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Episode 228: I’m Not…That…Dirty

Tuesday, it’s not Monday, but it’s almost as good… especially when there is a new episode of the ESH podcast! In this one, the ladies share what Santa brought them for Christmas and what they wish they had gotten, but didn’t.

Was Santa a bro or a ho?

You’ll have to listen to the episode and find out, but beware… there be tangents here! Check out ESH Podcast Episode 228: I’m Not…That…Dirty!

Episode 227: All I Want For Christmas Is A ClipShow!

Hey, hey ESH faithful, you know what today is? That’s right, 5 days til’ NinJa gets gifts!!! Oh, yeah! It’s Monday as well, which means a new ESH podcast episode…

…knew there was something I was forgetting!

In this episode, Evermore grabs together some of the less-lady-like and just drop-dead-funny exchanges between the sistahs that have yet to make it to the light of day. There are even a few blasts from our past with appearances by MagicMystic, Xenocore (from Ultimate Quest) and even Derrick H from Dead Pixel Live makes an appearance.

I could tell you more about it, or I could just let you grab that warm cup of what-ever-the-hell-it-is-people-drink-these-days and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 227: All I Want For Christmas I a ClipShow!

Episode 226: Beware of the Naked Elephant Man Thing

Oh Monday’s, how we love you… especially when you have a new episode of the ESH podcast to share with the world!

In this weeks’ episode the ladies talk VGA’s and anime with some almost-last-damn-minute anime fan gift ideas to help you be less of a douche bag this holiday season.

The majority of the hour is spent going through the entire list of winners from this weekend’s Spike TV Video Game Award show and includes a few “debates” between the ladies about some of the winners in more than a few categories. (Yeah game of the year, I’m looking at you!) Then the episode flips to a few great “last-minute” gifts for the anime fan in your life.

It’s a fun little episode, so grab a cup of your favorite liquid refreshment and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 226: Beware of the Naked Elephant Man Thing.

Episode LXXIV: You Don’t Have To Reload A Sword

The Bastards are quite joyful this week, and it has nothing to do with the holidays. (That episode’s in two weeks.)

This week the B3 crew excitedly chat about the live return of two of their favorite bands, and one of King Baby Duck’s favorite anime series is hitting the big screen. Anvil shares his thoughts on sports, and the trio talk about the movie The Warrior’s Way. The video game nail’d is discussed more, and K.B.D. gives his two cents on the demos The Undergarden and Funky Lab Rat, Blueonic reviews the game Reload, previews the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam and he and K.B.D. look at the demo for Unbound Saga.

"Combat Butler" Hits The Big Screen

One of the best-written manga and funniest anime series of all-time is getting its dues, this time in the form of a full-length movie.

In an upcoming issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine it will be announced that a theatrical film adaptation of Kenjiro Hata’s beloved manga Hayate The Combat Butler (or Hayate no Gotoku!, as it’s known over there) has been put into production. The story of a debt-ridden high school kid Hayate, whose hired as a butler for the young Nagi, has in the past been adapted into two successful anime series, a few drama CDs and an upcoming live-action Taiwanese drama.

The movie will be helmed by Hideto Komori, who in the past has worked as an animation director for such series as Darker Than BLACK, Ergo Proxy and House of Five Leaves. Studio Manglobe (Samurai Champloo, Michiko to Hatchin) will be producing it, and Yasuko Kobayashi (Casshern Sins, Claymore) has adapted the screenplay. No word on a release date, though one may guess at a late 2011 or early 2012 Japanese release.

Viz Media is currently releasing the original Hayate manga in the states, Bandai Entertainment is handling the anime’s distribution and Crunchyroll is streaming the both the first and second season on their website. No word on whether or not Bandai will be licensing the film, though many can only hope.

Episode 224: Panda Drank the Apple Kool-Aid

Ah, Monday… a cyber one at that, so it’s only fitting that we hit you with a “gift-guide” version of the ESH Podcast.

Get your wallet ready!

The ladies spend the hour (and change) giving you the low-down on which gifts wouldn’t, you know, suck as a gift this holiday season. From gaming goodies like Xbox Kinect to anime box sets like Trigun they cover a bit of everything an self-respecting or emerging geek could use.

A companion PDF with images, and links will be available on Tuesday for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure, so put your feet up and get ready for ESH Podcast Episode 224: Panda Drank the Apple Kool-Aid

Jellyfish Princess Vs. Squid Girl!!

