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ESH Podcast # 312: Pickles & Bioshock- What More Can You Ask For?

These are a few of Panda’s favorite things Another Monday has come and the sistahs have another podcast episode for you all to enjoy. However this episode is Ninja intensive. And yes it’s because Panda was not prepared. This week’s episode heavy on the games and light on the tech–but hey at least they have […]

ESH Podcast Episode # 309: In Case Of Flaming Panda–Click Here.

You’ve been warned. Just in case you have encountered a flaming panda–click here Now that that is over and done with, the sistahs have now entered what they call “Broke Bitch October” That is right, pre holiday is slowly setting in and everyones wallets are in danger of being void of $$$. Ninja talks about […]

“Dishonored” Is Revenge Best Served Bloody

Bethesda was all the hype when it came to the upcoming release of Eldar Scrolls Online, but there is one other title they are releasing later this year that might deserve your attention. Called Dishonored, the first-person title has you playing an assassin with some unique powers.

Before going hands-on with it, the developers shared with us a small demonstration on how the game works. For it they brought up a mission where your character Corvo Atano has to take out two brothers in the town’s brothel. They showed us the two ways you could handle your missions: the undetected approach and the blaze of glory approach.

They first showed us how to be a sneaky assassin in Dishonored. Unlike other assassin games Atano possesses some very unique abilities to help in eliminating his targets. You could do a dash-styled warp to help get to areas out of reach, although you cannot do it through walls. Players can also take control of characters in the area, and then simply warp out of them when they were no longer necessary.

To sneak into the brothel Atano warped into a fish, and then proceeds to swim through the sewer system and into the building. Once there he silently took out a couple guards via summoning a plague of rats, which eats them bones and all so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. You then headed downstairs where the first brother is. There you will warp into the room next door, turn the steam wheel all the way up, and then watch as the brother is cooked alive.

The next target looked to be a bit trickier. You first have to quietly steal a key from one of the brothel owners, and then proceed to the room where he is with a maiden of the night. This particular brother has a drinking problem, so you take advantage of that situation and warp outside, and get close enough so you can take control of his body. Once you do you walk the brother out onto the balcony, warp out of him, and then use a wind power to push him off the building. You then quickly have to warp out of sight, so the prostitute will think he fell from a drunken stupor.

They then showed what happens if you went about the same mission with all guns blazing. Unfortunately it’s a lot tougher than it sounds, as the guards that come out when you are spotted outnumber you greatly. You will be able to take them out no problem, but it will probably waste your bullets and a lot of your power. Sure enough the developer found himself dying a minute into this attempt.

In the Bethesda booth I was given mission that had Atano kidnapping a well-known scientist and taking him to a boat below the town’s bridge. After taking out the guards via throat-slashing I found myself in the mood to experiment with the powers given to me. As soon as I found myself inside the scientist’s headquarters I tried taking out the guards by summoning the plague. While one guard did go down quickly from the attack, I had to use my pistol and dagger to take out the others.

Once the guards were handled I warped into a rat and crawled through a small opening on the second floor. The opening led me to where the scientist was, who I snuck up behind and subdued. Now the tough part: escaping with the conked-out hostage on my shoulder. While warping down to the ground was easy enough, it was when I came across one of the electric stilt guards that had me stuck. I tried to him out with what I had left for ammo, but alas I found myself demising untimely.

So far the world of Dishonored has me intrigued. Taking place in a steampunk world that runs on whale oil the game has a sheer amount of character, and the abilities you are given as the game progresses are out of this world. Think what would happen if Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock were combined, and you will have somewhat of a good idea of what to expect from this game.

Dishonored is due for release October 9th on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. While there will be quite a few assassin titles coming out this year on all the consoles, this game has a unique personality that will surely stand out amongst the other ones.

Bethesda Softworks Announces Tango Gameworks New Project!

Bethesda has an announcement that drips survival horror. Yesterday Bethesda Softworks announced that Tango Gameworks is working on their latest project, a survival horror game under the codename: Zwei. Tango Gameworks has come on board with survival horror master and director, Shinji Mikami. Who is recognized for my personal favorite survival horror game series: Resident […]

"Rage" Fuels The Bloodlust, Lacks Strong Storytelling Elements

If there’s one thing you can always count on id Software to do, it’s make a first-person shooter that will leave your heart racing. With an impressive resume under their arm (Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake) — along with a company like Bethesda backing them — it seems like a no-brainer that anything id Software does will hit one out of the park. At E3 this past year I was blown away by what I had seen of its latest baby Rage, which had me at the edge of my seat as I tackled its demo. However a semi-bitter aftertaste was left in my mouth after playing the full version of this beast.

