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It’s Alive: The Electric Sista Hood Magazine

You really need to check this out. Your favorite voices from the Land of ESH (GeekAggro, B3 and of course ESH) have teamed up with a few friends you may or may not know to bring you the new ElectricSistaHood Magazine!

Each issue of the magazine will touch on various pieces of nerd culture: video games, tech gadgets, anime, movies, music, art, design, style, fan-fiction, short-stories and did we mention the video games?

Take a Peek

We have a sampler PDF featuring one of the articles in the first issue of the Electric Sista Hood Magazine, Issue 01: In The Beginning. If you aren’t already convinced that you need to buy this magazine (which you should) feel free to download the sampler and THEN place your order.

Or, you could always just order a subscription.

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