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What Games to Play this Halloween: Zombie Edition

With the Halloween season upon us, it’s customary to celebrate by playing some scary games.  While there are several options out there, a theme that I have been adhering to this year in particular is zombies.  The living dead are one of my favorite horror staples and you’d be surprised by the variety of satisfying […]

Episode LXX: The Traps Come To (THUD!) Zzzzzzzzz….

The Bastards want you to play a game. It’s called POGs!

This week the B3 crew give a more thorough view on the Lovesac furniture, and review the recent demos for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Dream Chronicles, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, Costume Quest, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and Super Meat Boy. The trio share their thoughts on the recent Blood Red Shoes concert, the week in sports and reveal why Saw 3D might be one of the worst movies of the year.

Halloween Anime Viewing: Shiki

If you’re dying for a horror-themed programming to watch once you’re done running wild on Halloween, you might want to jump on an anime called Shiki.

Shiki takes place in a small village. You know the type: a place where everyone knows basically everything about each other through gossip.

All is not well in this beautiful little village, because people have started to die under strange circumstances.

Our main characters, like the Doctor, Toshio Ozaki, and the brooding city boy, Natsumo Yuki, try to figure out just what is behind people dying day after day.

It may have something to do with the family who moving into the village late one night.

You will figure out the “mystery” way before our heroes do, and some of them are skeptical even when they do find out.

Is it scary? I guess that’s up to what gets you to jump out of your seat. What I will say is that Shiki is definitely creepy. Shiki is available on Hulu and

Happy Halloween From The Land Of ESH!

We here at the ElectricSistaHood, Boston Bastard Brigade and Geek Aggro would like to wish everyone young and old a safe and happy Halloween!

To entertain you kids and kooks during his haunting holiday, here is a little classic entertainment for you to shriek with delight to.

And for those looking for a creepy old film, look no further than the original Nosferatu!