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New DLC Makes "Sniper Elite" Redux Worth Revisiting

Recently the guys over at Rebellion and 505 Games released new DLC for the very well-made game Sniper Elite V2, and for once they delivered with what I’ve been asking for!

So if you have not been able to play this game you may want to download the demo, as it will blow your mind literally and figuratively. With the new DLC, they have split the multiplayer in two. There is now the co-op section that was originally placed in the game that was awesome to play during the first month of its lifespan. However there’s only so much fun you can have just sitting there and blasting away Nazi bots with someone else in the multiplayer realm. With that said they finally made an Adversarial add-on.

Adversarial has added the aspect of playing against other people online with new maps, which will really test those sniper skills you obtained from playing the in-game content. Surprisingly they have a good amount added in, such as Team Deathmatch (cross and no cross versions), Deathmatch, Team Distance King (cross and no cross), and Distance King. Deathmatch is pretty much self-explanatory, but for the one that has no cross. This one has taken the aspect of the map and split it in two. The two teams start on their opposite sides, and they only have their rifles at the ready to find the enemy and take them out. They can not pass go on the barrier, let alone collect the 200 dollars. I find this makes it fun because then you don’t have to worry about people sneaking up on you and getting killed a bunch of times.

Now your probably wondering what the Distance King is? This is the setup of where the team or individual with the longest total distance shot win! The other thing they have added to this is the amount of distance that is taken in each kill shot. Believe me: it’s pretty challenging when you place as a Marksman or Sharpshooter in the game. You do need to pay a lot of attention to the distance, as well as the windage of the shot. I’ve gotten good shots off, but then when you’re at the longest distance possible it’s like one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with. You’ve got to imagine trying to shoot a bullet that doesn’t have any extra powder in it, and then gauge how much drop there will be. I found myself in sniper battles with people where you can see the trail of the bullet coming from the other opponent, and it’s awesome to see how much the bullet has curved.


I have to bow down to the awesomeness of this game. It’s what I have been looking for since the original game came out on the original Xbox, and did I mention it’s free?! Another thing I must mention for a lovely 400 XBL points ($5.00 on PSN) you can buy the new gun add-on which gives you the M1 Carbine rifle, the MP44 SMG, and the Webley Mk6 Revolver. I found these new add-ons to be amazing!

But to be a bit straight forward to you, the only problems that I have found with the game is that people have found glitches. (Go figure, right?) More or less the people who do it should be beaten with in an inch of your life. They find ways to get into walls where they can shoot out, but no one can shoot in. A beautiful thing that they built into the game is the vote kick, ergo kicking the cheater out. Also with the new guns I found that the Webley MK6 seems to be a bit over powered. I was on one of the maps, and it seemed that there was one guy that kept running up behind us, even after laying land/trip mines down. He could come up and just quickly do one shot to take them out. I know some revolvers are a bit strong, but I’m not sure if that pistol is that strong.

Besides that little negative aspect (which is almost in every game, where someone is trying to ruin everyone else’s fun) The new add-on for Sniper Elite V2 is exactly what I’ve been looking for. So plop down in your favorite chair, pull out the binoculars, and prepare to play the best hide-and-seek sniper game ever! I’m serious, this is the challenge of patience timing and skill that is needed in a game such as this. Again most of our latest generation has a patience and attention span of a walnut, so if you have the capabilities of patience and everything else it is to be an Elite Sniper this game is for you!

FINAL GRADE: 10 (out of ten)

Game: Sniper Elite V2
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion, 505 Games, Ubisoft (Japan)
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Genre: Third-person/first-person shooter

Check out my other review of the full game here!

P.S.: Keep your eyes open for the glint of the sniper scope!

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Episode 262: Gears of War 3 Is a Delicious Part of Your Nutritious Breakfast

Gears of War 3 Playable Characters

Yeeeahhh Boi!

OH HAI Monday! Ready to start your week off with a bowl full of Awesomesauce? Great! We’ve got a brand new episode of the ESH Podcast ready for you, and this one is chock-fulla Gears of War 3 goodness.

