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BOSTON FIG 2012 | Kill Maniacal Trees In "Jack Lumber"

Trees are evil, and Owlchemy Labs wants to help you destroy them!

In their new game Jack Lumber (available now on iOS) you play at the title character as you chop up those wooden blocks of destruction. Jack has a personal vendetta against the likes of those Redwoods and Spruces: a tree killed his grandma, running away from the scene as he screamed for vengeance.

Jack Lumber is set up similar to that of Fruit Ninja: you slice up the blocks of wood with your finger as they are thrown up onto the screen. However there are many differences between the two games. Here in Jack Lumber you need to slice with the grain in order to chop the wood into tiny pieces. You also pause time at a proper moment, and are given a specific time limit to chop up all the pieces of wood. Just make sure not to lift your finger, or else the time limit ends. Don’t slice the animals, either, even if it looks enticing.

There are different shapes and styles of the wood that you need to cut though, as well. Case in point there is a kind of wood that is shaped like an L, so you need to drag your finger along with it in order to slice it. Some wood needs to be cut through a few times to fully chop it, while other kinds might have a frozen block of ice surrounding it that needs to be fully picked at before being destroyed. Fortunately there are also some styles of wood that will help with your gameplay, such as kinds that will slow down the time limit and even hunks of maple syrup to get the wood all sticky.

After playing the ten-minute demo I can see that  Jack Lumber looks to be a fun title that’s anything but wooden. Filled to the brim with hilarity and tons of things that tree-haters love Jack Lumber will give iPhone and iPad owners many hours of brawny gameplay and rugged excitement. Just be sure to get your flannel on before going through that wicked forest!

Co-Op "CrossCounter" Excessively Repetitive

Sollmo had an online hit on its hands when it brought its cutesy fighter RPG Buddy Rush onto smartphones, tablets, and Facebook last year. This year they nix the cuteness for badass animesque characters battling robots in Operation CrossCounter. Unfortunately it comes with its flaws. Operation CrossCounter has you and two online players/AI characters battle […]

"Joe Danger" Goes Portable In 2012

The world’s “greatest” stuntman is coming to mobile devices later this year.

Hello Games has announced that Joe will be making his way to the iPhone and iPad in the form of Joe Danger Touch. A brand-new adventure for the stuntman (as opposed to a straight-out port) Joe Danger Touch will feature 50 levels, as well as the chance to play as a few new characters from the Joe Danger world.

This isn’t the only Joe Danger game coming out this year, as readers may know. Joe Danger: The Movie, the upcoming sequel to the original game, will be heading to the Xbox Live Arcade sometime this summer.

Space Tactics Play Strongly In “Strikefleet Omega”

When it comes to space war-styled gaming, the key to success is always found in the way one bases their maneuvers on. Such is the case of Strikefleet Omega, a new (and free) real-time strategy game released for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices.

Strikefleet Omega has you warp from star system to star system in search of the Hive Queen, an alien race that has destroyed Earth. As the Admiral of the Omega it is your task to take out every last one of the Hive Queen’s minions before the remaining human colonies are taken out.

After the prologue (which features all the types of ships you can use) the player will start out with just one Starfighter carrier. As your gameplay progresses you will earn more crystals to warp more carriers, along with other ships such as Interceptors, Gunships, and Mining Ops. The higher you go in the levels, the more alien fighters will appear in waves.

In order to bring your ships into battle, you simply click and drag the ships from either the carriers or the Command Center towards the incoming alien fighters. By doing this a path is created that will have each group of ships maneuvering back and forth in the specific route you created. The more ships you have, the quicker and easier it will be to take down the enemies.

The other ships in Strikefleet Omega you will earn later on in the game will have other tasks and duties. For example the Gunsmith will not send ships out to battle, but will simply fire at enemies via pointing on your phone/tablet as to where you want the artillery attack to land. Mining ships will be sent to nearby asteroids to collect warp crystals, which will come in handy when you need more ships during bigger waves. (They can also be used to purchase upgrades in-between levels.) Interceptors, meanwhile, can be used to take out enemy bombers, which take a lot of Starfighters to defeat.

From my experience with the game Strikefleet Omega works wonders with its touch-screen controls. With a simple swipe of the finger my ships hurled towards the alien fighters posthaste, and using the Gunships to take out closer enemies was vert easy to accomplish. However I did notice a few times when I would try to send my fleet to a specific location, only to have the screen drag away from the action happening in the level. Perhaps an update will be made to fix this sensitivity issue somewhere down the line. The graphics in the game, while a tad cartoonish, are very detailed, with the ships and combat onscreen moving with great fluidity and precision.

Strikefleet Omega contains over forty missions and a Survival mode (featuring enemy ships not found in the regular campaign), so players can expect many hours of fun and mind-challenging tactical battles that will keep their eyes and ears open throughout the game. With many ships to unlock and upgrades to install you will find many reasons to keep on fighting for what remains of the human race.


  • Great missions, battle sequences
  • Touchscreen controls work wonderfully
  • Cool upgrades, ship systems


  • Touchscreen aspects a little sensitive


Strikefleet Omega may very well be the best strategy game available for phones and tablets right now. With many battles, ships, and missions at your disposal you can find many reasons to get hooked outright into this game. Give it a try, and you’ll see why this may well be the best space war to ever fit into your pocket.

