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Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes F2P This Week

  Electronic Arts has been prepping for this for months and it’s almost that time. SWTOR will go free to play on November 15, a move that EA is hoping will renew waning interest in the MMO. Check out our EGMNow site for more info!

Episode 283: I Might Not Be Commander Right, But I’m Commander Right Now.

It’s Monday- Monday- Monday! And yes the podcast is new.

If you’ve been listening to the last two episodes you’ll notice an on-going trend: Mass Effect 3. First came the “Hype-isode”, where they talked about the building hype for the playable demo. Next came the “Experience-isode” where both sistahs played the demo from two perspectives and shared that. Lastly comes this piece, which shall be deemed the “Play-isode”

Ninja announced off the bat that there would be minor spoilers. Pandalicious, coming back from Pandemic 2012 feeling better enough to take on this beast of the show, took a silent observer approach and attempted to keep her knowledge to herself. –It is a lot harder than it sounds–

Panda also talks about some of the negativity and haterade that has been flying around since Bioware’s final installment dropped.

Did the sistahs maintain their initial paragon stance and stay spoiler free? Or Did they do the renegade thing and hide spoiler proximity mines for the masses to fall on?

Guess you’ll have to listen and find out.

Here are the titles that didn’t make it to the final push to the gate this week:

Really, Really Fast — Like Kenyan Fast

Send Panda to Manhattan and She Comes Back In a New York State of Mind

Freddie Prinze Jr., Where Did You Go?

I’m Polyamorous With Planets

The Writers Office at Bioware Resembles the Rowing Scene in Ben-Hur

I’m Trying to Save the Universe, But First a Little Comic Relief

The Real Mass Effect Appears to Be Haterade

I Went Bangless

You Can Please Some Of the People Some Of the Time, But There’s No Pleasing Metacritic

Mass Effect Is Not a Muppets Movie

So prepare to play this audio file while jumping through the some serious Mass Relays. It is time for ESH Podcast Episode #283: I Might Not Be Commander Right, But I’m Commander Right Now.

This is it.

Episode 282: It’s As If the Nerd Planet Made the Jock Planet Sterile

It’s every nerds’ revenge fantasy!

This hot new episode of the ESH Podcast has a one track mind: Mass Effect 3.
Granted you have to get past several tangents that got in the way of the sistahs.

Panda shares her knowledge about what she calls “Swag Editions” and about what gamers can expect in terms of difficulty. The Licious also comments about the integration of game mechanics as well as known figures in the industry lending their vocal talents to Bioware’s masterpiece.

Ninja chats about her thoughts about Western RPGs. She also outlines what she needs to be present to get her revved up and ready to game. She also finally broke through Pandalicious’ defenses and got her to commit to a deal on live air–with a non visible handshake.

That’s the sistahs for you.

And the show wouldn’t be complete if neither of the girls talked about they expectations about the “bang bang bangity bang” option that we’ve all become familiar with.

Here are the red shirts who didn’t make it through the end of the show:

Your Parfaits Are So Sterile

No More Getting’ Jiggy With the Blue Aliens

In Space, Like in Iran, There Are No Gay People

We Shook Hands On An Audio Podcast (Oh, the Humanity!)

So fan of the series, go grab your N7 Normandy hoodies (if you have one, unlike Pandalicious) and get ready to probe Episode 282: It’s As If the Nerd Planet Made the Jock Planet Sterile.

Pandapressions: Mass Effect 3 Demo

Its been a while Commander Shepard

We’ve been waiting eagerly for Bioware’s conclusion to the action packed space action RPG Mass Effect. So to sate our palettes,they gave use a playable demo on Valentine’s Day.

–Because they wanted to show us that they care–

So what can we expect from Bioware with this last installment?

First lets talk about the element of integration. One of the biggest pieces of hype that was the integration with the Kinect. So instead of just controlling commander Shepard- we get to BE the badass commander. Yelling out commands to your team is only a morsel of the capabilities that this step forward gives us. Voice recognition will be something that won’t “make” or “break the game for you. If you’ve been a fan: you’ll remain one.
In the playable demo, there was an option to decide what kind of exposure you’d get in the game: Role-Playing, Action or Story. I took the Role Playing, created my Shepard and prepared my voice to be a beacon of cold hard truth.

Talk about enjoyable!

