s attack into another takedown. Marmas was then caught in Rowley’s grasp, but was able to reverse it into his advantage. Marmas then locked Rowley in a triangle choke, forcing him to tap out 4:44 in the first round. Both fighters gave each other props for a well-done match right afterwards, with much respect given to one another.


Keegan Hornstra (The Shop) Vs. Bobby Flynn (Pro-Elite)

Both fighters hugged before the start of the match, before Flynn pushed Hornstra to the cage. The match moved to the ground, as Flynn put himself on top and managed to get on Hornstra’s back. Flynn attempted to get some strikes in, before going into a rear-naked choke to make Hornstra tap out 2:20 in the first round.


Jesse Merit (Team Anubis) Vs. Shawn Baker (CCFA)

Round One: Baker started off the match with a couple kicks, as both men moved in a circle around the cage as they were feeling each other out. Baker continuously kicked at Merit’s side. Merit looked as if he was being too cautious, as his punches weren’t connecting. The match stayed on foot throughout the entire round.

Round Two: Merit finally started connecting hits, but Baker seemed too speedy to cause much damage. Merit attempted a couple charges towards Baker, but was soon caught in a headlock next to the cage. Baker tried for a sleeper in his position, as Merit slowly went to the ground. Merit soon escaped, but then found himself on the ground as Baker tried pinning him down to find a good opening for a submission. No such luck, as the match went into the third round.

Round Three: Baker pinned Merit to the cage, as Merit threw a couple knees into Baker’s abdomen. Baker returned the knees with his own, which seemed to knock the wind out of Merit. Baker locked Merit in another headlock, moving the match to the ground before Merit escaped his grasp. The match retuned to the ground, as Baker and Merit slowly stood toe-to-toe locked next to the cage. Both fighters went back the ground, as Baker attempted to get some final strikes in before the round’s end. The match would be decided by the judges.


Jimmy Collins (Lauzon MMA) Vs. Lionel Young (MAXX Training)

Round One: Collins charged towards Young during the start of the match, with both fighters dropping to the ground as they traded side punches. Collins was able to hold Young down as he clenched on his back in an attempt to get a hold in. Young soon rolled over, but found himself with Merit on his back again throwing punches from behind. Young struggled to find his composure, as Collins continuously threw punches at him. Suddenly Young turned the tables on Collins, as the round ended with him dominating Collins on top.

Round Two: Young landed a knee into Collins stomach, but Collins was able to take him down to the ground. Young quickly reversed it, with him on top and Collins trying to roll him back over. Once again Collins was on top, with Young on his belly as he tried blocking his hits. Young tried to get out of it, but found himself yet again on his back, before rolling Collins over and attempting to get as many hits in as Collins tried for a headlock. The last few seconds of the round had Collins throwing a couple more punches.

Round Three: The match quickly went to the ground, as Young attempted to connect a few punches as Collins held him down. Collins then put Young in a sleeper hold, forcing him to tap out 1:18 of the third round.


Johnny Campbell (SSSF) Vs. Tateki Matsuda (Sityodtong) – Pro Welterweight Title Bout

Round One: Campbell connected with a swift kick to Matsuda’s thigh, but missing on two crucial high kicks. Campbell attempted a takedown, but failed to get Matsuda off his feet. Matsuda connected a side kick, as Campbell taunted him whilst throwing more kicks that didn’t see any connects. Matsuda was brought to one knee, but quickly gained back concentration as Campbell tried for another high kick. The two charged at one another during the last few seconds of the round, with Matsuda falling to the mat as it reached the end.

Round Two: Campbell and Matsuda both attempted high kicks, each one failing to find any connection. Matsuda landed a punch on Campbell’s cheek, whom answered back with a swift kick that sent Matsuda rolling backwards onto his feet. Campbell tried for another takedown, finding the result the same as before. He soon managed to get a quick punch on Matsuda’s face, before both fighters crossed legs during simultaneous kicks. Both fighters dealt kicks and punches back and forth, each one too quick to cause any damage to one another. The round ended with a quick grappling, with neither fighter able to take the other down.

Round Three: Campbell and Matsuda continued to trade kicks and punches., with neither fighter wanting to back down. Matsuda was able to get a few quick punches near the cage, but soon backed from Campbell as he attempted to return with his own. Campbell soon was able to get Matsuda on the ground, but quickly both fighters sprung back to their feet. Both fighters appeared to be losing steam at this point, though they were still able to trade a couple kicks and punches. Matsuda then held Campbell on the cage, but was unable to accomplish anything as the round reached its end.