Sea creatures!? Why, at about the same time, do we have two anime involving sea creatures? Maybe you have seen either Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess) or Ika Musume (Squid Girl) mentioned this season, but which  aquatic life-based show is more worth your precious viewing time. Let’s put these two ladies under a microscope, shall we?

First we have the Noitamina’ blocks latest it-girl, Tsukimi. Tsukimi loves jellyfish- perhaps a bit too much.

In the opposite corner is anime’s answer to Aquaman (or is Namor more accurate?), Squid Girl. She loves her home (the ocean) so much that she will do anything to protect it- even if it means enslaving the human race.

Enough squawking! It’s time to pit these two against one another in deadly anime combat!


Squid Girl takes this one without even putting up a sweat. Squid Girl is so cute she doesn’t even need a real name. She’s also completely ignorant of human tradition and culture. There is nothing more adorable than a dummy.

Tsukimi has the potential to look good, but most days she’s wearing glasses and a sweatsuit. She’s an ugly duckling, and she kinda likes it to be that way. Tsukimi is a likeable girl, but she doesn’t have a high opinion of herself. In short, she’s an otaku girl. So I like Tsukimi, but she reminds me how much of a geek I am, and she brings me to reality more than she allows me to escape. Squid Girl is just silly escapist fun.

Winner: Squid Girl


Squid Girl’s abilities: Tentacle hair which can operate individually. Able to breathe underwater and also swim at high speeds with her tentacles propelling her.Also has the ability to cram “de-geso (squid tentacle)” into nearly every sentence.

Tsukimi’s abilities: Turns to stone whenever an awkward situation arises. Has an encyclopedic knowledge- but only pertaining to jellyfish.

Winner: Squid Girl

Friends and Family

Tsukimi has quite an odd group of friends. The Sisterhood, a collective of female otaku who have banded together to keep all non-otaku elements as far away from them as possible. There isn’t much to these girls, at least not yet. Each of them exist to repeat one running joke each. but they could potentially become more than just wacky sidekicks. Orrrr not.

Tsukimi no longer seems to have a family of her own, which is a theme of the show; but a family does enter Tsukimi’s life once she meets a beautiful “Sylish” – the exact type of person The Sisterhood dread.

Squid Girl’s friends are the typical cast you expect from a kid’s show. The show is mostly female, just like Kuragehime‘s cast, but there isn’t much too them. Ika Musume‘s cast is an actual family who own a restaurant on the beach. They take in Squid Girl as one of their own because she decides to bust a big hole in their wall, and she has to pay off her debt.

I don’t hate these characters one bit, but they just serve as people for Squid Girl to play off of. No matter what character you have aside Squid Girl, it’s all about the girl with tentacle hair.

Winner: Jellyfish Princess

OP/ED Music

Jellyfish Princess Ending

This one goes to Jellyfish Princess by a mile. Squid Girl’s opening and ending music are both run-of-the-mill, and so is the animation accompanying them. If you watch Jellyfish Princess, the opening and ending will stick with you for much longer than Squid Girl’s Op/Ed will. Here, take a look:

See that? Get hooked in by the film references, stay for the music.

Winner: Jellyfish Princess

So, against my love for Jellyfish Princess, Squid Girl is the overall winner of this war.

A Top Anime List I Co-Sign!

Some of you out there may know of the site called That Guy With The Glasses, which is currently a site full of entertainment-loving reviewers who do vidcasts.

Of these, one of my favorites is JesuOtaku, a female anime fan who likes to dissect anime’s past and present.

So here she is giving her top 20 favorite opening themes of 2010- even though she hasn’t watched some of them (neither have I). After you watch the top 20, I’ll share my top 5 opening themes of this year

My Top 5 OP Themes of 2010

5.House of Five Leaves

4. Durarara!!

3. Shiki

2. Tatami Galaxy

1. Kuragehime

This Little Sister Can’t Be This Dry!

With the otaku generation taking over at least the male demographic, it would’ve been no time at all for the light novel and anime industry to pamper over to the female population. This fall the folks at AIC have adapted Tsukasa Fushimi’s light novel series Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (or Oreimo for short), which is translated as “My little sister can’t be this cute.” What could’ve been a funny series has instead transformed itself into kind of a bore-fest.

