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What (I Think) You Should Watch This Anime Season- Pt. 1

    In 2012, the list of anime that’s legally available you is staggering. What you can’t find on Crunchyroll, you can find on Hulu, Viz, or Funimation. In the fall lineup, there may be at least a 1/2 dozen anime you really want to watch, but do you have the time to see what’s […]

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt is now streaming in English, for your pleasure!

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is the most vulgar anime to come around in quite some times. The average hentai doesn’t even come as close to using as many 4 letter words as a single episode of Panty & Stocking. The English dub goes even crazier, and expletives are flying even faster. The dub writers […]

Mass Effect Anime: Paragon Lost (Trailer)

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost serves as a prequel to the events of Mass Effect 3.

Jump Cut Productions Debuts Two New AMVs to Compete at AB2K12!

And ESH is getting a sneak peek

Every once in a while here on ESH, I talked about the AMV contest that occurres at Anime Boston. Even though I never participated, I still appreciated everything I got to experience. Sadly, I haven’t been back in years- but that doesn’t mean we can’t see what is going on.

With that said cue in Jump Cut Productions.

This isn’t the first time Jump Cut Productions has submitted their work for the AMV Contest, in 2009 we got ourselves a taste of what they had to offer–here’s that video.

This year, Jump Cut Productions has created two very distinct videos. They’ve given me the privilege to showcase them here. If you are going AB2K12- then need I say more. Jump Cut Productions needs some love! So do your part and cast your vote! The categories they are competing in are : Action and Comedy. You’ll be able to tell which AMV is for which category- trust me.

First I’ll share my personal favorite of the two. This one is called “Shut Up and Drive” It is an Rideback AMV. For those who don’t know much about Rideback then you haven’t been paying attention to me during some of my anime rants. I gave this anime some serious attention and this AMV should help you understand why.

Lastly, we have a Soul Eater AMV entitled “Professor Frankin Von Stein”. If the title doesn’t give you a clue as to why it’s funny–then you’ve all made me feel a tad bit older than I actually am. T.T

So What did you guys think? I will be sure to talk about these videos more in depth on the Land Of ESH Facebook fan page.

I have always been inwardly and outwardly jealous of people who master the art of editing, and then on top of that are able to manipulate anime this well. I envy them the way I envy sketch artists…all of you with your damn talent…Ugh don’t get me started. *cough*

Jump Cut Productions will be at AB2K12 for the whole event, so if you get the chance to meet them you definitely should and if you do- tell ’em Pandalicious said hi.

Funny Cat Girl "Bombshells" Tries Not To Be A Dud

If there’s one thing anime tends to never run out of, it’s cat girls. From Moonphase and Soul Eater to Outlaw Star and even the old Sonic The Hedgehog movie there is always at least one cat girl character to bring about the fan service. In 2010 an anime series premiered by the name of Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky, which will be released by FUNimation this year under the title Cat Planet Cuties. Does it bring anything new to the “nekomimi” world, or is it just another shameful attempt to cash in on another harem boobfest?

Cat Planet Cuties follows a young man named Kakazu, who one day runs into a girl named Elis wearing cat ears and a tail. At first Kakazu thinks she’s cosplaying, but soon he finds out that Elis is an alien from the planet Catian, and is on a mission to learn the ways of Earth for her planet. Meanwhile Kakazu’s two close friends Aoi and Manabi have kept a secret from him: they both work for different areas of the government (Aoi with the Immigration Bureau of Japan, Manabi the CIA), and at first are ordered to capture Elis. However after careful consideration (and the fact that both Aoi and Manabi have crushes on Kakazu) the two decide to go against their factions and help Elis out with her ordeals.

Like most alien-based anime series, it is a give-in that the alien protagonist that has the spotlight shown on them will more or less be oblivious to the goings-on of their new areas, and will just about every time misinterpret just about everything imaginable. Elis is no exception to this rule, who takes clothing advice from the porn magazines Kakazu hides underneath his bed and has no understanding of common sense laws throughout Japan. Sometimes the humor works, but other times it seems to be fan-service for the sake of fan-service. One example of a hit-or-miss sequence comes from Aoi and Manabi trying to rescue one of Elis’s robots (known as Assist-A-Roids) literally as soon as they get out of the shower, ending with Kakazu being beaten up for pointing out their lack of clothing outside. Perhaps you have to be in the right mood to watch it, but I found their expressions hilarious.

One big issue I have with the show is that all signs point to it being yet another harem anime. It’s not that I don’t like harem series (they’re the reason why I got into anime comedy), but there’s just so many uninspired ones that don’t take the proper steps to be original. I’m not sure where Bombshells From The Sky will be taking its love square, but from what I’ve seen so far I can only expect a bit of blandness in the romance department. (So long as it doesn’t end the same way Motto To-Love-Ru did, I’ll be okay with just about any storyline twist.) I also noticed a drop in the visual quality of the series starting in Episode Six, though what I saw lasted just a couple seconds. The show’s action sequences are pretty-well drawn, though, so you won’t be disappointed when the guns come blazing and swords start clashing.

When I was told about Cat Planet Cuties, they had said to expect humor in the same vein as Excel Saga. Unfortunately that’s not what I discovered here. Sure, the series has its funny moments, but it doesn’t reach the insane levels that Nabeshin was able to climb up to. Nevertheless I will be curious to see how FUNimation dubs this series, and if they plan to make any changes in the dialogue area to make it funnier. For what it’s worth, Bombshells From The Sky is pretty entertaining, but only to a point. It’s nowhere near a letdown like most of the recent harem anime comedies, but I’m hoping that they up the ante a bit in the originality factors in later episodes (especially in the running gag department).

