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Episode CLIX: You’re Business…This Is Pleasure!

It was a double-feature weekend for the Bastards…

This week the B3 crew review the new RZA-helmed The Man With The Iron Fists, which pays homage to classic kung-fu films of yesteryear. The video game-influenced Wreck-It Ralph is also on the table, a movie that just may be the best of its kind. Blueonic goes hands-on with the Wii U (yes, WII U) demo for Rayman Legends, and gives his thoughts on the new controller setup. Finally the demos for pid, F1 2012, and Home Run Stars are looked at.

It’s not the baddest man alive, it’s Episode 159: You’re Business…This Is Pleasure!

Episode CLVIII: Official Cause Of Accident: Pussy!

A brand-new episode awaits, as if it was told in a dream…

This week the Bastards gripe about the Halloween happenings in Salem, but calm down when they chat about the recent Flobots/Astronautalis/H.W. & Emoh Betta show at T.T. the Bear’s. The movie Cloud Atlas is explained in the best way possible, with mixed ratings from all the group members. King Baby Duck and Blueonic get their Happy Wars on, KBD tries his hardest to showcase the strengths and faults of the Nike+ Kinect Training demo, and Teg gets jolly about A Game of Dwarves and XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Don’t go into a candy coma just yet! It’s Episode 158: Official Cause Of Accident: Pussy!

ESH Podcast Episode #311: I’m the Dude Who Know the Guy.

And no this isn’t a The Big Lebowski reference–or is it? The Sistahs are known to have guests on their show Be it from time to time. But how about one with a “kinection” Particularly to rhythm and rhyme? A king of this time but also a jester, The Sistahs sit down to talk to […]

Episode CLV: Damn Those Funky Chiptune Monkeys!

A musician of the simian kind joins the Bastards in an all-new episode.

This week the B3 crew welcomes James from BR1GHT PR1MATE, as he talks about the band’s origins, his views on the chiptune/nerdcore scene, and his work outside the duo (including a plug about the new game LiquidSketch). King Baby Duck and Teg look at the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Bruce Willis sci-fi flick Looper, and do everything they can to not spoil anything about it! Finally the demos for Double Dragon Neon and Marvel’s Avengers: Battle For Earth are reviewed, and Teg gives his initial thoughts on Borderlands 2.

Hide your bananas! It’s Episode 155: Damn Those Funky Chiptune Monkeys!

"Kinect Sports" Sequel Gets The Competition Going

Okay kiddies, Kinect Sports: Season Two is pretty sweet. It’s definitely a great game to be playing with the hellions, er, young kids in your family. It’s an awesome little set up where it puts you through the activities of the sports with multiple aspects between the sports.

From the video you can see we have baseball, football, golf, skiing, darts, and tennis. Each game has its own fun dynamic. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why Darts? How is that a sports?!” It’s sad to say that this back alley bar game has become a sport; not by Olympic standards, but a sport nonetheless. It is a challenging game they bring to the table, where you have to score 500 points before the other player/computer beats you to the punch. Sadly, I had bought a dart board for my game room recently and it seems almost pointless, but playing the real darts compared to the game is so different from one another. If some one plays the game of darts and they do really good at it they will think there a master, but if they go and play the real thing they will probably suck. (I would know this now due to the countless people who have come over and played darts, missed my dart board, and hit the wall.)


I’ll take a few moments to explain how to play, because you don’t got all day to really get into it! We will start with America’s past time sport: baseball! This game is interesting because it gives you the chance to both bat and pitch. When you’re at bat you put your arms up and stand at whatever side your comfortable with, and when the pitch is tossed at you take a swing. Easy enough, right? BUT if you don’t crack a home run every time, you have to run in place to get your character to first base. Believe me: if you have carpet then you’re lucky, but if you have tile floors like I do running in place is painful. Baseball will do a number on your body, so prepare to sweat and want to sit down. For the pitching its setup has you step forward into the pitch with your opposite leg (which kind of confused me) to get a fastball. Coming across with your arm a certain way will also get you a curveball. This part of the game it self is great, along with Home Run Derby.

One of my favorite sports that I have been playing since I was in diapers (as if you wanted to know this) is golf. Comparing this to Wii Sports Resort with the added Motion Plus to the controller, I feel that Kinect Sports has it beat for the maneuverability aspect of the game. With the Wii you have to hold the controller and hope the band on it doesn’t break as you swing it into your TV. With the Kinect you stand in front of it to the side you’re comfortable with, setting up your shot by moving side-to-side to where you want the character to shoot it. Then as easy as 1-2-3 you swing, and you basically put the ball where you want it. I’m not saying I don’t like a good challenge, but this game simplifies the movement and makes it a bit more fun than when I’ve had dealing with those trees in Wii Sports Resort.

