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Episode 272: I Want a Fluffy Muff For Christmas

Holiday shopping season is here, and this week the ladies of ESH share their purchase recommendations for the geeks/nerds/gamers nearest and dearest to you.


NinJa leads off with the AppleTV. At $99 dollars it’s a fantastic gift for the geek/nerd that wants their entire iTunes collection available on the living room (or man cave) big screen TV.

Panda chimes adding a gadget specifically aimed at gamers with the Astro Gaming Headset, and goes big by adding in the Astro Mixamp and PS3 conversion cable to make this gift the one headset to rule them all. A40+Mixamp bundle $279, additional PS3 chat cable $9.99. (Roughly $290 total.)


NinJa recommends Trigun: Complete Box Series from (Now listed at $38.99) and Eden of the East Complete Series in a BluRay/DVD combo pack on Amazon for $19.49.

Panda recommends BluRay/DVD combo pack found on Amazon for $34.99.


For the games list, you are just going to have to grab a beverage and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 272: I Want a Fluffy Muff for Christmas

"Aria: The Scarlet Ammo" I…like it?

There's nothing there. I don't get the censorship.

Girls with guns. School girls in short skirts. Bras. These elements in an anime that give me pause, that make me fearful of trying a new series. I am glad, then, that I gave Aria: The Scarlet Ammo a chance.

There are indeed lots of those typical anime tropes. We have all these girls who want to get close to our main guy, Kinji. Then we have the girl who expresses her attraction to Kinji the least: Aria.

Aria is a loli-looking girl who has fantastic skills in unarmed and armed combat. Kinji, then, is a great partner for her. They meet as Kinji is about to become a victim of the mysterious Butei Killer. When they come together to disarm the killer’s automated weapons, we learn what makes Kinji so special. First, he has Hysteria Mode; in simple terms, he goes moe for girls if he gets too close to them. Um, nothing special about that. Secondly, Kinji also has good detective skills, so combining that with his need to protect women, he is the perfect guy to have around in a female dominated anime.

So far, Aria is like Speed if it became a television series. Add a dash of moe and a sprinkle of tsundere, and that is what Aria brings to the table. Even though there is a goofy reveal about Aria during the first arc, at least the show made a nice early impression. Not one for the history books, but maybe an anime that”s fun for the moment.

Watch This Anime, if You’ve Got the GUTS!

DO YOU LIKE FLAMING AURAS? Of course you do, case closed!! Alright, so maybe not everyone appreciates everything that goes with shounen fighting anime, but for many people across the world, tournaments and supernatural battles were their bread and butter. Shounen Jump knows this very well, and that’s why Toriko became a manga, and now an anime.

Toriko has bits and pieces of shounen we know sown on its chest. A muscular hero wearing orange has a big appetite and a great amount of raw fighting power. That describes a hero from at least three anime. Still, Toriko’s hook is that it it is more ridiculous and preposterous than any fighting anime running right now.

Toriko takes place not in a post apocalyptic world, but in a world where crazy food oddities are happening. Fruit isn’t just being grown on trees, but also pancakes. Rivers are flowing with butter. It’s out of some dream that a person starving in the desert would have! On top of great foods just growing everywhere, there are mighty beasts stalking the earth, beasts as big as dinosaurs, stalking the earth. Toriko is one of the mighty Gourmet Hunters who is tough and talented enough to beat these beasts and make a good meal out of him.

What makes Toriko different, besides the culinary theme, is that Toriko is already a powerful guy. He’s already legendary, and now he’s just on a journey to put together his Full Course Menu. Torkio caters to people who like dumb things. I think shounen anime fans are a base audience for this, but it’s awfully silly. If you have to ask “how would that be possible” you wont even make it through one episode of this show.

"Hanasaku Iroha:" City Girl Gets MUCH More than She Bargained For

This screencap hurts. Trust me.

If you went into this anime with no knowledge about this anime, and what the main thrust of the plot was, you would think it was about a plucky teenage girl with a nice personality living her life in the city. That’s only a part of the deal. This is a “city gal comes to the country” story, but this story is not just a silly comedy.

