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Episode CXXVI: Thank You, Gina, May I Have Another?

After a break, the Bastards regroup for an all-new episode.

This week the B3 crew look at the demos for UFC Undisputed 3, The Darkness 2, and Quarrel, and Blueonic shares his reasons why Call of Juarez: The Cartel is such an awful game! Anvil gives his weekly sports report, the Bastards give their Super Bowl picks, and reveal a special bet they have made with Toronto rockers Hunter Valentine on what happens if their Patriots win or lose. An Oh For Fuck’s Sake about annoying people in the movie theater is thrown on the table, and Contraband and Haywire are both reviewed.

Don’t tap out just yet! It’s Episode 126: Thank You, Gina, May I Have Another?

Episode LXXX: The Green Hornet Ships Up To Boston

With Blueonic knocked on his ass by a nasty cold King Baby Duck and Anvil do what it takes to conjure up a worthy show.

This week the B3 crew discuss the new movie The Green Hornet, and Anvil gives his weekly sports update. King Baby Duck reviews the games ilomilo and Raskulls, previews Epic Mickey and shares his thoughts on the demos for Art of Balance and Faery: Legends of Avalon. Anvil gives his thoughts on the new Xbox game Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011, and the Bastards give their reasons why the art of trash talking has gone down the toilet.

Episode LXXIX: Too Many Games Spoil The Console

Blueonic is back in a brand-new episode!

This week the B3 crew discuss the week in sports and so many game demos that we can’t list them all! (Okay, we’ll try: Robox, Max & The Magic Marker, Dead Space 2, Alien Breed 2: Impact, Risk Factions, LittleBigPlanet 2, Blokus, Microbot AND Ricochet HD! Holy fuck, that is a lot!) Also Blueonic reviews Little Fockers, King Baby Duck gives his thoughts on True Grit and Anvil explains why he thought Black Swan sucked.

The webcast:

Episode LXIII: Afterlife Is A Cabaret!

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Im Boston Saukerl Mannschaft, au Brigade Bâtard Boston, to Boston Bastard Brigade!

This week the B3 crew takes a second look at A.R.T.’s production of Cabaret, as well as the recent concert from the_Stampede and friends. Plus the guys look at the new film Resident Evil: Afterlife, and give their two cents on the video games and demos for DJ Hero 2, Moto GP 09/10, Plants VS Zombies and R.U.S.E. Anvil gives his take on the week in sports, and D-Rock brings to the table a game of Three Album Island.

The unedited videocast:

YouTube Version: