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Episode CXXIII: Blasting Bards Ablaze!

The other half of our Best-Of 2011 show is here! And it’s about video games, video games, and MORE VIDEO GAMES!!!

The Bastards King Baby Duck, Blueonic & Anvil, Pandalicious & Hamsterman2049 from ESH, and The Issues Program’s Issues Guy & JC Sergeant meet up in another super deluxe episode where they discuss the best, the brightest, the most overlooked and the worst in video gaming for 2011. SKYRIM! BATMAN! ZELDA! BATTLEFIELD! JIMMY JOHNSON! Plus be shocked when you hear which game Pandalicious declared the worst of the year.

It’s ribbed for your pleasure, but don’t stick your penis in it. It’s Episode 123: Blasting Bards Ablaze!

EDITOR’S NOTE: We were also going to cover music more in-depth, but we ran out of energy. Marathoning two episodes in a row drains you, so be sure to only pull stunts like that once a year.

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