Matsumae is a girl with an eccentric Mom. One day her Mom just decides to skip out on her house and leave with her boyfriend. Oh, and she also doesn’t want to take Matsumae with her; great parenting. Even though they have a severely estranged relationship with one another, Matsumae’s Mom sends her to live with her Mom, the grandmother Matsumae has never met. It gets worse from there.

Matsumae’s arrival at her Grandmother’s inn doesn’t go well. At one point, she’s told to “die.” What a welcome! Then, at the climax of the first episode, we get the screencap you’ve already seen. This is a slice of life anime, but what I like about it is that this is not a happy, dull tale. Hanasaku Iroha looks to be more engaging than other anime of its ilk. I don’t mind seeing the struggle of a fish out of water. One can only hope that it does not become predictable.

"Tiger and Bunny" Bring You Superhero Fun and Folly

The Avengers? No. Justice League? Uh-uh.

Ahh. Like having an ice-cold soda, watching Tiger and Bunny is very refreshing. Tiger & Bunny not only warms my anime-loving heart, but it gives my Superhero comic-loving self a tickle on top of that. I say this, but I don’t think this is a show that has you saying “WOW, where have you been all my life?” by the end of the first episode. It is not a bad first episode in any way, but this is not a stunning classic.

What Tiger & Bunny can be called is a show that you will continually be entertained by, week after week. To do that is not a feat most TV shows can promise. Tiger & Bunny is, at first, the story of Kotetsu Kaburagi, codename Wild Tiger. Wild Tiger is one of the heroes who save Stern Bild City (don’t ask me why they named it so strangely), but Wild Tiger is not the type of hero fit for this futuristic world. You see, in this world, superheroes not only save the day, but they also get points for saving people and capturing the bad guys. Imagine if the cards, books, and various character-related paraphernalia we own had a real-life hero attached to it; this is that world.

With the sagging popularity of Wild Tiger, and the fact that Kotetsu is not as young as he used to be,  the corporation he works for is bought up, and Kotetsu gets a partner. Barnaby Brooks (AKA Bunny, as Kotetsu calls him) is not Tiger’s sidekick, but with Tiger being older and more experienced, you wonder why he isn’t.  Both Tiger and Bunny are given mech suits which give them 5 minutes of super power. This is, ah, a strange point of the show. Why do these guys need super suits when they both have their own super powers? I guess it’s to be more durable and strong in battle. Never mind that. Just a nitpick.

What should be focused on are the relationships between all these superheroes. Tiger & Bunny is funny oftentimes, and has moments of seriousness, usually involving Barnaby’s quest for justice. There is only so much I can say about Tiger & Bunny in words. Tiger and Bunny is visually impressive, from its CGI superhero models to the regular character designs and the cityscape. Tiger & Bunny is for people who love tokusatsu like Power Rangers, magical girls, American superheroes or just an action-comedy shows. The show is one of my favorite of Spring ’11.

"My Ordinary Life" is Not So Ordinary, it Turns Out.

This is a robot with a wind up key in her back, chasing a cat. For reals.

Hmm. Hmm. Where to start with this show?


Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) is what happens when a slice-of-life comedies goes insane. I don’t watch  many comedies, and with good reason; it’s hard to get me to laugh. My Ordinary Life succeeds, for its weirdness alone. My Ordinary Life is both about school life and about nothing at all. The characters are used as props for absolutely lunatic situations. I love laughing out loud, and this show is the funniest anime I’ve watched in a while.

What makes this show so funny is how it exaggerates situations. Usually we go throughout our lives and odd or unfortunate things may happen. You might drop some of your lunch on the floor, for example. Now imagine if most of your life was done with anime speed lines, loud screaming, silly, expressions and total non-sequiturs. Each character has their own style of funny, which keeps the laughs going for the length of a show. Also, goats.

I’ve read My Ordinary Life being compared to Lucky Star (which I have not seen yet), so if you like that show, here’s more for you!

"We Without Wings" It’s Like Nothing You’ve Seen Befo- Oops, Forget it.

We Without Wings image

Less panty shots, more of this!

In less than 30 seconds, We Without Wings- under the Innocent Sky went from being interesting to being the same panty-waving drivel I usually ignore.

I don’t recall ever come across an anime that is in such a rush to introduce the harem so quickly as this show does. We open on Haneda, a personality-less, lucky-as-hell, unworthy-of-all-this-attention dude, attacked and fawned over on his way to school, even by a girl who is related to him. Although this looks like some kind of trite nonsense, I will give We Without Wings some credit. The bits where we hear the narrator commenting on the story is fun, and there are a few nice visual flourishes, but it still is not enough to keep my attention. Yes, I denounce this anime even though provides me with quick profiles of all its characters.


Otori – a cigarette-smoking man unmoved by anything. He seems like

Karube – a man who’s slightly older than his mat; bearded

Shusuke- someone who is way too excited about everything

Alice- A foreigner who is learning to speak English. She is QUITE YOUNG.

Hino- she’s like Otori’s other half. She’s a jerk, too, and Otori looks down upon her, just like he looks down upon everyone else.

Narita- An unemployed guy who acts like he has morals, instead of admitting he’s broke.

Mochizuki- A girl who works at the Alexander Bar while taking classes at cram school.

Martinez- The token black guy. So if he’s in japan, is he a Super Token? At least he speaks better Japanese than Alice does. He sells trinkets on the sidewalk.

There are more character, but these many introductions may be tiring. How many characters are in this thing? There are more characters here than in Durarara!!

Oh yeah, back to Haneda. Haneda talks in flowery language, about his destined lover and nonsense of that sort. He is BO-RING! I would rather watch any of the other characters than this crashing dullard, and I am afraid there will be more of him on the show than their should be. Then there are the gratuitous panty shots. I LOVE sexual content, in anime or in live action, but something as lame as a panty shot is self-censored in this anime, so it’s useless pandering. Ah, We Without Wings. I wish you luck, but I think you might deserve to go down the drain.

Saints Row: The Third Throws a Party, Gets Crashed (Trailer)

After showing us a stunning gameplay trailer, Saints Row has come back to show us a little more about what The Third is all about. They also give us a November release date.

I really hope there’s a drunken party minigame.

Part Cat. Part Vampire. All Cute!

Nyapire could either turn out to be the cutest thing to ever be created in Japan, or the deadliest threat to all mankind. Hopefully it gets streamed somewhere so we can all find out!

Anime of Winter ’11 -The Forgotten Preview

Let me tell you all a story, a story about Freezing.

I apologize for leaving this show off of my anime preview. I only covered shows which were being offered for free, and through legal outlets. To my surprise, Freezing is available through Funimation screening, thereby making it also available on Hulu.

Freezing is a story set in a time where aliens have invaded the planet and it’s up to girls given special abilities to stop them. Our main character is Satellizer El Bridget, the “Untouchable Queen” who has been undefeated in combat. She is one of the many girls who attend a school where these female soldiers are trained.

Satellizer got her nickname because she has an aversion to being touched; that’s where a boy named Kazuya Aoi comes in. Aoi is the only one who can touch Aoi without her being disgusted by it. In fact, she feels OK with Aoi touching her.

The relationship between males and females in Freezing has a purpose besides sexual tension. Only females are outfitted with the nanotechnology that allows them to become Pandoras, fighters who can materialize weapons from thin air, fight with superhuman prowess, and regenerate clothing and even body parts.

The boys work as limiters. They limit the Pandoras. Basically it’s just a reason made up to get boys and girls paired up for some romantic situations, or some naughty fanservice.

The antagonist so far is Ganessa Roland. She is Satellizer’s rival, and someone who does not have a limiter.

So if you want the Cliff’s Notes on Freezing, here you go!

(Censored) Boobs!



More (Censored) Boobs!

(Censored) Butt cheeks!

Other (Censored) Lady Parts!

So there you have it! Freezing is a bit more graphic and just as naughty as a series like Ikki Tousen. If you like violence with your panty shots and partially naked women, you can stop looking This anime was made for you.

The Funimation stream is censored, and I don’t know why. Just put some age restrictions in place and let the grown folk have what they want! The censorship is hideous. It doesn’t even fit in well enough with the animation and therefore gets in the way. If you decide to search for  an unauthorized stream, I couldn’t blame you, really. This seems like a ploy to get people to buy the DVD/Blu-ray, even though the only stated reason is to keep the wrong eyes from watching mature content.

Watch again? No. I don’t think I want to fit this show into my daily anime schedule.

Who is this for? Anyone desperately seeking boobs or light guro.