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ESH Podcast # 313: I Was Wrong–There, I Said It Twice.

Ninja admits it…but what is she wrong about? The Sistahs are getting ready for another ESH-O-Ween. Not really, they are too worried about preparing for another broke bitch month. Ninja takes position one talking about one of her loves Assassin’s Creed. The third game will be released tomorrow, so to get herself hyped up she […]

‘Ironfell’ doesn’t look like the RTS games you’re used to – Trailer

When you see the trailer for MMORTS, you might be prejudiced against it. Where are the hardware-taxing graphics? Where’s the grim and gritty character designs? If you think that Age of Empires is a little too cute, then think about an indie MMO that looks something like the overworld from Super Mario Bros. 3 You […]

New ‘Marvel Heroes’ Trailer Shows You a Blind Man’s Perspective

If you have been craving the experience games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance gave you, you might be interested in the Marvel Heroes MMORPG. Developers Gazillion Entertainment (also doing the Marvel Super Hero Squad game) have been revealing what characters will be playable in Heroes. Maybe you’re familiar with the Man Without Fear. For more, please […]

AquaPazza: A Fighting Game with a Weird Crossover Cast- Trailer

AquaPazza has debuted in Japan, and it’s somewhat strange. It’s strange because the fighters all hail from different anime. OK, that’s not a problem. There’s lots of action-oriented anime out there, so a dream matchup is a no-brainer! The weirdness comes in what “fighters” are included in this cross universe fight. For more, please visit […]

‘Army of Two’ Redux Gets a Live Action Trailer, Courtesy of Freddie Wong

Rocket Jump, a team of filmmakers which includes internet favorite Freddie Wong, used their skills to create a trailer for the Army of Two reboot, Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel For more, visit EGMNow’s Electric Sista Hood Page

EVERYONE Can Play ‘The Secret World’ for Free This Weekend

To celebrate one month of staying alive in the massive MMORPG market, Funcom is allowing The Secret World to be totally free for any and every person who would like to try it out… To read more, please visit EGMNow’s Electric Sista Hood Page

Virtual Reality is Back! The Oculus Rift Kickstarts into Our World

Remember the Nintendo Virtual Boy? That was a major bomb, wasn’t it? Never mind that, though. We’ve been waiting for virtual reality to be as cool as it is in movies, and Oculus promises just that… For more, please visit EGMNow’s Electric Sista Hood page.

Excited for the Game? Now Look at the ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’ Anime Trailer!

For whatever reason (25th anniversary, probably) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has had new life breathed into it. First, the Anime and the Game were announced for a future release. Then there was news that the original JoJo’s game would be added to the PlayStation Network. We didn’t have to wait long for a trailer of the […]

ESH Ladies Hit 300!

Three hundred episodes is quite the milestone, as any Podcast or TV show would give their right arm to make that many. Our friends at the ElectricSistaHood have done just that this week, with fists raised triumphantly.

The Boston Bastard Brigade would like to congratulate NinJaSistah and Pandalicious on hitting the big Three-Zero-Zero. It takes a lot to make a good show, and it especially takes plenty of hard work and determination to continue making a Podcast show as fresh as that new car smell. King Baby Duck, Blueonic, and the rest of the B3 crew are extremely proud of their friends, and hope that the duo that started it all for us in the Land of ESH continue onward for another 300 episodes!

From all of us here at the Boston Bastard Brigade, we raise a glass in their honor, toasting as loud as we can as the ElectricSistaHood tastes the sweet nectar of victory! Pop a cold one, down a shot, or take a sip from your silly straw for NinJaSistah and Pandalicious today!

And we said all of that without having to make a Gerard Butler reference! Yay!