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What (I Think) You Should Watch This Anime Season- Pt. 1

    In 2012, the list of anime that’s legally available you is staggering. What you can’t find on Crunchyroll, you can find on Hulu, Viz, or Funimation. In the fall lineup, there may be at least a 1/2 dozen anime you really want to watch, but do you have the time to see what’s […]

The "K" Anime’s Character Profiles

K is an anime I have been keeping an eye on, because so far it’s looking good. The creators of this series continue to release more information about the characters, bit by bit. They have, for instance, released basic bios on the major characters on their official site, and on their English language Facebook page. […]

The "K" Must Stand for Kick-ass! (Trailer)

There were two things I though when I saw this trailer.

1) This looks GREAT!

2) Is this based on some kind of boys love novel?

I’ve found no other information on this show, other than it’s by Gohands, who have produced and animated numerous anime, like Amagaami SS and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The plot seems to revolve around students who go to a school for people with supernatural abilities. There isn’t any actual boy-on-boy kissing, but they might be saving that for the next trailer.