FINAL GRADE: 9.5 (out of ten)

“Wreck-It Ralph” Mobile Game Brings Truly Classic Vibe

Disney’s upcoming animated film Wreck-It Ralph is being pushed out there as a massive love letter to video game fanatics everywhere, so it comes as no surprise that they would plan to build a game based off it. No one counted on the fact, however, that it would be both massively addictive and fun. The […]

Episode 288: We Haven’t Quite Put Our Finger On It, but Something Different’s Going on Here

Something seems off… The sistahs suffered facets of PAX POX…so this is what you’ll get while they heal. Panda always told Ninja they should have a White Mage go with them to these events. Ninja never listens! This special episode is very “Ninjasistah” intensive –and it’s about time, since Pandalicious has been bulldozing her lately. […]

iOS 4.3 Hits The Scene

Apple has finally graced us iPhone and iPad users with their latest firmware update, iOS 4.3, which brings some pretty cool enhancements to the devices. Our very own personal hotspot (an out of the box feature on Verizon’s iPhone), iTunes Home Sharing, and new AirPlay features are just a few of the goodies available to […]

iOS 4.3 Possibly Coming In a Few Weeks

A few days ago, Apple released the third beta of iOS 4.3 to developers, but rumors have begin circulating that Apple may have a Valentine’s Day gift for everyone. It’s being whispered around the internet that Apple just might release iOS 4.3 to the public on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) at 10AM. This would definitely […]

The Blinging of MC Esher

Of the hundreds of millions of designs of iPads and other popular mobile devices at this year’s CES, the one that seemed most out of place was “Sky and Water I,” drawn by Dutch artist M.C. Esher in 1938.

There it was, on the same table at the Lux Mobile booth as designs featuring Marilyn Monroe and a host of other movie stars and modern popular icons.

Then there was the Esher-designed iPad covered with 18,000 Swarovski crystals that had been dipped in 24 karat gold — a limited edition case that sold for a cool $3,000.

As you can see, it’s beautiful. I’ve got no problem with that. It’s just that pairing Esher with the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Elvis and Hello Kitty seems, well, discongruous.

How do you sell Esher to a hip, young crowd?

One way is to hide the fact that he was born in 1898. The makers of this case displays a picture of a young, plaid-wearing hipster holding an Esher-designed iPhone. Compare that with a real photo of Esher. The kiddies are never going to buy that.

Another way is to eliminate those pesky periods in his name. Now instead of M.C. Esher, dead Dutch artist, he becomes MC Esher, perhaps a white rapper who also dabbles in art and will be dropping his new self-designed album next Tuesday.

Add to that the fact that to promote their line of mobile device cases, Lux Mobile used a scantily-clad go-go dancer to attract potential customers to their booth.

That sound you hear is M.C. Esher rolling over in his grave.

Throwing Darts to Beat the iPad

Why unveil an iPad Killer when you can display four of them at the same time? That’s what Jonney Shih, chairman of ASUSTek, did yesterday in a CES press conference at the Aria Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas.

Thus begins the Year of the Keyboardless Computer. Last year, Apple went it alone with the iPad at a time when all the other computer manufacturers insisted that everybody wanted physical keyboards and styluses with their large-scale mobile devices. Now that Apple has sold millions of iPads, everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon.

Asus, holding one of the earliest CES press conferences this year, wasn’t content to bring out just one device to compete with the iPad — it’s bringing out four: the Eee Pad Slider, Eee Pad Transformer, Eee Pad MeMO and Eee Slate EP121.

Shih and his company are certainly trying to cover all the bases with this lineup. The Slate runs a version of full-blown Windows 7 Home Premium. The MeMO, Slider and Transformer, on the other hand, will run Android’s 3.0 operating system when it is released.

The key to any proposed iPad Killer is a device that beats the iPad in features. If Asus’s entries were all put together, they would create a formidable challenge to the iPad: a slide-out keyboard, a dual-core CPU, front and rear digital cameras, full support for Adobe Flash, HD playback and giant 12.1-inch screen.

Of course, no one Asus machine manages to have all of these features in one machine. They spent the last few minutes of the press conference showing off an animation of the perfect iPad killer: a perfectly clear device that easily adjusted in size as needed, with boundless computing power and, undoubtedly, battery life.

As fantasies go, it was entertaining, like the demonstrations of picture phones at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

But there was nothing entertaining about the four tablet devices Asus hopes will deal a death blow to the iPad this year. Shih delivered Asus’s alliterative mantra of “Inspiring innovation, Persistent perfection” early in his talk, but there was nothing really inspiring or innovative about these products.

Each, in fact, is a step back from the innovation of the iPad. Shih apparently couldn’t demonstrate the Slate without using the pop-out stylus. The MeMO, too, has a stylus. The battery life of the Slider, the one closest in physical size to the iPad, is not mentioned — not a good sign. And the Transformer beats the iPad’s battery life, but only after attaching a special keyboard, turning it into a bulky notebook instead of an ultralight slate device.

If there is any message in the Asus announcement, it’s that it takes four Asus devices to beat the iPad.

The Slate is the most expensive product of the bunch. It’ll be available this month, but at a $999 price that will surely result in slow sales. The other three are priced more in line with existing and already-announced tablet devices, but because of their reliance on an Android operating system that is not yet available, they won’t show up until later: the Transformer in April, the Slider in May and the MeMO in June. Many believe that Apple will show up with their second generation iPads by that time, introducing features that will make up for the first generation product’s deficiencies.

Shih’s quaint broken English provided moments of levity during the presentation. At one point, he claimed his new products were perfect “for the new Cloud Computing error.”

To think of it, he may have that part perfectly right.

Disclaimer: My wife owns stock in Apple. That’s perfectly fine by me.