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ESH Podcast # 293: Think Jell-O…Sexy Jell-O

jiggle jiggle jiggle Yeah! Special guest Xenocore joins the sistahs this week for a very PC Gaming focused episode. Ninja gets overthrown this week as Xenocpre talks about Super Monday Night Combat straight out the gate. Pandalicious follows closely behind with a joined conversation with Xenocore about their most current gaming obsession: Diablo 3. (No […]

Episode 272: I Want a Fluffy Muff For Christmas

Holiday shopping season is here, and this week the ladies of ESH share their purchase recommendations for the geeks/nerds/gamers nearest and dearest to you.


NinJa leads off with the AppleTV. At $99 dollars it’s a fantastic gift for the geek/nerd that wants their entire iTunes collection available on the living room (or man cave) big screen TV.

Panda chimes adding a gadget specifically aimed at gamers with the Astro Gaming Headset, and goes big by adding in the Astro Mixamp and PS3 conversion cable to make this gift the one headset to rule them all. A40+Mixamp bundle $279, additional PS3 chat cable $9.99. (Roughly $290 total.)


NinJa recommends Trigun: Complete Box Series from (Now listed at $38.99) and Eden of the East Complete Series in a BluRay/DVD combo pack on Amazon for $19.49.

Panda recommends BluRay/DVD combo pack found on Amazon for $34.99.


For the games list, you are just going to have to grab a beverage and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 272: I Want a Fluffy Muff for Christmas

Episode 265: If Ninjas Is Doin’ It, Ninjas Is Doin’ It

A new week, a fresh new ESH podcast episode awaits.

In this week’s episode we talk games, but we also talk about the passing of a true technology innovator, Steve Jobs.

Pandalicious talks Dark Souls while NinJa talks a bit about the upcoming Ravid Rabbids TV show on Nickelodeon, Ubisoft’s recent release of Just Dance 3 and her hight hopes for the connect version and pays tribute to a true tech soul in this episode. We hope you enjoy ESH Episode 265: If Ninjas Is Doin’ It, Ninjas Is Doin’ It. 

Disclaimer: NinJaSistah own’s Apple Stock.

Stronghold 3 Shaping Up To Be…Strong!

Firefly Studios is bring us the third chapter in it’s hit castle-sim and siege-warfare RTS franchise and we’re in for some significant changes.

Major enhancements have been made to the foundation of Stronghold franchise — castle-building. Players are provided with unparalleled control over the placement of buildings which allows kingdoms to be created with even more tactical precision. Players will now be able to hunt enemy soldiers shrouded in darkness thanks to the introduction of night sieges.

Stranglehold 3 is shaping up to be the best in the series. Old and new fans alike will definitely get the taste of hardcore medieval warfare that kept them waiting this long. Check out Southpeak’s new website for more news on the status of Stranglehold 3.

Episode 238: PAX East 2011 – The Good, The Bad, and The Smelly

Monday. PAX East 2011 is over, but the new episode of the ESH Podcast is just beginning! This week the sistah’s are joined by ESH alum King Bab yDuck (of and awesome friends of the show Chris “Kropotkin” O’Regan from SuperHappyFunTimeShow ( and Edie “GamerEdie” Sellers from GameHounds (, and this gathering was epic…

We talked about what we liked, what we didn’t like, sleeper hits of the expo, takeaways about this year’s panel grouping and the existence of the funkmonster that roamed the floor with unabashed vigor.

Table top gaming, segregation, Anything with an Engine, panels that were a trap, nothing got past our group… so grab that morning cup of “damn, I lost an hour this weekend” and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 238: PAX East 2011 – The Good, The Bad, and The Smelly

PAX East: And In The End…

It’s 6:37pm EDT. The last round of the Omegathon has ended. Gamers, friends and family members pour out of the BCEC slowly, but with smiles upon their faces. Paul and Storm have left the building. Pax East 2011 has come to a close.

I won’t lie, my feet hurt,my back aches and my suitcase is overfilled with goodies I purchased at the con this weekend…but I’d do it all over again this weekend if the Penny Arcade folks felt like throwing another bash in Boston that quickly. I got hands on with a few games, mostly the mainstream “big name” titles that most of us in the video game world either anxiously await the release of (Mortal Kombat, L.A. Noire, Gears of War 3, and Portal 2 come to mind quickly) and a few games that probably fall into the land of obscurity for most of us (Jimmie Johnson’s: Anything with an Engine) and sat in on a few panels, but for me the great fun of any PAX event is taking in the vast number of interested people (fanatics and non-fanatics alike) the event draws out.

PAX is a gathering spot for table-top, console and pc-gamers where each is as important as the next. Each can buy merchandise to feed their specific need, spend some time with developers learning a bit more about what kind of work really goes into creating their favorite game or story, learn about some new things on the horizon, but most importantly share the experiences IRL – in real-life.