** ½ (out of five)

You can watch Cat Planet Cuties on Crunchyroll before it’s released by FUNimation this year.

Episode 261: Some of the Undead Aren’t Playing by the Established Zombie Rules

A new week, a new ESH Podcast Episode. This week the ladies talk zombies and statutory vampire rape with their takes on Deep Silver’s action-survival-horror-RPG Dead Island and FUNimation’s Dance in the Vampire Bund.

Pandalicious is up first with her hands-on intro review of zombie survival 101, I mean, Dead Island. She breaks down the basics of controls, game mechanics and even shares a few tactics for your first few hours of playthrough of the game. NinJa even joins in on the conversation as she’s been side-seat-gaming the title with Panda from the jump.

Rounding out the show, NinJa drops the 4-1-1 on FUNimation’s controversy creating manga turned anime series Dance in the Vampire Bund. Sure it has a funny name. Yes, it has vampires. Sure there’s sexual situations with obviously underage looking (or just blatantly underage) kids. What more could you want? Werewolves? Why not? You’ve been good.

Get a frosty beverage because it’s time to enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 261: Some of the Undead Aren’t Playing by the Established Rules

Episode 242: Plain and Unmotivated Is the New Sexy

I Am Deadly

Time for a new podcast episode, and once again, we are nearly all anime in this one. Starting with NinJaSistah’s recap and recommendations on the FUNimation release of Corpse Princess (Shikibane Hime) and then leading into Pandalicious’ latest “they got me” series experience with the adult video game turned visual novel turned anime Shuffle!

The ladies talk about more fan service then you can shake a stick at, figuratively of course and there is even a typography joke mixed in there somehow.

Time is a-wastin’! Grab a cold one and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 242: Plan and Unmotivated Is the New Sexy.


Episode LXXXIX: Mmm…Korean Barbecue!!!

Be on the lookout for any horrible musicians who slur their lyrics! They might get undeserved critical praise.

This week the Bastards give an Oh For Fuck’s Sake! to a certain recording artist that is gaining some good press despite his God awful singing. King Baby Duck reviews the English dub for Black Butler, followed by Anvil’s weekly sports report. The bands This Will Destroy You and (a returning) Widow Sunday are on the table, and Blueonic follows up on his review of Homefront. Finally the demos for WWE All-Stars and Swarm are examined. We can’t forget to mention that our favorite cat girl returns to the table.

It happens right here on Episode 89: Mmm…Korean Barbecue!!!

Anime of Winter ’11 -The Forgotten Preview

Let me tell you all a story, a story about Freezing.

I apologize for leaving this show off of my anime preview. I only covered shows which were being offered for free, and through legal outlets. To my surprise, Freezing is available through Funimation screening, thereby making it also available on Hulu.

Freezing is a story set in a time where aliens have invaded the planet and it’s up to girls given special abilities to stop them. Our main character is Satellizer El Bridget, the “Untouchable Queen” who has been undefeated in combat. She is one of the many girls who attend a school where these female soldiers are trained.

Satellizer got her nickname because she has an aversion to being touched; that’s where a boy named Kazuya Aoi comes in. Aoi is the only one who can touch Aoi without her being disgusted by it. In fact, she feels OK with Aoi touching her.

The relationship between males and females in Freezing has a purpose besides sexual tension. Only females are outfitted with the nanotechnology that allows them to become Pandoras, fighters who can materialize weapons from thin air, fight with superhuman prowess, and regenerate clothing and even body parts.

The boys work as limiters. They limit the Pandoras. Basically it’s just a reason made up to get boys and girls paired up for some romantic situations, or some naughty fanservice.

The antagonist so far is Ganessa Roland. She is Satellizer’s rival, and someone who does not have a limiter.

So if you want the Cliff’s Notes on Freezing, here you go!

(Censored) Boobs!



More (Censored) Boobs!

(Censored) Butt cheeks!

Other (Censored) Lady Parts!

So there you have it! Freezing is a bit more graphic and just as naughty as a series like Ikki Tousen. If you like violence with your panty shots and partially naked women, you can stop looking This anime was made for you.

The Funimation stream is censored, and I don’t know why. Just put some age restrictions in place and let the grown folk have what they want! The censorship is hideous. It doesn’t even fit in well enough with the animation and therefore gets in the way. If you decide to search for  an unauthorized stream, I couldn’t blame you, really. This seems like a ploy to get people to buy the DVD/Blu-ray, even though the only stated reason is to keep the wrong eyes from watching mature content.

Watch again? No. I don’t think I want to fit this show into my daily anime schedule.

Who is this for? Anyone desperately seeking boobs or light guro.

Halloween Anime Viewing: Shiki

If you’re dying for a horror-themed programming to watch once you’re done running wild on Halloween, you might want to jump on an anime called Shiki.

Shiki takes place in a small village. You know the type: a place where everyone knows basically everything about each other through gossip.

All is not well in this beautiful little village, because people have started to die under strange circumstances.

Our main characters, like the Doctor, Toshio Ozaki, and the brooding city boy, Natsumo Yuki, try to figure out just what is behind people dying day after day.

It may have something to do with the family who moving into the village late one night.

You will figure out the “mystery” way before our heroes do, and some of them are skeptical even when they do find out.

Is it scary? I guess that’s up to what gets you to jump out of your seat. What I will say is that Shiki is definitely creepy. Shiki is available on Hulu and