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Episode 215: Slapping – An Under Used Game Mechanic

Kick your work week off right with a new episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast. The ladies are videogame-centric in this week’s tangent-filled episode and for good reason.

NinJaSistah kicks off the podcast talking about new RockBand DLC which leads to a conversation about how the music/rhythm based game genre may finally be at critical mass and what that means for gamers, and then jumps on the PS Move/Kinect debate topic. Pandalicious on the other side of the game conversation picks up with her hands-on experience with the newly released Halo: Reach title and how it compares to some recent FPS games and gameplay mechanics. Tangents were mentioned earlier and there were plenty. Check out the list below to see some of the titles we came up with, but ended up not using for the episode:

  • Here’s Our Shout-Out To Oprah
  • Next On Rock Band: Gregorian Chant
  • How To Outfit Your Sixth-Floor Apartment
  • This Is How A Crab Walks
  • By Real, I Mean Possibly Not Real
  • It’s Like Stand By Me Without The Dead Body
  • All Games Should End With Bowling, Except Heavy Rain
  • and finally
  • I Like To Shoot Pickles

Random does not begin to describe this episode, so kick back and enjoy ESH Podcast Episode 215: An Under Used Game Mechanic

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