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ESH Podcast # 312: Pickles & Bioshock- What More Can You Ask For?

These are a few of Panda’s favorite things Another Monday has come and the sistahs have another podcast episode for you all to enjoy. However this episode is Ninja intensive. And yes it’s because Panda was not prepared. This week’s episode heavy on the games and light on the tech–but hey at least they have […]

ESH Podcast Episode # 309: In Case Of Flaming Panda–Click Here.

You’ve been warned. Just in case you have encountered a flaming panda–click here Now that that is over and done with, the sistahs have now entered what they call “Broke Bitch October” That is right, pre holiday is slowly setting in and everyones wallets are in danger of being void of $$$. Ninja talks about […]

Episode CXLVIII: Gaming Resistance Is Futile!!!

It’s another super-sized Podcast episode. All gaming, some tangents! Plus the Issues Guy joins in on the fun!

This week the B3 Crew and Issues Guy share their most favorite and least-favorite games of 2012 so far. Other discussions include how Call of Duty should better itself in the near-future, what Nintendo needs to do to get gamers to buy the WiiU, and predictions on what the next big game will be for the second half of the year are thrown around.

It’s long, it’s crazy, but it will fill your belly with laughter! It’s Episode 148: Gaming Resistance Is Futile!!!

“Dishonored” Is Revenge Best Served Bloody

Bethesda was all the hype when it came to the upcoming release of Eldar Scrolls Online, but there is one other title they are releasing later this year that might deserve your attention. Called Dishonored, the first-person title has you playing an assassin with some unique powers.

Before going hands-on with it, the developers shared with us a small demonstration on how the game works. For it they brought up a mission where your character Corvo Atano has to take out two brothers in the town’s brothel. They showed us the two ways you could handle your missions: the undetected approach and the blaze of glory approach.

They first showed us how to be a sneaky assassin in Dishonored. Unlike other assassin games Atano possesses some very unique abilities to help in eliminating his targets. You could do a dash-styled warp to help get to areas out of reach, although you cannot do it through walls. Players can also take control of characters in the area, and then simply warp out of them when they were no longer necessary.

To sneak into the brothel Atano warped into a fish, and then proceeds to swim through the sewer system and into the building. Once there he silently took out a couple guards via summoning a plague of rats, which eats them bones and all so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. You then headed downstairs where the first brother is. There you will warp into the room next door, turn the steam wheel all the way up, and then watch as the brother is cooked alive.

The next target looked to be a bit trickier. You first have to quietly steal a key from one of the brothel owners, and then proceed to the room where he is with a maiden of the night. This particular brother has a drinking problem, so you take advantage of that situation and warp outside, and get close enough so you can take control of his body. Once you do you walk the brother out onto the balcony, warp out of him, and then use a wind power to push him off the building. You then quickly have to warp out of sight, so the prostitute will think he fell from a drunken stupor.

They then showed what happens if you went about the same mission with all guns blazing. Unfortunately it’s a lot tougher than it sounds, as the guards that come out when you are spotted outnumber you greatly. You will be able to take them out no problem, but it will probably waste your bullets and a lot of your power. Sure enough the developer found himself dying a minute into this attempt.

In the Bethesda booth I was given mission that had Atano kidnapping a well-known scientist and taking him to a boat below the town’s bridge. After taking out the guards via throat-slashing I found myself in the mood to experiment with the powers given to me. As soon as I found myself inside the scientist’s headquarters I tried taking out the guards by summoning the plague. While one guard did go down quickly from the attack, I had to use my pistol and dagger to take out the others.

Once the guards were handled I warped into a rat and crawled through a small opening on the second floor. The opening led me to where the scientist was, who I snuck up behind and subdued. Now the tough part: escaping with the conked-out hostage on my shoulder. While warping down to the ground was easy enough, it was when I came across one of the electric stilt guards that had me stuck. I tried to him out with what I had left for ammo, but alas I found myself demising untimely.

So far the world of Dishonored has me intrigued. Taking place in a steampunk world that runs on whale oil the game has a sheer amount of character, and the abilities you are given as the game progresses are out of this world. Think what would happen if Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock were combined, and you will have somewhat of a good idea of what to expect from this game.

Dishonored is due for release October 9th on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. While there will be quite a few assassin titles coming out this year on all the consoles, this game has a unique personality that will surely stand out amongst the other ones.