Oreimo follows the story of siblings Kyosuke and Kirino. The two have not gotten along the past few years, thanks in part to the parents doting over Kirino’s achievements and modeling career. One day Kyosuke find an anime DVD case on the ground, containing a hentai video game inside. Its owner turns out to be Kirino, who reveals that she is an avid viewer of anime and player of dating sims. Kyosuke is surprised by her hobby, but instead of scolding her decides to help her find friends to share her hobby with. That’s basically the premise of the show.

There’s not much to really like about this show, to be perfectly honest. Yes, the animation is great and the characters are likable to a point, but the storylines and dialogue are just plain dull. I get that they have to show how much of a hardcore otaku Kirino is, but they didn’t have to take ten minutes out of the episode to individually show which versions of Stardust Witch Meruru she owns. Plus when Kirino goes to her first female otaku tea party they didn’t have to make the characters so stereotypical. I know people like this exist, but it would’ve been such a nice change of pace to showcase otaku characters that were more out of the ordinary. I will admit, though, that the role the parents play in Oreimo was well-written, especially the father. He comes off well as overly-protective of Kirino, and when he finds out about her hobby he freaks out the way a real father would.

Having said that Oreimo could’ve been done so much better, even taking a cue from the character development seen in The World God Only Knows, an anime that knows how to twist around dating sim geeks and turn it into a widely entertaining show. Unfortunately the series suffers from dull storytelling and the lack of flow between scenes. You can watch episodes of Oreimo on Anime News Network, and judge the series for yourself. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

* ½ (out of five)

Can A Dating Sim Addict Save The World? "God Only Knows"

Is The World God Only Knows pro-dating sim or anti-dating sim? On one side of the argument the anime’s geeky protagonist has been chosen by some high-powered deity to save the world from runaway demonic spirits. The other side of the argument, however, has the protagonist using what he only knows from dating games; sometimes resulting in more harm than good. Nevertheless the series — known in Japan as Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (神のみぞ知るセカイ) — manages to give its viewers a nice dose of entertainment that’s nothing short of funny.

The protagonist of this new anime is Keima Katsuragi, and calling him an avid dating sim player is an understatement. He eats, sleeps, breathes and thinks dating simulation, so in-depth that he is dubbed the Capturing God; he also has no interest in real women. Too bad for him, as a misread contract with an unknown sender leads him to making a deal with the Devil. His objective: capture all the escaped spirits that reside in various high school girls by helping to heal their hearts, and if he fails his head will come off. One problem: Keima has never talked to a real woman before; and for that matter the process of capturing demons is something he’s not quite acquainted with. Fortunately he receives some assistance in the form of Elise, a cute demon girl that sometimes causes more chaos than good.

I will kind of admit that I was a bit turned off by the show’s concept, as I’m not really a fan of dating sim-based games. Yes, many anime series are based on dating sims (H2O – Footprints In The Sand, Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity, half of the anime series that come out every year), and some are pretty good and others are quickly forgettable. To create a series (which is based on a manga by Tamiki Wakaki) that focuses on a NEET that only deals with 2D girls sounded, well, creepy, so I didn’t really want to watch it as it probably would’ve been nothing but fan-service. Then I sat myself down and watched an episode, and I could not stop laughing.

The first episode dealt with Keima trying to get the spirit out of his classmate Ayumi, and he tries to swoon her with the knowledge he received from playing those video games. Ayumi doesn’t so much fall for him, as she more beats the living bejesus out of him. Fortunately Keima finds a way into her heart, and helps release the spirit. Thanks to deus ex machina she (and future targets) have their memory erased, not remembering a single thing about what had happened. The second episode (the first part) has Elise introducing herself to Keima’s Mom…as her husband’s illegitimate daughter. Hardcore hilarity ensues. I don’t want to talk about episode four, other than the fact that it deals with a glitchy dating game. You need to see this one to realize how funny a premise like this can be.

What’s good about The World God Only Knows is that it knows how to write a decent dramatic element to a series. Episode 2.5 and three deal with Mio, a girl who appears to live the luxury life, only to be discovered as a poor little poor girl. There’s is some stereotypical cold heart-warming moments in this story arc, but at least there’s some good emotional elements that the voice actors and actresses bring to the moments. I also would like to add the chariot gag was side-achingily funny.

There really isn’t anything new to the anime world in The World God Only Knows, but that doesn’t stop it from being a silly good time. Give it a moment of your time on Crunchyroll, and see why the adventures of Keima and Elise will fill your belly with laughter.

**** ½ (out of five)