The controls have been refined and that is speaking mildly. I am not as enthused about that as some others are, only because it took me a while to adjust to the game mechanics in ME: 2. They did however make it far easier to navigate the option wheels– granted it’s even easier when you are just saying the action you want performed.

The story doesn’t look like it is going to suffer any… outside of the trials and tribulations Bioware set forth for us. But we wouldn’t be this kick ass character if we didn’t struggle. It is war on all sides. Can you think of a better way to end the story than an intergalactic shitstorm?

–I didn’t think so–

I have extremely high expectations for Mass Effect 3, but no one should be surprised since I am partial to another game in their care.

North America’s release date is March 6th with Europe getting their hands on it three days later. It is sure to be a frackkin’ good time.

A Massive "Bulletstorm" Raises Anarchy In Demo

It’s only January, but already the B3 crew has bore witness to probably one of the best first-person shooters of the year. From EA, Epic Games and People Can Fly comes Bulletstorm, and from what we’ve seen in the demo we can just about guarantee every gamer out there that they’re in for one hell of a ride!

The demo for Bulletstorm has players taking control of Grayson Hunt, played by Mr. Spike Spiegel himself Steve Blum, as he and two of his Dead Echo comrades take down a foray of tattooed punks and gas-filled creeps. Of course you don’t walk in there without the proper equipment, for without one’s guns and nasty bomb launchers you wouldn’t be able to kill with skill (the game’s catchy tagline). For this demo you’re given three sorts of weapons: a pistol, a shotgun and some special bombs that you can detonate (or just wait for it to explode on them). You’ve also got two other weapons: your mud-stomping boot and the most badass leash these eyes have ever seen. With the latter you can do two things: fling your rivals close to you for close-range shooting, or power it up and send your victim and anyone else close by soaring into the sky; it’s skeet shooting with humans, to put it bluntly. Your weapons also have a secondary power, which will catch your opponents by surprise…before you blow them to smithereens!

So far from the demo the graphics look gorgeously bloody, with heads, limbs and other body parts being shot and blown off with nitty-gritty beauty. The worlds look realistic, whereas the characters seemed to have popped right off the pages of a good comic book. Its rocking soundtrack and explosive sound effects also pull you into the world of Bulletstorm, which will also help the graphics out with the melting of the gamers’ faces. In laymen’s terms: prepare to take a few days off of work to play this game.

As you can probably tell from these descriptions Bulletstorm is more cartoonish in regards to its blood, gore and just-plain guts ‘n’ glory, and it’s one the most fun experience I’ve ever had with a demo since trying Split/Second at last year’s PAX East. If I were to compare Bulletstorm with anything it would be like taking the movie Shoot ‘Em Up and bringing it into a more colorful MadWorld. The phrase “kill with skill” comes into play with how you take down those nasty little baddies. For example: you can pull in a punk with your leash, shoot him in the face, and then kick him into some electrical equipment to fry him up nicely, all for a good-sized combo. If you want to be more simple in your killings you can just shoot the guy in the nads, and then proceed to boot his face into mush. I would mention more, but it would spoil the maniacal surprises that are in store within the demo alone.

The one downside with the demo is that it only lasts about ten minutes, but thanks to the various ways of creating carnage you’ll be wanting to go back playing it at least thrice a day. Due on February 22 on Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC Bulletstorm will bring your FPS buddies together for nonstop hours of fun, gore and the best violent chaos anyone can find in a shooter. With this and Duke Nukem Forever coming out this year you can bet that 2011 will be a year where dumb and exciting fun will reign supreme on all the major consoles. Those who order the game on Xbox, however, will get a special treat: first-access to the beta of Gears of War 3. You may commence with the eager drooling, Mr. Pavlov’s Dog.

It Has The Moves, But "Jam" Lacks The Groove

NBA Jam is one of my fondest memories of childhood. I sunk so many quarters into that machine that I swear I could’ve used that money to buy my own arcade cabinet. Of course when it finally was made for a home console I wasted no time buying it and playing the living hell out of my Sega Genesis. The flaming hoops, Tim Kitzrow shouting “Boomshakalaka!” when you dunk it, Big Head Mode, playing as then-President Clinton, it was — at the time — the best sports video game title at the time. Seventeen years and a few mediocre knockoffs later EA brought NBA Jam back to its glorious roots, revamping everything that made the original a classic; so why doesn’t it impress me as it once did?