This week the ladies from the land of ESH are focused on Epic’s finally soon to be released final installment of the Gears franchise, Gears of War 3 on the Xbox 360. We spend the whole show talking about what we expect, goodies you can get and run through the various DLC, Season Pass and UPC bundles available to satiate your Gears needs.

Later on in the week we will share first-time-hands-on experiences with you and update you next week as to whether or not Gears 3 lives up to the hype. For now, grab a frosty beverage and enjoy ESH Podcast Episdoe 262: Gears of War 3 Is a Delicious Part of Your Nutritious Breakfast

DLC Update: Fallout New Vegas "Lonesome Road" Pack Available Soon’s for real this time! Bethesda, publishers of the Fallout franchise announced today in a press release that the Lonesome Road add-on pack as well as two additional DLC packs – Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal – will be available late September.

Lonesome Road is the fourth DLC pack to be announced for the Fallout New Vegas game. It was set for an initial late July release but was later pushed back. However today we – finally – got our confirmed date as well as some more goodness to follow the preceding week.

Fallout fanatics, circle September 20th and 27th on your calendars – in pen not pencil – because that’s when you’ll be able to own Lonesome Road, Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal respectively.

Set about 800 MS Points (9.99 USD on PSN and Steam) aside for Lonesome Road and about an estimated 480 MS Points (approx 6.00 USD on PSN and Steam) total for the other two DLC Packs.

Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal will give players access to the other four content bundles that were only available through preordering the game:The Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack and Tribal Pack. Each of these packs will give the player unique weapons, apparel and aid advantages to keep things interesting. Gun Runner’s Arsenal will give all those new unique weapons more impact with increased range, more mods, ammo types and more things to be discovered in the Mojave Wasteland.

September looks fun for the Fallout Faithful.

More Dead Space 2? Yes Please.

Let’s face it, Dead Space 2 was a fantastic game.  When Visceral announced they were going to release single-player DLC so soon, I was overjoyed.  I’ve gotten a chance to download and play Dead Space 2: Severed, but did it live up to the greatness that was Isaac Clark’s second dance with the necromorphs?  Read on to find out.

One of the best things about Dead Space 2 are all the atmospheric locales that you get a chance to visit during your stay at the Sprawl.  With Severed, if you enjoyed them the first time, then this is very good news for you.  Most of the rooms you’ll find in this extra are ones that, assuming you’ve played through the main quest, should look familiar to you.  The major difference is that you are heading in the opposite direction.  To its credit, with the paths that were chosen, being able to experience the rooms in reverse actually made them seem quite different.  Probably my favorite part was being able to take it slow through the psych ward, which pretty much requires you to get out of there quickly the first time through.

The gameplay remains exactly the same, but I personally took this opportunity to try and focus on using some of the weapons that I ignored my first time around.  As part of your character, you get a supped up pulse rifle and a special seeker rifle.  The only bummer part of that is when you start a new game with Severed, while you can still earn single-player trophies/achievements, it resets all of the counters for earning them.  The story, while I hope it may eventually have something to do with later installments, could easily be written off, but was fairly fun and interesting to take part in.  It’s not quite as amazing as the main story, but if you’re hungering for more Dead Space 2 action, then it’ll do just fine.

All in all, Dead Space 2: Severed is a fun extension of the single-player content of the game.  With only two chapters, there’s not quite enough time for as solid a story to be developed, but if you’re a die hard fan of the game and you just can’t live without some more content, this is definitely just what you’re looking for.

John Marston Rides Again.

Halloween has come and gone but there are a few things left to remember it by. One of these is Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. At ten dollars, this DLC is a steal for what it provides. Two new online games modes and a brand new adventure in single player filled with old characters, new challenges, and a whole lot of zombies.

Right away this stuck out to me because the zed word was attached to it. I’m sure a lot of gamers felt the same way. I can assure you that the undead is not the only appealing factor for this DLC pack though. With something for everyone from multiplayer to singleplayer, and with over 1.7 GB to download, Rockstar doesn’t disappoint with this endeavor.

