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Big News for Metal Gear Solid Fans

Usually, when a game has been out for over four years, the updates have long since ended.  Kojima productions has officially proven that wrong today with an awesome announcement for a certain PS3 exclusive.  In addition, we have more big news regarding the HD remastered versions of the original games in that series.  So fire […]

Metal Gear Rising Demo Included in Zone of the Enders HD Collection

I can remember (WAY back when) popping open my copy of  Zone of the Enders on the PS2 and going straight for the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo that was inside. I can see that happening again. (Is it deja vu if you know history will repeat itself in advance?) Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance […]

Brand New Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance Trailer is Bloody, Live Action, and Odd.

Remember those live action vignettes that played before Metal Gear Solid 4? I hope you liked those, because the new trailer for Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance (try to say that 5 times fast) is reminiscent of that. If the name Raiden wasn’t shown a few times throughout the video, you wouldn’t be able to […]

Episode CV: The Elite Gamers Of The Benevolent Press

What’s better than have the Issues Program dudes show up to talk about the first half-year in gaming? How about having pro gamer, reviewer and model Raychul Moore joining the roundtable?

In a special episode the Bastards welcome Issues Guy, JC Sergeant and Raychul Moore to the program, as they dissect the current goings-on in the gaming world. Find out which games have already made it to their best-of 2011 list, and which upcoming titles they’re looking forward to most. Plus the gang chimes in on the true nature and style of Duke Nukem Forever, and figure out if L.A. Noire is a title that deserves to be on the pedestal that other gaming sites seem to put them on.

It’s all right here on this super-sized episode of the Boston Bastard Brigade. It’s Episode 105: The Elite Gamers Of The Benevolent Press!