The last one I’m going to explain is, of course, football. Not football as in soccer, but the weird looking pigskin American football. They designed the game in the sense that you are the quarterback, and you have to toss it to the receiver, and not only that when that receiver catches the ball you have to run in place and make movements to get past the other team. The kicker on this is that its setup has you trying to score a touchdown in four downs. There is no getting past the usual ten yards, which makes the game that much more challenging. For the other team what it does is represent what the other team would do if they got a touchdown, field goal, or stopped. When you play the game make sure you get a field goal or touchdown, because that will effect the outcome for the other team scoring. One problem that I had was my damn couch behind me, to kick a field goal it has to register when you bring your leg back then kick through. In my sense I had to go for it all the time, so no field goal kicking for me. All in all, though, it is very very fun.


All together Kinect Sports: Season 2 is another great family-oriented game. It has great multiple applications from all the sports, along with the add-on now of basketball for about 400 XBL points. It seems that this game does have great competition against the Wii Sports series, and the reason for this is that the Kinect isn’t all up to spec yet of taking care of the motion capture, whereas the Wii remote has more of the sensitivity towards the game. The Kinect is still working its way up to the full movement, but it needs to also create a better setup with the distance you have to be at for the sensor to read you. That all aside, Kinect Sports: Season 2 in my book is a great.


  • Great to play with the family
  • All the sports are very likable
  • Darts is always a good drinking game with friends


  • Kinect still doesn’t read all the movements
  • Not happy on the price for the Basketball add-on

GAME: Kinect Sports: Season 2
DEVELOPER: Microsoft Studios, Rareware
PLATFORM: Xbox 360
FINAL GRADE: 8.8 (out of ten)

"MotionSports" Gets "Adrenaline" Going…For The Most Part

This fat boy just got a Kinect, and I had to get my hands on MotionSports Adrenaline. These are the types of things that I want to do in real life, but never get to because I’m a bit on the big side. I can tell you one thing: this can give your fat arse a workout!

This game is adrenaline at its best, while standing in front of your TV and doing extreme sports. MotionSports is a very physical game, and does need adequate room for the Kinect to read you properly. So if you are a fat lazy bastard like myself, you may need to take a break due to the fact your arms and legs will get tired from movement. With that said, this game is freakin’ awesome! I have always wanted to know how it feels to jump off a cliff with a wing suit, besides watching all those extreme videos of cliff divers or other things within the realm of extreme.

The setup of MotionSports is pretty easy with movements, although the bloody Kinect doesn’t pick up all the movements that you need to do at the time. I am dealing with a room that’s 12′ by 12′, and I do have a 57″ Sony HD TV. However I also have a three-seater couch on the other side of the TV, and that seems to also hinder the movements of what I do in the game. Of course, this is what I call the second stage in motion capture technology. (I remember back in the day when I played Sega Genesis, where a special golf game that has the little platform and a laser connected to it so you could play golf on the TV.) Now you have multiple options between the systems to play different sports, which I have to say is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately they have yet to perfect everything, and I’m at the point where technology shouldn’t have us fighting to make the games work properly.

The gameplay for MotionSports Adrenaline gives you the capability of playing wing suit, downhill biking, kite surfing, extreme skiing, kayaking, and rock climbing. The order I put them in is from the most liked to most dislike. Wing suit cliff diving has been one of my dreams to go and actually do, but I would have to first jump out of a plane a few hundred times and be able to pull a shoot cord by myself until I can hop in a wing suit. This game skips all that, tosses you right into the wing suit, and pushes you right off a cliff. The issues I found with wing suit diving was when a certain pose came up to do, I did it exactly how it showed on the screen, and then it yelled at me saying I didn’t do it. Sometimes I could’ve gone faster at points, but the little mix up got me to go slower.

Downhill racing is another sport I have always wanted to do, but never had the money for the high-end bikes to hold my arse up. (Recently I got a bike that is a 29-incher, and can hold my fat ass for this kind of stuff.) With this style of movement all you had to do is put your hands near one another as if you’re riding a bicycle. It pedals for you, but your movement is what makes the character go faster. Be careful of the tight turns and other obstacles they put in the way, because crashing out isn’t so much fun.

Kite surfing has you being dragged around on a wakeboard and performing a couple jumps just by wind-power alone. It’s almost set up like biking, but you have to control the kite to get you where you need to go. I have to give it to them on the ramp configurations and the grinding they have set up here. I know you’re asking how is kite surfing extreme, so all you have to do is watch it on TV or YouTube to see how extreme it is. They have kites that are rated from 200-300+ pounds so when the wind takes it, it can lift that weight with ease. When you’re at the beach seeing someone getting dragged along on a wakeboard by one of those, then you’ll know why.

Myself being a snowboarder, I’ve never really been interested in extreme skiing. From the X Games I can see that there are more possibilities with the skiing aspect. The extreme skiing here deals with a hell of a downhill setup configured with coins and jumps to complete in order to go faster down the hill on the speed demon games. This is a tough game, and does a lot to get your body moving.