The new singleplayer story line is quite well written, just as the original story for Red Dead Redemption was. It starts in a similar way, too: With John having a mission to save his wife and son, killing anyone, or anything, that gets in his way. The story seems to be in an alternate timeline and picks up after John has been reunited with his family, but before being shot to hell by the US Marshalls. Now Rockstar could have taken the story straight from an old Romero film, something about radiation, walking dead, hide your kids, hide your wife, blah blah blah. What we got instead was a beautifully written tale about a man trying to save his family from a mysterious and supernatural threat.

To be honest, I would have preferred that Rockstar left the cause of the outbreak a complete mystery. The entire game is spent hearing from survivors that it was this or that, and knowing none of them are right. For me, the ending was a bit lax, the final level not hard enough, and lead up not tense in the slightest. But everything before the ending is an A+ in my book. Meeting with old friends and helping them to save their town, or putting two in their brain and making sure they stay in their grave this time. Rockstar really raises the bar for story telling with this game, and Undead Nightmare is no exception.

Story is great and all, but what about the action? The unadulterated fun of having a pack of flesh-eating maniacs bearing down on you as you pick them off with well-placed shells from your shotgun? It is here in spades. The zombies are spread into four archetypes: your basic freshly made corpse, shambling, biting, and scratching. Then you have your bolters, the fast type of zombies, this game goes the extra creepy mile in the design of these crazies, making them run on all fours as they advance on you faster than you can get your gun from its holster. Bruisers are big ol’ monsters with a charge attack that will knock you off your feet, and hit points to spare. Finally we have the retchers, radioactive zombies with a spit attack that explode upon re-death.

Not to mention all the undead versions of the animals roaming the plains, skinless cougars, headless coyotes; the bears and wolves haven’t changed that much, though they are still just as pants-shittingly huge and annoying as hell in packs, respectively. I also noticed a lot more goats all over the place, and they are all black in color, with enlarged horns. I am assuming it’s some sort of satanic symbol to go with all the rest of the hell-on-earth stuff. Along with the undead animals there are a few legendary beasts to tame and kill. From Sasquatch to ride-able unicorns that leave rainbows in their wake. There are plenty of new challenges that involve killing the undead in their various forms, and a slew of new weapons to do it with.

A torch replaces your trusty skinnin’ knife and is the perfect tool for fending off your brain-craving adversaries when you run low on ammo. Undead bait is a new thrown item that attracts the undead to where it is thrown, and when combined with dynamite has bloody results. Holy water is basically a fire bottle that only hurts zombies, the blue fire looks much cooler though. And the blunderbuss is a weapon that makes the explosive rifle look like a pea shooter. You can load it with anything, and that means anything you find on the corpses of the undead. Ribs, eyes, tongues, claws, teeth, all of these make excellent projectiles, and the blunderbuss will turn a tight pack of zombies into a cloud of red mist.

I spent so much time playing the singleplayer campaign that I hardly had time to try out the new multiplayer modes. Undead Overrun is your basic horde mode. Wave after wave of zombies, each level with a time limit that can be increased by opening a coffin that spawns with ammo inside. Up to four players can play and have to beat each wave by killing a certain amount of zombies to fill up a red bar. Downed players can be revived, and will need to be if you want to fill your undead death quota. Holy water acts a little differently in this mode, just try it out to see, you won’t be disappointed.

Land grab like king of the hill, something I am terrible at, I can admit it. Thus, I haven’t spent much time with it, but it can certainly be fun defending your territory from other players that will do anything to take it from you. There are also some new undead skins to use in multiplayer, including Zombie Rickets (pictured above). For ten dollars, Rockstar delivered a gem for anyone out there that likes to put the walking dead back to rest. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone who enjoyed the main game either, that same charm from Marston and the gang is still there, just a bit more.. grim. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back on my unicorn and live in harmony, harmony oh love.