That’s right, PAX is one of those events that helps gamers prove to the world that we by-and-large are not the anti-social-basement-dwellers the world would like to believe we are. I saw cosplayers stop to let people take pictures of them, and then happily explain to the person taking the picture who their character was, what game they were from and why they like them so much. I saw many table-top players wander over to the video game side of the expo hall to find out what all the noise was about and more than a few video game players wander over to table-top to check out the wares of some of the vendors – maybe they were curious about how they might use the free pack of Magic the Gathering cards that was in their swag bag, I couldn’t say.

What I can say is that I’m glad that PAX East has a home in Boston. I’m glad the event switched venues as the new space can definitely accommodate larger booths, more exhibitors and the throng of people that hit the floor on all three of the sold out days. I’m glad that while we are definitely going through another tough time in the industry, the devotion of the fan-base to gaming has not been negatively affected. (Did I mention there was a sh*t-load of people at PAX East?) I’m glad I was there to experience PAX East 2011, and I’m glad to be on my way home to recover.

We will have some more thoughts and sights and sounds from the show floor throughout the week, and our podcast will be a roundtable that you won’t want to miss out on, but until then, goodbye from PAX East 2011!

Episode 236: It’s Not a Think Tank at Fox News, It’s a Dunk Tank

The ladies of the ElectricSistaHood are proud to present a new episode of our weekly podcast. In this week’s episode the ladies talk PAX East, Epic Games/People Can Fly’s newly released title Bulletstorm and beta anticipation anxiety around Epic’s Gears of War 3 game.

Games, games games. You’d think they were gamers or something?

NInJaSistah kicks off the hour plus episode with the ESH PAX East news, including tid-bits about how to find the ladies if you are at the show (March 11th through March 13th) in Boston as well as what they may (or may not) be up to and a possible ESH Tweetup. There will be video. There will be audio. There will be fun of ESH-ic proportions!

Then the show switches to the newly released Bulletstorm and each of the ladies shares her thoughts and reactions to the game, it’s gameplay mechanics, overall aesthetic, and bottom line “is it fun to play”-ness before Pandalicious closes out the show with her Gears of War 3 news and title release anxiety.

It’s a show filled with Xbox 360 video game goodness… so grab a cold beverage and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 236: It’s Not a Think Tank at Fox News, It’s a Dunk Tank

Episode 233: Bulletstorm: It’s Perfect for Black History Month


Hello Monday, it’s time for a new episode of the ESH Podcast, are you ready?

In this week’s episode the ladies from the Land of ESH discuss a bunch of things, but mostly talk about Epic Games upcoming release of the game Bulletstorm

After delving through all of the expletive-laden and gore-filled details they can remember from their hands-on time with the Bulletstorm demo on Xbox 360, the ladies then move on to explore Pandalicious’ new-found Netflix addition: the FX show Damages and her first reaction to the new XtendPlay Controller Enhancement from Xwerx*. Then NinJaSistah rounds out the show with her thoughts on Sony’s PSP2 NGP device announcement and the state of mobile gaming from the console makers.

It’s a fun show that just can’t help but start off on a tanget, so grab a cup of go juice and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 233: Bulletstorm: It’s Perfect for Black History Month

DC Universe Online’s Lifetime Subscription: You Think it’s Worth it?

DC Universe Online subscription prices

SO after taking a look at this price breakdown, would you go for a lifetime membership, or is it too wild to drop $200 all at once for a game you might tire of in under a year?

Episode 225: It’s Like Extreme Makeover: Rome Edition

Ah, Monday… It just wouldn’t be the same with out a new episode of the ESH podcast now would it?


In this week’s episode of the podcast both NinJaSistah and Pandalicious share their takes on Ubisoft’s latest entry in the Assassin’s video game franchise, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Life is a mystery…

The gals kick off the show with a tangent (or two) but quickly get back on track and jump into the story, the game play, and the bugs that help define what the ACB ride for the player is like.

From game load and buffering issues, to the depth of item collection, nothing about ACB escapes our conversation – which includes how hot of a lead character Ezio Auditore is. Not to beep our own horn, but for having a single topic, we came up with some really random titles for this episode that we didn’t use:

  • The Sistahood Talks About the Brotherhood
  • New Podcast Idea: Who Would You Do?
  • Tupac During the Renaissance? He’d Still Be Dead Now
  • Another Spoiler: Brutus Killed Julius Caesar
  • Incest Rears It’s Ugly Head
  • and finally
  • Collecting Feathers, Flags and Paintings, But No Doughnuts

So grab that fresh cup of awesome and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 225: It’s Like Extreme Makeover: Rome Edition.