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Episode CV: The Elite Gamers Of The Benevolent Press

What’s better than have the Issues Program dudes show up to talk about the first half-year in gaming? How about having pro gamer, reviewer and model Raychul Moore joining the roundtable?

In a special episode the Bastards welcome Issues Guy, JC Sergeant and Raychul Moore to the program, as they dissect the current goings-on in the gaming world. Find out which games have already made it to their best-of 2011 list, and which upcoming titles they’re looking forward to most. Plus the gang chimes in on the true nature and style of Duke Nukem Forever, and figure out if L.A. Noire is a title that deserves to be on the pedestal that other gaming sites seem to put them on.

It’s all right here on this super-sized episode of the Boston Bastard Brigade. It’s Episode 105: The Elite Gamers Of The Benevolent Press!

Episode XC: X-Patriots of Liberty

Mr. Cuse returns from Costa Rica, and realizes why he should’ve stayed put in paradise!

This week the Bastards chime in on the news of L.A. Noire premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, and how Rockstar Games could expand on the detective genre on the future. Blueonic shares his thoughts on the 3DS’s release, and King Baby Duck looks at the demo for Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot. Blueonic previews Greg Hasting’s Paintball 2, Anvil and Mr. Cuse give their weekly sports report, and King Baby Duck reviews the recent Boston/Cambridge shows of Queens of the Stone Age, The Dough Rollers and Hunter Valentine. Finally Anvil wraps it up with a quick review of the movie Hall Pass. Oh yeah, and more bitching about the MBTA.

It all happens here on Episode 90: X-Patriots of Liberty!

Rockstar Gets Mature For "L.A. Noire" In A Different Way

This morning I had the chance to check out a demonstration of the upcoming Rockstar Games title L.A. Noire, which is due to be released this May. During their 30-minute preview the folks at Rockstar managed to prove why their detective thriller is a completely different experience from any of their other titles.

L.A. Noire splits its levels with various different cases in four sections: traffic, arsenal, homicide and vice. For the demonstration the Rockstar reps showed off the beginning of The Red Lipstick Murder case, which is based on the infamous Black Dhalia case. (All the cases in L.A. Noire are based on real crimes in the 1940s.) During the demo the reps showed how players had to use their own sleuthing skills to find clues to solving these cases, along with asking questions and trying to see if people are telling the truth, hiding some facts or are straight-out lying. Thanks to the motion capture technology players will be able to guess what someone is saying is fact or fiction thanks to the characters’ realistic facial expressions.

The graphics in the game so far look phenomenal, and manage to surpass the quality of Heavy Rain. The faces look real, and the animation is amazingly smooth. Plus the all-out gameplay is unlike anything Rockstar Games has done before, with a case-solving system that hasn’t been seen in any game of recent time. Plus from what they were saying it looks like they did their research regarding 1940s Los Angeles, for within L.A. Noire is eight square miles of free world gaming. May 17th cannot come soon enough for this game to drop, as the taste I received today for this game has left me craving for more.