Players take control of a person known as an Ark Survivor, who must rid the desert of mutants and other bandits that wish to harm the rest of what remains of the human race. Ranging from collecting data to simply blowing away enemies in your amped-up dune buggy, gamers partake on various missions in order to find out the truth behind the goings-on in this post-apocalyptic world. While taking on these missions you also take part in races to earn points & cash to upgrade your vehicle and purchase more weaponry; the latter, of course, being most important.

Rage has the honor of being the absolute best-looking game currently on any console. Moving at 60 frames a second, the characters and worlds simply jump out at you (sometimes literally). Not even most computer-animated films look as good as this title, as there is heavy detail in just every person you run into; the mutants and nasty creatures are even more frightening than any zombie found in Dead Island. The areas you roam through like Wellspring and the Dead City look almost too real to be made by any sort of coding, giving way to much character in just about every room you step foot in.

There are times where it took some time for a room to be fully rendered, though, so some patience may be needed before you run through every since room; not to mention the loading times can be a pain. There is also a small drawback to a game running at 60 fps: the enemy AI. Since there is no lag at all in the single player game these mutants and bandits will come out at you without any sort of hesitation. In laymen’s terms: you’ll find yourself shooting all over the place and missing your target at least half the time.

Fortunately id Software has not lost its old-school FPS roots when it comes to ammo and items. With the money and racing points you earn you can buy just about an unlimited supply of guns, secondary weapons, ammo, and other items needed to make more powerful weapons. You can also find items laying around the various levels, and can pick them all up without having to worry about running out of space in your bottomless carry-on pack. It may take away a bit from the strategy aspect of the game, but you’ll be thanking Rage for letting you keep that rocket launcher to thwart off a gang of mutants in the long run.

As mentioned the high frame-rate in the game will make it tough at times to aim at your enemies, but you have a strong advantage on your hands thanks to its control scheme. It should be noted, first off, that you have the option to change the control scheme to however it feels comfortable the most while playing; something that I had to do while in combat mode. Taking aim at your enemies hiding behind a rock has never been this simple, as the game rewards you for taking your time while looking for the sweet spot on your opponent’s body. Using secondary weapons such as the remote controlled bomb and wingstick come in handy during intense moments, also rewarding you with bloody hilarity if you use them right.

Rage isn’t also just a fun first-person shooter, but also a great racer. In the town of Wellspring you’ll be able to sign up for various races to earn points, cash, and street credibility. The mechanics found in these races are almost as good as the ones you see Codemasters and EA Black Box creating in their franchises. Yes, these races can be pretty straightforward (beat a specific time, get first place, be the last vehicle standing), but thanks to its gameplay elements and control scheme they are also a lot of fun to tackle on.

There is, unfortunately, an Achilles’ Heel found in Rage: its storyline. For the life of me I have not been able to figure out what is really going on in this game. Why was I chosen to be a survivor when the asteroid was about to hit? What’s this special gift that these people claim I have? What is it about these survivors from the past that make them wanted by The Authority? I found myself asking more questions about what was going on in this game than there were answers, and for that Rage made me feel like I had no real purpose playing this game.

Rage has a run time of about ten to twelve hours, depending on which difficulty level you have it set on. There are also a few side quests to go on while the main game happens, but they’re quite miniscule. Wellspring also hosts some mini-games that range from speed-stabbing to an RPG-styled card game. There are also two online modes: a free-for-all vehicle race battle mode and a co-op mission mode that explains some of the back story going on while the main game is happening.


  • Best damn looking game ever made
  • Strong gameplay elements, control aspects are heavily regarded
  • Racing is more fun than it is let on


  • Story is very uninspired
  • Enemies are a bitch at 60 fps
  • Could’ve used more side quests, online modes


There is no better looking title out there on consoles than Rage, and it plays like a true beauty. Unfortunately its uninspired story will probably leave you forgetting this game existed as soon as you finish it. A shame, considering it’s the type of first-person shooter gamers have been wanting companies like DICE and Infinity Ward to create for their storied franchises. Definitely give Rage a spin to see how id Software does FPS gaming right, but also bear witness to how not to tell a worthwhile tale.