For the kayaking and rock climbing, these two didn’t seem to be easy to do. Rock climbing dealt with arm movements and jumping, which would be good for someone in physical therapy if their shoulder is messed up. Kayaking, on the other hand, just seemed useless, because the movements are for sitting down, but you have to stand up to kayak. I understand that there’s stand-up paddle boarding, but not on a raging river!!!


If you get MotionSports Adrenaline you will be able to enjoy about 75% of this game. The game itself isn’t complete, as they have the add-on for 400 XBL points, which I’m not sure is worth it right now. I’m thinking of buying it for the aspect of the add-on wing suit and the downhill racing levels. The game it self is good, but the Kinect seems to be off on some of the game. It’s a shame that the technology hasn’t gotten to where it should be. I wish I could rate it higher, but this game doesn’t have the whole setup that could’ve brought it to it’s full potential.


  • Wingsuit cliff diving is so much fun!
  • Music is a very good attribute, gets you amped up
  • May want you to give sports a try in real life


  • Kinect doesn’t read all your movements
  • Game can do a number on your body, may cause sweating
  • Rock climbing and kayaking not so much fun.

FINAL GRADE: 7.8 (out of ten)

Check out the maniacs at the real sports!

"Wreckateer" Smashes Medieval Expectations

At the Microsoft Presser Event at E3 this year a little-known title called Wreckateer from Iron Galaxy Studios took me by surprise, and my experience with it on the floors of the convention had me singing nothing but praise. However with the full-game in my possession, does Wreckateer know how to entertain its players without seeming repetitive?

In a gameplay style similar to Angry Birds and Crush the Castle, Wreckateer has players take controller of a crossbow (known here as a Ballista) and attempt to destroy castles and the goblins that reside in them. Using the Kinect you will have to aim, launch, curve, fly, explode, and even leap your weapons towards the towering buildings and taunting green freaks. As the game levels rise, so does its difficulty.

Click here for the full review!

Episode CXLIV: A Beer Bottle To The Back Of The Head Solves All The Problems!

This episode features a lot of military jazz hands!

This week the King tries to get a little political for a woman who was kicked off the Michigan’s House floor for uttering a “v-word,” the B3 crew look at the new Adam Sandler movie That’s My Boy, and Anvil gives his weekly sports report. Blueonic and Anvil share their thoughts on Lollipop Chainsaw, KBD tells about his trials and errors with the game Babel Rising, and Blueonic goes into detail about the new EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Finally the Hives’ new album Lex Hives is looked at.

Fill yourself up with cake and lollipops! It’s Episode 144: A Beer Bottle To The Back Of The Head Solves All The Problems!

Raise Destructive Havoc In Iron Galaxy’s “Wreckateer”

Titles such as Crush the Castle and Angry Birds have given us hours upon hours of destructive joy, so what happens when the genre moves its way into the console realm? Iron Galaxy has given us one such scenario: the Xbox-exclusive Wreckateer.

Using your Kinect players will have to aim, fire, glide, drop, and explode their weapons of mass destruction upon castles filled with goblins and other mocking creatures. Your arsenal range from the like of regular boulders, explosive rounds, and even gliding orbs. As the game progresses, new sorts of rounds will be unlocked.

At E3 I had the chance to give three levels of Wreckateer a go. To grab my launcher I had to get as close to the TV as the Kinect would allow me to and put my hands together. Walking backwards had me pull back the sling so as to create a more powerful launch. Veering myself left and right put my aim into the direction I most wanted my ammo to go. By spreading my arms wide I left my ammo go, sending it flying towards the enemy.

While my regular boulder was flying I could add a spin to it by moving my hands around its area. If I had an explosive round I could let it go and hit the building & explode on contact, or I could put my arms in a steeple position and have it explode in the air. The same position with the glider round will let its wings out, and can be maneuvered around via my arms in a winged position.

The more damage you wreck, the more points you earn in the end, with players earning something between a bronze and gold medal for your damage. Achievements can also be discovered, as I found one in the third level by destroying a house hidden between the wall and the castle. You can also hit shields floating in the air to earn up to 10X damage points in the long run.

From what I have seen so far in Wreckateer it looks to be the sort of game that players of all ages would fall in love with. Fans of those other destructive games they have on their phones will be enthralled with its humor and gameplay mechanics. While it may not be the type of game that will have players clamoring for a Kinect, those who already own one will have a blast playing it when it hits the Xbox Live Arcade is summer.

Episode CXL: Damn, That Alice Cooper’s An Ugly Woman!

It is with most regret that the Bastards have to indulge themselves with some, as they say, fresh blood.

This week the B3 crew gripe about how their childhood heroes are all dropping like flies, then jump into their thoughts on the Merrimack Repertory Theatre’s production of Ghost-Writer. The week in sports is discussed, the demos for Spec Ops: The Line, Kinect Star Wars, and Minecraft are played, and Tim Burton’s remake of Dark Shadows is reviewed.

A spot of tea goes well with this week’s show. It’s Episode 140: Damn, That Alice Cooper’s An Ugly Woman!