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Episode CLI: Nine Out Of Ten Atheists Even Agree That Chuck Norris Is God!

If you don’t listen to this show, he will punch you with his beard fist!

This week Blueonic is excited about Grid 2, but is cautiously optimistic with the changes in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. The Bastards are at opposite ends when it comes to the demo for Madden NFL 13, but soon come to an agreement with Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII. After all that (plus tangents) the B3 crew get their testosterone pumping when they chat about The Expendables 2.

Did he really just take out that tank just by staring it?! It’s Episode 151: Nine Out Of Ten Atheists Even Agree That Chuck Norris Is God!

Episode CXLVII: The Bane Of Our Existence

Comics, comics, comics! The Bastards get neck-deep into the realm of superheroes and powers beyond human capabilities, and they called in a specialist to help with the matter…

Russ Pirozek of DigitalNoob guests on an all-new episode, as he shares his experiences about this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and the plethora of what-if scenarios that comic book fans & geeks have pondered about for many years. Plus the B3 crew chat about their opinions on the recent films The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises, as well as the tragedy that befell in Colorado during a midnight screening.

Justice will be served with a swift kick in the groin in this super deluxe episode! It’s Episode 147: The Bane Of Our Existence.


Episode CXLVI: FLASH! AH AH!!!

After nearly a two-year absence, a fallen Bastard arises from the ashes and rejoins the brotherhood!

This week the B3 crew welcome back Dark Heart, and jump into the heart of news in the music realm. A classic Boston radio station bites the dust while another is reborn online, and a Lamb of God is charged with MURDER?! The trio review the new m-flo album Square One, showcasing how to properly bring two genres of music together, while the guys point out other bands who failed when trying to do the same. Finally the movies Prometheus and Ted are examined deeply, going from the mythos of the Alien franchise to the importance of cheesy 80s sci-fi films.

Strap in and prepare for a while ride in a silver chariot! It’s Episode 146: FLASH! AH AH!!!

Episode LV: Mindfuck Monopoly 101 With Christopher Nolan

The Bastards have prepared a snack-sized version of their show for those with less time to listen (and need more time to dream).

This week Anvil discusses the week in sports, ranging from Celtics draft picks to the death of a Yankee legend. Plus all five B3 members give their take on the new Christopher Nolan film Inception, Dark Heart reviews The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Anvil & Pink Taco give their own opinions of Despicable Me.

Episode LIV: Dances With Predators

The Bastards celebrate their one-year anniversary with a super-deluxe episode!

This week the B3 crew looks back at their favorite moments of the past 53 episodes. Plus they put their two cents in on Toy Story 3, Predators, Wrong Side of Town, Stan Helsing, the week in sports and an “Oh For Fuck’s Sake!” over Happy Meal lawsuits.

Episode LIII: Brokedick The Last Airbender

How bad is The Last Airbender? Really, really bad!

This week the Bastards discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Last Airbender, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught, Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4, Crackdown 2 and the week in sports.

Episode LII: Slobberknocker!

When the Duck’s away, the other Bastards take the reins!

This week the B3 crew discuss the week in sports, the movies Knight and Day and Unthinkable and an “Oh, For Fuck’s Sake!” about the opposite sex!

No Borders No Race **SNEAK PREVIEW**

While the King is away on a trip (and the next episode of B3 in post-production), the Bastards would like to present a sneak preview of a (possible) upcoming side-Podcast show.

Since 2006 King Baby Duck and Blueonic have been hosting the J-POP/Alternative radio show No Borders No Race on 91.7 WMWM Salem. However with time constraints due to work inside and outside of B3 the duo haven’t been able to do the radio show for a few weeks. That is why they are considering doing another Podcast show to keep supporting musical artists from Japan, America, Canada, UK, Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

Here’s a special sneak preview of the show. The playlist is as followed (with links to preview & purchase the albums):

  1. the pillows – Melody (from OOParts)
  2. GO!GO!7188 – Chikyuu Saigo no hi (from Antenna)
  3. Suneohair – Aimokawarazu (from SUN!NEO!AIR!)
  4. Ketchup mania – Pink Water (from F.L.A.G.)
  5. Turbonegro – Wipe It Til It Bleeds (from Scandinavian Leather)
  6. detroit7 – Down Beat (from Black & White)
  7. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – Smokin’ Billy (from Gear Blues)
  9. Hunter Valentine – Break This (from The Impatient Romantic)
  10. chatmonchy – CAT WALK (from Kokuhaku)
  11. THE CHERRY COKE$ – Graceful Harvest (from Rouse Up)
  12. PUFFY – I Don’t Wanna (from Bring it!)
  13. Detroit Metal City – Fuckingham Kyuuden (from Makai yuugi ~for the movie~)
  14. Molice – Into You (from Catalystrock)
  15. FLiP – Bad Communication (from Kanshou Chuudoku)
  16. Nujabes – Luv (sic.) pt3 feat. Shing02 (from modal soul)

Episode LI: Life’s a Beach!

For almost a year her name has been spoken of, but no one knew if she truly existed. This week she makes her grand debut, making it the first time ever the five original Bastards are in the same episode.

Pink Taco (FINALLY!!!) joins the B3 crew, as they touch on such topics as Slash’s solo album, the highlights of this year’s E3, an “Oh For Fuck’s Sake!” dealing with the cutting of librarians in the school system and a quick week in sports. Also there’s an ice cream truck playing in the background somewhere.

Episode L: We Pity The Fool!

The Bastards love it when a plan comes together!

On their 50th episode (already?!) the B3 crew discuss the movie The A-Team, the week in sports, Dunkin’ Donuts VS Starbucks VS mom-&-pop chains, the anime Baccano!, the new album by Stone Temple Pilots, the recent show from the_Stampede and the video game The Saboteur.