Round Four: Both fighters circled the cage as they attempted to feel each other out . Matsuda managed to get two kicks in, as Campbell went for another takedown. Campbell found this takedown to work, but soon found himself on the bottom as Matsuda tried to sneak in a couple punches. Both fighters got back on their feet, but Matsuda quickly charged at Campbell, knocking in to the ground. Matsuda clung to Campbell’s back, searching for a submission attempt. Before the round’s end Matsuda was able to connect a couple punches on Campbell.

Round Five: Campbell quickly went for a takedown, but Matsuda returned with one of his own. With Matsuda on top Campbell struggled to find a way to grasp his opponent while on the ground. Matsuda quickly landed a few punches, but Campbell soon jumped to his feet, only to be taken down again by his opponent. While clinging to Campbell’s back Matsuda connected a few more punches, as his opponent struggled to get to his feet. Both fighters seemed to use up all their energy as the round met its end, leaving the decision in the hands of the judges.

WINNER VIA UNANIMOUS DECISION: Tateki Matsuda (44-50, 44-49, 46-49)

Proofread by Blueonic & Anvil

Episode CXXXVII: The B3 Stooges

Nyuk nyuk nyuk! BOOP!

This week the B3 crew gets into Record Store Day discussion, which somehow leads to a 4/20 rant and back around again. The week in sports is put on the table, and Blueonic happily goes Tourette’s with Trials Evolution and the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta. Finally the movies The Three Stooges, Lockout, and The Lucky One are reviewed.

Clam it, chowderheads! It’s Episode 137: The B3 Stooges!

Episode CXXXVI: You Don’t Drop The Soap. The Soap Drops You!

After spending last weekend at two conventions, the Bastards reconvene for an all-new episode.

This week King Baby Duck and Blueonic share their thoughts on PAX East 2012, and Anvil manages to find reasons why he had some sort of fun at Anime Boston. The week in sports is discussed, as are the demo version of Sniper Elite V2 and Fez.

It’s short, sweet, and will get you extra clean! It’s Episode 136: You Don’t Drop The Soap. The Soap Drops You!

AFO Night of Champions Results – April 13, 2012

We the Bastards were able to take the trip down to the very lovely Holiday Inn Events Room in Mansfield, MA for the AFO Night of Champions.


AFO Vacant 155-lb Championship

Tyson Chartier (3-1, Sityodong) 154 lbs. VS Thane Stimson (0-1, Alpha Male) 153 lbs.

Stimson wins via locking in a Guillotine choke, 2 minutes 45 seconds into the first round.

AFO Vacant 170-lb Championship

Brandon Chagnon (4-2, Sityodong) 170 lbs. VS Jeremy Ross (4-3, Gladiator BJJ) 167 lbs.

Ross wins via guillotine tap out, 1 minute 2 seconds into the first round.

Grappling Exhibition

Kody Nordby (Undefeated AFO 125-lb Champ) VS Kin Moy (#1 135-lb Amateur)

These guys did a great grappling match to show the art of the sport! Norby will be going into the military in the next few days, so that means he won’t be fighting for a while.


Mike Burke (3-1, Lake Valley) 171 lbs. VS Tim Leary (3-0, Redline) 169 lbs.

First Round: Leary was able to do a couple reversals on Burke, and it went down to the ground where Leary almost got a rear naked choke. Nothing came from it, which brought it to the second round.

Second Round: Burke took down Leary, and was in a stalemate for a bit. There was some movement from Leary to spin out from a ground position, but ended up back with Burke at half-guard. Burke was able to throw a few more punches, but it still managed to reach the third round.

Third Round: Burke started off with kicks and punches, and was able to bring the match to the ground. Burke then got a rear naked choke and a tap out 38 seconds into the third round. Winner and new amateur champ of 170-lb weight class: Mike Burke.

Kevin Ortiz (1-1, Thorton MMA) 156 lbs. VS Jarrid Heon (3-3, Team Link/Strike Zone) 145 lbs.

First Round: I would have to say this one went to Heon. He came out with a great kick to the arm of Ortiz, then it ended up against the cage. It then went to the ground where it seemed Ortiz had control on the ground for a quarter of the match. Heon was then able to gain control on the ground and dominate the first round.

Second Round: Heon came out on top once again, and was able to get Ortiz to the ground. The fight almost had to be stopped due to multiple blows to Ortiz, but he was able to kick out of it.

Third Round: Heon was able to get Ortiz to the ground once more, connecting some serious strikes to Ortiz that he could not fight back. This one goes to decision, the judges unanimous crowning Jarrod Heon the amateur champion.

Cory Pickering (4-0, SSS) 144 lbs. VS Soap Am (1-0, TPS) 145 lbs.

Soap Am via knockout 11 seconds into the first round, crowning him the new AFO 145-lb weight champion.

Billy Giovanella (Connor’s) 135 lbs. VS Devin Pilkington (Ruckus) 136 lbs.

