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Episode CLII: Is That A Parcel In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

The Bastards come racing down the busy freeway to bring you another new episode!

This week King Baby Duck is intrigued with the idea of late-night cookie deliveries, and is excited when two of his favorite Japanese bands are set to come back to Boston in October. The movie Premium Rush is reviewed, as are the demos for Sleeping Dogs and EA Sports NHL 13. Finally Blueonic goes head-to-head with his initial thoughts on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It all speeds past in a travel-sized program. It’s Episode 152: Is That A Parcel In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

Episode CLI: Nine Out Of Ten Atheists Even Agree That Chuck Norris Is God!

If you don’t listen to this show, he will punch you with his beard fist!

This week Blueonic is excited about Grid 2, but is cautiously optimistic with the changes in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. The Bastards are at opposite ends when it comes to the demo for Madden NFL 13, but soon come to an agreement with Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII. After all that (plus tangents) the B3 crew get their testosterone pumping when they chat about The Expendables 2.

Did he really just take out that tank just by staring it?! It’s Episode 151: Nine Out Of Ten Atheists Even Agree That Chuck Norris Is God!

Episode CXLIV: A Beer Bottle To The Back Of The Head Solves All The Problems!

This episode features a lot of military jazz hands!

This week the King tries to get a little political for a woman who was kicked off the Michigan’s House floor for uttering a “v-word,” the B3 crew look at the new Adam Sandler movie That’s My Boy, and Anvil gives his weekly sports report. Blueonic and Anvil share their thoughts on Lollipop Chainsaw, KBD tells about his trials and errors with the game Babel Rising, and Blueonic goes into detail about the new EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Finally the Hives’ new album Lex Hives is looked at.

Fill yourself up with cake and lollipops! It’s Episode 144: A Beer Bottle To The Back Of The Head Solves All The Problems!

"SSX": Snowblind Anyone?

I am loving SSX, plain and simple. They upped the awesomeness of this game by adding more characters, multiple locations from all around the world, and competing in different modes such as tricking, racing and the new survival.

The new SSX has taken the snowboarding game industry to a whole new level. I remembered years ago when I was playing Cool Boarders, as I wondered how it could ever get any better. Then I came upon the original SSX and it absolutely blew my mind. The reason for that was because through the design of the game you were able to have the characters do the most ridiculous tricks ever. Dealing with snowboards today you are either strapped in or they have those special step-in ones. This game, though, has it so when you do a jump the character can pop the snowboard off their feet and flip it around as if you were skateboarding. Granted that makes SSX somewhat unrealistic, but I think that one day some crazed bastard will come along and do something like that (seeing that the X-Games aren’t what it used to be).


For the plot of SSX, they have it so you’re playing the game as the female boarder Zoe for the first parts of each mountain you move on to. I’m not sure why they did it this way, but with each map you go to you conquer a mountain. Afterwards you get a special person for that specific mountain that has the proper equipment to deal with rough conditions such as armor for trees, ice picks for ice (DUH!), wing-suits for “gravity,” head lamp for “darkness,” an oxygen tank for “thin air,” and so forth. If you don’t have the proper equipment, you’ll basically be going nowhere fast. For the story you and the other characters of SSX go up against a deserter of the group called Griff, who broke off from the group. Apparently he was one of the main money contributors, and thought he could make snowboarding better, starting these side-to-side races against SSX for the fans. In the game every mountain you board with have you taking him on either by tricking or racing.


The game starts off in a really cool way: they drop you out of the helicopter at supposedly 8000 feet. You will notice that your character isn’t really going anywhere, as she seems to stay afloat. This does go through the motion, however, to get to know how to do the many tricks they have created. There are what I would like to call levels to the tricks, seeing that you need to build up to a second “TRICKY” level to pull off the bigger tricks by doing the main ones. Once that is up try not to use your boost too much going off ramps (I found my self to lose it easier that way), but upon completing tricks each individual letter will start to fill out. Once you complete the whole word you can bust the serious moves on the snowboard. You also get a cool effect when you land one of those tricks, where the ground warps in the coolest of ways.


I’ve heard people bitching about Survival Mode more than anything else in SSX. It’s not that big of a deal, however, as the complainers need to learn something called “multitasking”. The places they are putting you in are dangerous, of course, and they need the equipment to survive so they don’t die such as the oxygen mask. Some of these mountains will be in the in low altitude settings, so when you’re going downhill you have to keep the oxygen button going once and a while to make sure the screen doesn’t go completely black. Another one that is a bit complicated is the solar suit, where the conditions on the mountain are so cold that you need to stay in the sunlight in order to keep the character warm; otherwise you will freeze up and die.