NBA Jam features the original 2-on-2 baller with the current NBA Roster, along with hidden legends like Kevin McHale, Scottie Pippen and David Robinson to pass, push and slam through the quarters, with the original Jam commentator Kitzrow spouting his trademark phrases. Along with the classic mode players have the ability to battle it out in Remix Tour mode, where the hoop masters can face off in games of 21, Power-Up mode and (my personal favorite) Smash, where the first team to break their backboard wins. The more Jam Challenges you complete throughout the game the more items you unlock, which can range from special basketballs to secret characters like Dr. J, President Obama and the Democrats and the Beastie Boys.

Players have the option to control the game using the Wiimote, the Wiimote/Nunchuk combo and the Classic Controller. When playing with just the Wiimote or the Classic Controller the original feel of NBA Jam is right at your fingertips, and is still as easy as ever. The Wiimote/Nunchuk combo adds an extra challenge to the Jam experience, where you will have to flick the Wiimote at the precise moment to get the ball in, unlike the Classic Controller mode where you have to simply press a button at the right time. While adding a sort of realism to the game using the Wiimote/Nunchuk combination can be a tad frustrating, with the chances of missing or having the ball snatched away rising up more often than not. Having said that the realistic free throw movement makes the combo peripherals the must-play version of the controls.

The graphics in NBA Jam are far smoother than its original counterpart, thanks to its Flash-like appearance. While lacking in the realism department (which is the point) the graphics showcase the true cartoonish aspects of the game. These aspects showoff best in Power-Up modes, with players grabbing these abilities becoming either super strong, very elastic or quite tiny. Watching the ball and rim catch on fire after three consecutive baskets is also a thrill to watch. They also put in some nice details in the background, including the specific coaches to each team. (Shame we can’t unlock them and have ’em battle it out on the court.) The hip hop soundtrack also adds to the nostalgia of the game, not to mention the commentary from Kitzrow. Granted some of the lines in the game fall flat, but other quotes are very classic. After all it wouldn’t be NBA Jam without a few “It must be the shoes!” or “He’s on fire!” phrases.

The Wii version of NBA Jam is nothing short of completing what it was meant to do: reinvent the classic game for a brand-new generation. Everything that made the original NBA Jam a classic is still intact in this redo, and that, my friends, is one of the big problems of this game. Because of the evolution of games since the first NBA Jam was released the moves and fiery hoops aren’t as impressive as they once were. If they evolved the Jam experience the same way that, say, the world of Madden NFL Football had been we would’ve had a true successor to the NBA Jam name. Unfortunately what we were given was just the original game with updated rosters and a gloss of better graphics, not to mention no online mode for battling it out with people across the country.


  • Classic Jam modes, cool unlockables
  • Remix Tour has some fun moments
  • Kitzrow’s commentary is as refreshing as ever


  • Doesn’t add anything stellar to the franchise
  • 21 mode can be a bit frustrating
  • Online mode would’ve been nice


The new NBA Jam restores everything that made the classic game good again, but unfortunately leaves little for surprises. The game still is as fun as I can remember, but it’s not as fantastic as it once was. It’s definitely a great title to play with friends, but as a solo game it doesn’t leave a whole lot to jump for joy for. In short: NBA Jam is one “ka” short of a true “Boomshakalaka!”

FINAL GRADE: 7.2 (out of ten)

Episode LXX: The Traps Come To (THUD!) Zzzzzzzzz….

The Bastards want you to play a game. It’s called POGs!

This week the B3 crew give a more thorough view on the Lovesac furniture, and review the recent demos for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Dream Chronicles, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, Costume Quest, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and Super Meat Boy. The trio share their thoughts on the recent Blood Red Shoes concert, the week in sports and reveal why Saw 3D might be one of the worst movies of the year.

Episode LXVIII: White Dress & Combat Boots

The Bastards believe thoroughly that it’s better to be R.E.D. than dead.

This week the B3 crew discuss the rescue of the Chilean miners (seriously, they do!), and an Oh For Fuck’s Sake! about alcohol. Next the trio review the new movie Red, and Blueonic & Anvil look at the recent films Couple’s Retreat and The Stranger. Video games are on the table with reviews of the demos Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Dead Space Ignition and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, along with a full-on look at the game CSI: Deadly Intent. Finally Anvil gives his weekly take on sports.

The video version: