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ESH Podcast # 314: Will The Death Star Get Big Round Ears

D-E-A-T-H S-T-A-R It is so hard to cover ever awesome thing that happens in the nerdverse, but our lovable sistahs do it with as much class and sass as they can muster. Panda spent some time with real people this week as she wandered again into the world of Table Top Gaming. Cards Against Humanity […]

ESH Podcast # 313: I Was Wrong–There, I Said It Twice.

Ninja admits it…but what is she wrong about? The Sistahs are getting ready for another ESH-O-Ween. Not really, they are too worried about preparing for another broke bitch month. Ninja takes position one talking about one of her loves Assassin’s Creed. The third game will be released tomorrow, so to get herself hyped up she […]

Episode 289: The Frenemy of My Frenemy Is My BFF!

IDK MY BFFS Panda and Ninja The sistahs are all healed up from their sistahpades at PAX EAST 2012 this year, and you can tell they have been dying to get back to what they do best: talk to each other. Ninja starts the show with a recap of what happened in the God of […]