First Round: Giovanella was able to get two takedowns and dominate on the ground.

Second Round: Giovnella looked like he had the first half of the match until Pilkinton was able to get him into a dangerous triangle. Giovenlla was able to get out of it, with the match carrying over to the third round.

Third Round: The match seem to go back and forth, with Giovenlla able to get a few takedowns. Match goes to decision: Billy Giovanella, with a judge’s score of 29-28.

Jarrod Sarno (SSS) 126 lbs. VS Mike Delosreyes (Dexter) 125 lbs.

First Round: Sarano was able to control the first half of the fight, but then Delosreyes was able to control the other half of the fight with strikes.

Second Round: Delosreyes was coming out with punches and kicks, but was taken to the cage and brought to the ground. Sarano stayed in half guard for most of the fight and worked the mid-section of Delosreyes. Delorosreyes was able to change the fight in his favor, but then it turned toward a stand-up fight as the round ended.

Third Round: Round seemed to go back-and-forth, where Sarano was able to put Delosreyes against the cage and get him to the ground. We saw a lot of reversals and strikes, but this round was up in the air.

Decision: Jarrod Sarno via unanimous decision, crowning him the Amateur Flyweight Champion

Asi Samburu (0-0, Doomsday) 170 lbs. VS Tunde Odumuso (1-4, Ruckus) 176 lbs.

Odumuso with a TKO body-to-head kick. Samburu fell and was dazed, causing the ref stopped the fight 1 minute 21 seconds into the first round.

Anthony Soto (0-1, Ruckus) 224 lbs. VS Leo Powers (0-0, Dexter) 212 lbs.

Powers tossed one hell of a punch that dropped Soto 1 minute 25 seconds into the first round, giving him a TKO victory.

Rickey Berkerian (0-0, SSS) 154 lbs. vs Frank Falso (0-3, Ruckus) 157 lbs.

Falso had some dominance with takedowns, but in the end Berkian puts him in an arm bar 2 minutes 48 seconds into the first round.

Mike Ingles (1-0) 184.5 lbs. VS Felix Gomez (1-0, Florian Martial Arts) 184.5 lbs.

First Round: Gomez seemed to have dominated with Ingles pressed against the cage, with both fighters trading knees and few punches.

Second Round: Gomez yet again put Ingles into the cage, controlling him by delivering rib shots. The fighters traded a few more knees and punches, but it seemed like Gomez again has the upper hand.

Third Round: Gomez once again held Ingles against the cage. The fight ended up on the ground, and it came close to an arm bar from Ingles to Gomez, but Gomez was able to get out and try for his own submission. The match goes to the judges: Felix Gomez via unanimous decision.

Eric Spicely (0-0, Triforce) 170 lbs. VS Giuseppi Andreoli (0-0, Rukus) 171 lbs.

Spicely defeats Giuseppi with a leg triangle choke submission in the first round.

Davis Roast (2-0, Sitydtong) 139 lbs. vs William Figueroa (0-1, Allaire) 145 lbs.

First Round: Roast had his back against the cage, and was taken to the ground by Figueroa. Roast was able to get a reversal into a full mount, where he was able to toss a couple ground and pound shots. Figueroa tried to get a choke hold on, but it ended with him flipping over. The event caused them into a mini fight before the round ended.

Second Round: The round ended up on the ground, where Figueroa was able to throw knees into the side of Roast.

Third Round: Roast shot in for a takedown, and it ended up with Figueroa attempting to lock in a guillotine. They ended up in a stalemate, but Roast was able to get back up and throw a couple more punches. Roast clutched onto Figueroa’s back, attempting to get a rear naked choke, but was unable to complete it. Match goes to the judges: David Roast via unanimous decision.

Tom Venticinque (4-2, Team United) 185 lbs. VS Joe Palazio (4-1, Rukus) 185 lbs.

First Round: Venticinque held Palazio in a guillotine choke, but was unable to complete the submission.

Second Round: Palazio came out swinging, and was able to turn the fight in his favor this round. Palazio was able to get a rear naked choke but unable to complete the submission.

Third Round: Palazio was able to grab a kick thrown by Venticinque, and knocked him down. The fight ended up in the corner with Palazio in half guard over Venticinque. It seemed the Venticinque was able to still dominate the fight on his back, but in the end Palazio was able to stand up and toss a couple more ground-and-pound punches before the bell. Judges vote Palazio unanimously as victor.

Randy Cole (0-0, Sityodtong North Shore) 134 lbs. Vs Lorenzo DeLosReyes (0-0, Dexter) 135 lbs.

Cole put DeLosReyes into a guillotine choke, but then reversed it into a ground-and-pound, declaring Cole the victor 36 seconds into the first round via TKO.