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Pandapressions: Mass Effect 3 Demo

Its been a while Commander Shepard

We’ve been waiting eagerly for Bioware’s conclusion to the action packed space action RPG Mass Effect. So to sate our palettes,they gave use a playable demo on Valentine’s Day.

–Because they wanted to show us that they care–

So what can we expect from Bioware with this last installment?

First lets talk about the element of integration. One of the biggest pieces of hype that was the integration with the Kinect. So instead of just controlling commander Shepard- we get to BE the badass commander. Yelling out commands to your team is only a morsel of the capabilities that this step forward gives us. Voice recognition will be something that won’t “make” or “break the game for you. If you’ve been a fan: you’ll remain one.
In the playable demo, there was an option to decide what kind of exposure you’d get in the game: Role-Playing, Action or Story. I took the Role Playing, created my Shepard and prepared my voice to be a beacon of cold hard truth.

Talk about enjoyable!

The controls have been refined and that is speaking mildly. I am not as enthused about that as some others are, only because it took me a while to adjust to the game mechanics in ME: 2. They did however make it far easier to navigate the option wheels– granted it’s even easier when you are just saying the action you want performed.

The story doesn’t look like it is going to suffer any… outside of the trials and tribulations Bioware set forth for us. But we wouldn’t be this kick ass character if we didn’t struggle. It is war on all sides. Can you think of a better way to end the story than an intergalactic shitstorm?

–I didn’t think so–

I have extremely high expectations for Mass Effect 3, but no one should be surprised since I am partial to another game in their care.

North America’s release date is March 6th with Europe getting their hands on it three days later. It is sure to be a frackkin’ good time.

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