FINAL GRADE: 8.0 (out of ten)

Episode 270: This Is Big — Big Big Big — Like HUGE

20111114-221238.jpg Monday, new podcast episode. This week the ladies talk Broke Bitch November with NinJa’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review while Panda tears herself away from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim long enough to talk about it.

If you hadn’t already heard, the sistah’s have declared November of 2011 “Broke Bitch November”, highlighting just how much money would be flying out of their respective wallets (and your wallets too) this month toward the purchase of quite a few “must play now” titles. (Like Skyrim and MW3) The ladies share some of their MW3 midnight launch experience, as well as knee-jerk reactions to the massive world that is Skyrim. Xenocore (of Ultimate Quest fame, and kick ass musician) also appears in this episode reviewing Ubisoft’s recently released music learning game, Rocksmith.

The episode is chock full of awesome, so grab your favorite frost beverage and enjoy Episode 270: It’s Big — Big Big Big — Like HUGE

DLC Update: Fallout New Vegas "Lonesome Road" Pack Available Soon’s for real this time! Bethesda, publishers of the Fallout franchise announced today in a press release that the Lonesome Road add-on pack as well as two additional DLC packs – Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal – will be available late September.

Lonesome Road is the fourth DLC pack to be announced for the Fallout New Vegas game. It was set for an initial late July release but was later pushed back. However today we – finally – got our confirmed date as well as some more goodness to follow the preceding week.

Fallout fanatics, circle September 20th and 27th on your calendars – in pen not pencil – because that’s when you’ll be able to own Lonesome Road, Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal respectively.

Set about 800 MS Points (9.99 USD on PSN and Steam) aside for Lonesome Road and about an estimated 480 MS Points (approx 6.00 USD on PSN and Steam) total for the other two DLC Packs.

Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal will give players access to the other four content bundles that were only available through preordering the game:The Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack and Tribal Pack. Each of these packs will give the player unique weapons, apparel and aid advantages to keep things interesting. Gun Runner’s Arsenal will give all those new unique weapons more impact with increased range, more mods, ammo types and more things to be discovered in the Mojave Wasteland.

September looks fun for the Fallout Faithful.

E3 Lets The "Rage" Boil In Gamers’ Blood

Rage is one of this year’s most hotly anticipated titles, and after going hands-on with it at E3 there are plenty of reasons why.

Developed by id Software (the same folks that brought us Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake) and published by Bethesda Rage will have players take the role of a survivor in 2038, where a meteorite impact has caused the world to let all hell break loose. Hostels and mutants reek havoc on what’s left of Earth, and it’s up to you to restore order in your area. With your trusty dune buggy you must travel throughout the land to blow away the freaks and creatures that aim to strike fear into the hearts of the remaining survivors.

At E3 I was able to go hands-on with the Mutant Bash TV level. In it your character participates in a game show where you’ll have to kill mutants in the quickest time possible to earn cash. You enter a certain section of the TV studio, and the mutants enter through the floor, doors and Futurama-styled pipe entries. As soon as I walked onto the game show floor the mutants came charging at me, with my initial response being to shoot until everything in the room is dead. Easier said than done, for the AI in Rage is ridiculously hard. I found it took roughly twenty shots to kill the weakest of characters. However when it came to take on the final boss of the level (a Kraken-inspired freak of nature) I wound up destroying him in under a minute, which was quicker than dealing with a regular mutant.

I had a bittersweet experience with the controls. The good news is it’s easy to switch weapons and use the secondary ones, sometimes while in the toughest parts of battle. Meleeing is also far easy than in most games, coming in as second-nature to what you do in the game. However because of the speed of the AI it was almost impossible for me to aim properly at the mutants, leaving me to waste more of my ammo than actually use. Trust me when I said that easy melee maneuver will come in handy when six of those creatures are slicing at you all at once. One big side of Rage features some of the most gorgeous graphics I’ve seen in a game at E3. Everything from the scratches on your dune buggy to the facial expressions on the mutants was heavily detailed, and with the game running at sixty frames per second and no lag it is clear that not a second of the four years it has taken to create the game have not been wasted.

