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ESH Podcast Episode # 308: We Are More Vertical Than Horizontal.

This week’s show presents some opposites. We know the sistahs are quite similar–they are related after all– but they are also very different. Ninja–as always– starts off the show talking about her time spent with the very new, still shiny Borderlands 2 for the XBOX 360. Panda shares some of her first impressions as she […]

ESH Podcast Episode 307: Nintendo Wants to Own Every Core Suffix

Wanna hear the girls talking the WiiU? You’ve come to the right show. This monday brings a gadget intensive episode of the ESH podcast.The hottest news last week was the reveal of the WiiU release date and confirmed price point. During the WiiU press conference news about some anticipated titles were also revealed. The Sistahs […]

Episode 286: We Use Highly Technical Terms, Like "Swirly Thing"

We warn you, this week things get nerdy…very nerdy ;)

It is the monday before PAX EAST 2012 starts up, and the sistahs are starting to feel the gravitational nerd pull. This whole show is about PAX EAST! It is calling them to Beantown once again. Around every corner of this week’s ESH Podcast is a tangent more nerdy than the last.

You know it’s too funny when the sistahs can’t even start the sentence, let alone deliver it properly. The girls talk about what they are really looking forward to at this event. They even talk about what Panda has coined “The Great Boston Nerd Schism of 2012”

But here are the titles still hoping to get a 3-day PAX EAST badge (Fat chance fellahs!)

You Are My Faucet to Knowledge

Debating On Which Convention Has the Biggest Breasts

Bye Bye Fan Service! Bye Pedos!

There’s No Positive Way to Say “I’m Sorry You Suck”

The Things You’ve Seen Cannot Be Unseen

Awesomecon? Somebody Else Already Owns That

Wil Wheaton Cost Me a Free Scarf

I Want to Find Love At a Con

Krop Let Me Touch His

It’s a geeky job- and the sistahs are happy to do it! So get your nerd gear ready for ESH Podcast Episode 286: We Use Highly Technical Terms, Like “Swirly Thing”