The one I enjoyed the most was the wing-suit. (It’s like one of my personal dreams to go skydiving, and then get into a wing-suit and have some fun.) The designs of the wing-suit they have in SSX is pretty awesome beause it’s built into a backpack. All they need to do to deploy it is use these rip cords that as the top of it, and they can fly for good distances. However: don’t do it too much, because if you go too far you may not have enough speed to get off the next jump to deploy them again. There is one other mode called Rewind, where you can rewind to a safe spot in your gameplay if you find yourself in a terrible condition. When you do the rewind it’s in real time, so use it wisely!


SSX has a great selection of tracks that you can customize to what you like. If you are like me, you can use a custom music list from your Windows Media Player or what you’ve uploaded onto your Xbox. Here are the artists they have:

  • The Big Pink
  • Camo & Krooked
  • Dels
  • Digitalism
  • DJ Shadow
  • Felguk (feat. Example)
  • Flux Pavilion
  • Foster the People
  • Handsome Furs
  • The Herbaliser
  • The Hives
  • Hyper
  • J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science
  • Kid Digital
  • Konrad Old Money
  • Lateef the Truthspeaker
  • The Naked & Famous
  • Nero
  • Noisia
  • Pretty Lights
  • The Prototypes
  • The Qemists
  • Raffertie
  • Skrillex
  • Styrofoam Ones
  • Theophilus London
  • TRS-80
  • Turbowolf
  • Two Door Cinema Club
  • Zion I and the Grouch
  • Wretch 32.


The cool thing about the multiplayer they have developed in SSX is you don’t have to be online at the same time with your friends in order to race them. It also puts you up against other people you have never met, and you can add them on as friends in the game. They have it set so you’re racing the ghost of your friends, which is kind of crazy because it’s memorizing all the moves that your friend did. and is mimicing that on the screen next to and hopefully you can surpass them in a race or out do them in tricking. (I have not been able to play this one as much due to that fact that my Xbox 360 hard drive had a serious hiccup.  It’s now back, but I had to start from scratch, so this is probably as in-depth as I can get in this review.)


The above pic is one of the many interesting helicopters that you use in order to get up the mountain. Your chariot awaits for you to bring you up through the craziness of SSX.  The mountain chains you will be snowboarding down will be Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, Patagonia, Antarctica, the Alps, Africa, the Himalayas, Siberia, Japan, and New Zealand.



  • Phenomenal graphics
  • Great character selection
  • Cool music picks
  • Tons of mountains
  • Optimize button always a plus


  • Where’s Eddie?!?! (Apparently he is strictly a pre-order character)
  • Half-pipes are missing
  • Hard to tell what medal you got on the map.
  • Survival modes are a bitch (but that’s what challenges are for!)

FINAL GRADE: 9.4 (out of ten)

Game: SSX
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Genre: Racing
SSX Official Site

Episode CXXIV: Once A Bitch, Always A Canuck

A brand-new year, a brand-new episode!

This week King Baby Duck and Anvil share what they did over the break, jump right into the week of sports, and discuss their thoughts on Brock Lesner’s retirement announcement and Cris Cyborg’s steroid scandal. The new NFL Blitz game is put on the table, and the Kinect demos for Kung Fu: High Impact and Motionsports: Adrenaline are analyzed. Another chapter of the MBTA Oh For Fuck’s Sake! is put into the book, and Anvil does an actual anime review this time around for the classic Baki The Grappler.

Fresh out of the oven, it’s Episode 124: Once A Bitch, Always A Canuck!

Episode CXII: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!

With Blueonic absent the other two Bastards march on to bring you a brand-new episode.

This week the B3 crew discuss Manny Ramirez’s recent arrest, and get into an informative discussion on the legality of certain muscle enhancers. The duo talk about two recent MMA events, Cage Titans: United and AFO’s The Perfect Storm, and give their thoughts on the goings-on around the settings. A compare-and-contrast look is taken at the demos for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and FIFA 12, and King Baby Duck states his argument on why BloodRayne: Betrayal‘s new look is a good thing. Finally an under-the-radar British action comedy called Wild Target is given its proper dues, and Anvil shows why he’s excited for the new season of Sons of Anarchy.

Get your bets placed for Episode 112: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!

Episode CIX: Breaking Bones With Warhammers

The B3 crew punched Hurricane Irene in the face to bring you an all-new episode!

This week the Bastards chime in about why the Oakland Raiders have the worst fanbase on the planet, and wonder when Tim Wakefield is going to get his 200th win. The 2009 film Blood and Bone is on the table, as everyone wonders why Michael Jai White doesn’t get the proper respect he’s due. Anvil “reviews” the anime Tiger & Bunny, and the demos for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and NHL 12 are examined.

It’s all fresh out of the box here on Episode 109: Breaking Bones With Warhammers!

Episode LXXXVI: Bring Back The MVP!!!

Rants and raves galore fill today’s episode of the Boston Bastard Brigade, including a call-to-arms for the return of a beloved sports game series.