What I saw at E3 was just a fraction of what to expect when Rage is released, a title that will also include two multiplayer modes, weapon and buggy customization and even Burnout-styled racing. With a release date of October 4th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC id Software is gearing up to show once again why they’re the true kings of heart-stopping first-person shooters, and with Bethesda on their side Rage is looking to blow people away with its stellar graphics and apocalyptic gameplay. Just prepare to use your melee skills to the fullest potential, and savor the bullets for when the right moments come.

Episode 243: The Proof Is In the Pudding (Mmmmmm, Pudding)

This week we have a bunch of really great looking games hitting store shelves and the sistah’s cover a bunch of them in this week’s episode of the podcast. All big-name titles this week the ladies of the land of ESH are focused on the Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, Michael Jackson: The Experience (Kinect version) and more.

NinJa starts off the show with the Warner Bros. release of arcade (and Sega Genesis) fan favorite Mortal Kombat including which bundles are really full of value and which leave little to offer the purchaser before moving on to Valve’s long-awaited Portal sequel, Portal 2. Not to be left out of the conversation, Pandalicious jumps in with her thoughts on the two titles as well as Ubisoft’s Michael Jackson: The Experience release on the Xbox 360 Kinect system and Bethesda’s newly moved up May launch of Brink.

This episode is chock-full of video game review and recommendations, but more importantly, it’s chock-full of coffee-infused-sisters – which is what you need to be (coffee infused, that is) – if you want to keep up with this week’s ESH Podcast Episode: 243: The Proof Is In the Pudding (Mmmmmm, Pudding)

“Brink” On Through To The Other Side

One of the most-talked about FPS games coming out this year is Brink, a game that combines the technical shooter aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops, puts it into a futuristic world of revolution and adds a little parkour action a la Mirror’s Edge. From what I played at PAX East yesterday it’s appears that the folks at Bethesda and Splash Damage are on the verge of revolutionizing the entire shooting genre.

The folks at the booths had it set up so everyone battled each other in an online mission mode. For this mission one team had to stop the other team from taking over both their safe and to avoid having one of their areas taken over. For this demo I was on the purple team, the one that was infiltrating the red team’s area. During gameplay players have the option to choose four different player settings: soldier, operative, engineer and medic. As I’m more used to just going crazy on the fields and shooting everything that moves I opted to be a simple soldier.

Once the twenty-minute demo began I started to familiarize myself with the controls, and while it was so easy to aim and fire at the enemy I could not help but notice that my guy looked kind of off while he was sprinting. Maybe it was just how he held his gun, or perhaps the proper animation cycles hadn’t been finely tuned yet in regards to that manner. Nevertheless finding the enemies and taking them down were kind of a breeze. However just killing about isn’t the acceptable way to win the rounds. There’s far more to it.

You see Brink is not you’re average shoot-em-up bang-bang title, rather it’s a game where the more you help out your fellow crew more points will be added to your total. You can share ammo, give away health, guard certain areas, protect innocents, fix items and help set traps to take down the enemy; all of this to raise your score in the end. Brink is the video game that — instead of only rewarding kills — promotes the concept of teamwork within your faction, and while many online modes already do that it has never reached this deep. In fact you can probably go through an entire level without firing a single shot, and you can still score high just by doing the proper tasks and missions. Granted that would be hard to do, but it is very possible.

What’s more to Brink is that it’s weapon and ranking system — both on and offline — is more realistic. Regular guns and such are fast to reload, whereas sniper rifles and the bigger weapons are far slower. (There are also barely any one-shot kills, unless you have a big weapon and fire it on a weak character). While this may sound like a downside it gives those who are still getting themselves familiar with first-person shooters a much fairer chance. What’s more when you level up online, while you can face those that have higher numbers, you cannot battle it out with gamers whose figures are lower than yours.

Judging from my experience playing this demo Brink is shaping up to be an exciting game. While it would’ve been nice to have the option to try out a level or two in story mode the all-around good feeling I had as soon as my turn was up made it worth the hourlong wait I had to go through. When the end of May comes around you can bet that Brink will be one title on every gamer’s playlist.