This week King Baby Duck talks about his recent concert experience at the Asobi Seksu/Brahams show, and Anvil & Mr. Cuse give their weekly sports reports. The B3 crew tell you why to avoid the MLB: The Show 11 demo like the plague, and plead with EA Sports to bring back their MVP Baseball series. King Baby Duck looks at the demos for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars and Yakuza 4, and end the show with a much deeper look at the new game Bulletstorm.

So what are you waiting for? Click away here for Episode 86: Bring Back The MVP!!!

Episode LXXXIII: Green & Yellow! Green & Yellow!

The Bastards gear up for the Super Bowl, even though their beloved Pats are not playing in it.

This week the B3 crew reviews the latest album from Cake, mourn the loss of the White Stripes but praise the revival of Death From Above 1979, as well as share why some musicians should stay on the pipe. Blueonic gives his thoughts on the films What Doesn’t Kill You, Frozen and The Secret Agent. Anvil has his sports moment, and King Baby Duck reviews the demos for EA Sports Fight Night Champion, Breach, A World of Keflings, Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 and Trinity: Souls of Zill O’Li.

It Has The Moves, But "Jam" Lacks The Groove

NBA Jam is one of my fondest memories of childhood. I sunk so many quarters into that machine that I swear I could’ve used that money to buy my own arcade cabinet. Of course when it finally was made for a home console I wasted no time buying it and playing the living hell out of my Sega Genesis. The flaming hoops, Tim Kitzrow shouting “Boomshakalaka!” when you dunk it, Big Head Mode, playing as then-President Clinton, it was — at the time — the best sports video game title at the time. Seventeen years and a few mediocre knockoffs later EA brought NBA Jam back to its glorious roots, revamping everything that made the original a classic; so why doesn’t it impress me as it once did?

NBA Jam features the original 2-on-2 baller with the current NBA Roster, along with hidden legends like Kevin McHale, Scottie Pippen and David Robinson to pass, push and slam through the quarters, with the original Jam commentator Kitzrow spouting his trademark phrases. Along with the classic mode players have the ability to battle it out in Remix Tour mode, where the hoop masters can face off in games of 21, Power-Up mode and (my personal favorite) Smash, where the first team to break their backboard wins. The more Jam Challenges you complete throughout the game the more items you unlock, which can range from special basketballs to secret characters like Dr. J, President Obama and the Democrats and the Beastie Boys.

Players have the option to control the game using the Wiimote, the Wiimote/Nunchuk combo and the Classic Controller. When playing with just the Wiimote or the Classic Controller the original feel of NBA Jam is right at your fingertips, and is still as easy as ever. The Wiimote/Nunchuk combo adds an extra challenge to the Jam experience, where you will have to flick the Wiimote at the precise moment to get the ball in, unlike the Classic Controller mode where you have to simply press a button at the right time. While adding a sort of realism to the game using the Wiimote/Nunchuk combination can be a tad frustrating, with the chances of missing or having the ball snatched away rising up more often than not. Having said that the realistic free throw movement makes the combo peripherals the must-play version of the controls.

The graphics in NBA Jam are far smoother than its original counterpart, thanks to its Flash-like appearance. While lacking in the realism department (which is the point) the graphics showcase the true cartoonish aspects of the game. These aspects showoff best in Power-Up modes, with players grabbing these abilities becoming either super strong, very elastic or quite tiny. Watching the ball and rim catch on fire after three consecutive baskets is also a thrill to watch. They also put in some nice details in the background, including the specific coaches to each team. (Shame we can’t unlock them and have ’em battle it out on the court.) The hip hop soundtrack also adds to the nostalgia of the game, not to mention the commentary from Kitzrow. Granted some of the lines in the game fall flat, but other quotes are very classic. After all it wouldn’t be NBA Jam without a few “It must be the shoes!” or “He’s on fire!” phrases.

The Wii version of NBA Jam is nothing short of completing what it was meant to do: reinvent the classic game for a brand-new generation. Everything that made the original NBA Jam a classic is still intact in this redo, and that, my friends, is one of the big problems of this game. Because of the evolution of games since the first NBA Jam was released the moves and fiery hoops aren’t as impressive as they once were. If they evolved the Jam experience the same way that, say, the world of Madden NFL Football had been we would’ve had a true successor to the NBA Jam name. Unfortunately what we were given was just the original game with updated rosters and a gloss of better graphics, not to mention no online mode for battling it out with people across the country.


  • Classic Jam modes, cool unlockables
  • Remix Tour has some fun moments
  • Kitzrow’s commentary is as refreshing as ever


  • Doesn’t add anything stellar to the franchise
  • 21 mode can be a bit frustrating
  • Online mode would’ve been nice


The new NBA Jam restores everything that made the classic game good again, but unfortunately leaves little for surprises. The game still is as fun as I can remember, but it’s not as fantastic as it once was. It’s definitely a great title to play with friends, but as a solo game it doesn’t leave a whole lot to jump for joy for. In short: NBA Jam is one “ka” short of a true “Boomshakalaka!”

FINAL GRADE: 7.2 (out of ten)